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13 Oct 2013 15:12:43
{Ed033's Note - Take Back Your Power documentary available to watch at

Below is a video trailer for the documentary

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Are these smart meters compulsory in the uk edd?i just been on the government website and it says it aims to be in every household by 2020, but it does not say if you have to have the meters.

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{Ed033's Note - The agenda is to have 'smart' meters, it's part of the total control agenda and part of the agenda to ruin everyone's health and part of the agenda to sterilise everyone. Therefore the government will go along with the agenda. But obviously to begin with they're just going to say something like, it's a necessary upgrade to the grid.

The power companies have no authority to force you to have a 'smart' meter on the property you are in possession of.

People need to realise that the government also has no authority to force you to do anything. It's all by consent anyway.

The obvious thing to do is send a 'Notice To Charge' to the supplier, saying:

1. You do not consent to any type of digital meter on the property you are in possession of.

2. You're removing any implied right of access from them to the property you are in possession of so if anyone from their company commits the tort of trespass, you're going to charge them £5000

3. You are going to charge them £300 a day if they do place a digital meter on the property you are in possession of.

Good to know edd, this type of information is valuable if we we all use it to our advantage, what I mean by that is sending links all over social network sites or word by mouth ,

i think we like to moan about what's going on this site but something small like posting the link that edd put up can only help, rome was not built in a day, so let's get the ball running.

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Although that sounds right Ed in terms of UK laws and rights, I would imagine if anyone did so they would simply remove the service from your property. Also it would be worth checking out EU laws with regards to rights of access, sadly EU law overrides UK or any other member state's laws. That is the usual way they out flank our civil rights.

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{Ed033's Note - People need to wake up, and get out of their brainwashed state. The EU have no authority. I can't go up to any indigenous people anywhere on the Earth and say, "right then, you lot are going to do exactly what I say, even without your consent". i don't have the authority to do that and neither does this fictional entity called EU.

Prove to me that EU 'laws' apply to me without my consent?

Civil rights are allegedly "rights" that can be granted and taken away. But prove to me that "civil rights" apply to me anyway?

A very informative documentary. The massive effort required to repel these corporate giants who have so many resources, and to see ordinary decent people being arrested just because they refuse a smart meter is very disturbing. The problem faced by people who resist is always the lack of numbers. These meters are insane, but I am worried that many people will just roll over and have them installed out of ignorance, believing the corporate lies.

I found a couple of related links that may be of interest

http://www.sligotoday. ie/details.php?id=23854

I wonder what happens if you move home and find a so called smart meter in your new home Ed? Can you legally insist on it being replaced with an analogue? Or have a contractor do it?


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{Ed033's Note - The word 'legal' or 'illegal' just means in compliance or not in compliance with government legislation. As government legislation is only given the force of law by consent, 'legal' and 'illegal' have no force of effect without your consent.

People need to get the idea that they have to start sticking up for themselves. If you've had enough of companies bullying you, then start sending Notices to these companies like the 'Notice to Charge' example, above. Everyone needs to learn how to take a company or someone at a company to County 'court' or Magistrates 'court' for amounts less than £10,000.

If you move into a house with a digital 'smart' meter then what you do is buy an approved analogue meter and get an approved electrician to swap it. Obviously you would have to video the swap-over, taking care to make sure you recorded the actual meter readings on the 'smart' meter in picture or video form so the supplier does not attempt to say you committed a crime because you stole some of their electrons/electricity.

Then put the video on disc and send the disc to the supplier with the 'Notice To Charge' notice above also adding you've swapped the meter with an approved analogue one and watch the disc

Think about this, did the home come with a contract/deeds saying the meter is owned by the current supplier?

Thanks Ed033, I'm going to refuse the new meter, but they can access it from outside my home, so when the time comes, it will be interesting to see what they do. I'd also like to hear if anyone here refuses one.


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Count me in and I will make a point to tell my family and friends to swerve the new meters, but my point still stands all of us should use their propaganda tactics and put out that trailer on our facebook /twitter/e mail page every day, not wait until its announced in the media, at least everyone will be more informed, then any decision is up to them.

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When you are born you are issued with a birth certificate that states your name in capital letters and is signed by your footprint. What they actually do is create a corporation in your name to which you transfer all your rights with that signature (footprint).
They also make that corporation part of a bigger corporate entity by instating you as a citizen of that country. This is how they are authorized to set your "rights" and "obligations" towards themselves.
When that bigger entity ratifies treaties with the an even bigger entity e. g. the E.U. , they are also signing on your behalf, since you have given them the right to. We have participatory democracy right?
This is how U.N. agreements trump E.U. law, E.U. laws trump sovereign government law and of course sovereign government laws trump any silly idea of a right to self.
From what I gather this is the warped way they see things in, justifying this circus.
Participatory democracy is a term designed to bypass cognitive function to trigger us into thinking we are rulers of ourselves. Oligarchy is what it is and the farce they call election process is how they mask it.

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{Ed033's Note - Yes, they assume authority by fraud, therefore they have no authority.

14 Oct 2013 18:21:54
Two questions. What's so bad about these meters and what's the rights in rented accommodation?

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{Ed033's Note - If you coul wtch the documentary on then you would know all the problems.

I'll list a few of the alleged problems.
1. They will at least double your energy costs
2. They emit radiation harmful to health every few seconds
3. They monitor you and send the monitoring to a central database
4. The monitoring could lead to fines or imprisonment for being a bad 'citizen'

If in rented accommodation, you find the data on the www that shows it is harmful to health, print it off and have a word with the landlord or write to them, saying according this evidence the meters are harmful to health and you would like to pay an approved electrician to replace the digital meter with an analogue meter.

In the end we may have to get a precedent 'court' ruling saying they are harmful to health and then that court ruling can be used as the only evidence required to have them removed and or not installed in the first place.

This is from the governments own web site with regard to smart meters.
Smart meters will be rolled out as standard across the country by 2020. But there will not be a legal obligation on individuals to have one.

Energy companies will be required to install smart meters and take all reasonable steps to reach everyone. However, we do not expect energy companies to take legal action to fit a smart meter if they cannot get the householder’s co-operation.

So they know themselves that they cannot legally enforce it!

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Nice one lucas.

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13 Oct 2013 10:40:47
Hey eds and regs, great site! Massive interest on anythin out of the ordinary. So does anyone have any gud links, Ufo, black projects, paranormal, history, mysterious creatures or places, future tech, the more obscure conspiracies, anythin really. Looked into most of the mainstream ones, ancient aliens, icke, 9/11, illuminati, jfk, aroura jet, area 51, And the likes of haarp, black knight, dylatov pass, grey wolf (excellent if u havnt read it), I wouldn't have even known about if it wasnt for this site and the people on it so thanks.

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Plenty of subjects on
project camelot
richplanet. net
prisionplanet. com
redicecreations. com

thats a few of the top of my head no doubt a few regulars will have some more, welcome to the site mate.

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C2C AM radio interview on The Artificial Moon. pea

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Any art bell interviews. Veritas radio. Project Camelot. Project Avalon. Put project serpo into YouTube you will enjoy those interviews very interesting.

Matty b

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