Conspiracy Talk Archive October 13 2012


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13 Oct 2012 00:33:41
not really my thing but have seen a uncut documentary interview with tupac called the lost prison tapes while he was in prison,not that i thought he was thick but what a very intelligent man, the guy interviewing him asked "what do you think on youth and gang violence?"he said this country was built up on gangs, and i think this country is still run on gangs democrats , republicans, the police department the CIA FBI, those are gangs,this whole country is built up on gangs," the interviewer asks what about the violence? tupac replies "its violence in america , what do USA just do flying up at Bosnia? they got no business over there,its the same thing,america is the biggest gang in the world" enough said

I'll dispute the Bosnia thing. They are the worlds most powerful nation and have always taken it on themselves to act as world policeman. So there supposed to stand back and let genocide happen? Despite the founding principles of the UN and the Atlantic charter?

Other than that i agree with everything he said. The fbi, cia, police aren't really gangs they are the tools of the gangs, the real gangs are the big powerful families.

Who do u think was behind the Bosnia thing, these big powerful families...

Act as worlds policemen?are you having a laugh? don't believe they hype they intervened because of atrocities and genocide ,if that were the case were have they been in Zimbabwe? the USA only intervene when it is in its best interest,The main instigators of the civil wars in Yugoslavia are Americans and Germans.But the Americans are, by far, the most responsible for the bloodshed in Bosnia,in February 1992, it looked as if the war was completely prevented by EC brockered Lisbon peace agreement,Of course, the Americans jumped in to save the war. Their final goal was to establish an Islam fundamentalist state in, what they called "the Heart of Europe." This would than be the future trouble for Europeans for many years to come,In early 1992 American administration decided to once again take over the game. It was time for a kill. America will again be at the helm of Yugoslav destruction. As we will see the key player was to be no other than Mr. WARREN ZIMMERMANN the proud "last American Ambassador to Yugoslavia as we used to know it".

After the wars in Slovenia and Croatia the fighting in Yugoslavia died out in January 1992. Mr. Vance's plan was signed and the two warring sides in Croatia were to be separated by UN troops. (We now see that America was only buying time to arm and equip Croatian fascists for the "final solution"). But Bosnia was calm. It was calm all the time despite the raging war in adjacent Croatia. It was clear, though, that the story of Croatia can repeat in Bosnia (actually, at that time when major countries of the West recognized Croatia and Slovenia, thus derecognizing Yugoslavia - it was, with that act - guaranteed!).y the war the three constituent nations of Bosnia were more and more divided by the day. Under European Community auspices the leaders of the three groups, Mr Izetbegovic, for Muslimas, Karadzic for Bosnian Serbs and Boban for Croats, SIGNED the maps of division of Bosnia, in Lisbon, on February 23, 1992. Bosnia was to be a confederation divided into three ethnic regions. And THERE WOULD BE NO WAR!

Steps in Uncle Sam. (Eager to sell arms, the only working industry of the morally and otherwise dilapidated Evil Empire).

Giving a brief background, dont belive the bs.

The US acting a world policeman, do me a favour!

Study american foreign policy or read some Chomsky. Evidence points to one strategy, make the problem worse or, at the very least, do nothing until the problem has escalated irreversibly... and then accidently bomb the Chinese embassy.

What I find most interesting about the Balkan conflict is that throughout it the Oil trade continued freely along the region's railways - all sides were taking a cut.