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13 Sep 2012 17:35:31
what do people think on the riots in the middle east regards that film some jewish american chap has come out with? So he has an agenda. Obviously a sensitive subject but some people can't handle the truth as most of what he has said is actually true. All these religions are built on dodgy ground.

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Religions are built on dodgy ground?

Are you telling me the Prophet Mohammed DIDN'T ascend to heaven on a winged horse??

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I think that they are making a big deal out of nothing. The movie is a piece of sh*t. They look for any chance to riot but we brought this on ourselves the rebels in lybia last year were Al-Queda and they are Al-Queda right now in Syria. In the end they just like to kill Americans.
Andrew {Ed001's Note - that's just so wrong, you have no idea. Sorry mate, but you might want to try doing some research.}

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Lol at winged horse reply! reply of the week i say!

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Well it's not that i'm fully supporting the riots and protests but the people doing them actually have some kind of right (but it shouldn't escalate any higher) because it simply blasphemy to portray Prophet Mohammad in the Muslim religion and moreover to tell a story about his life that's just intolerable to them. Take it from this perspective, its like Muslims doing a movie on Jesus Christ and twisting the tale, am sure many will protest and ban the film. Just don't judge everything by what you hear or read in the media. I'm from Lebanon and am non-Muslim but one of my Muslim friends showed me parts of the movie produced that got leaked and I have to say as a human it is unacceptable to display any kind of religion "character" this way because no one actually knows what took place and the events the folded we all rely on scripts and holy books.
We're living in a world where religion now is a tool and a way to live your life not like before where it was about faith and belief and strong bond between followers, it's just a way to divide and conquer. Personally I think this film fiasco is just happening do de-stabalize the region even more, the west's plan was to get rid of the Syrian President then Hezbollah so that then they turn to Iran but now their plans are failing so expect more fiascoes to occur like this.
Cheers J.

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Guy wasn't Jewish he's actually a Coptic Christian

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Doesn't the guy also have links to that nut who wanted to burn copies of the koran?

I think a lot of it is culture lag, as a society they are still quite behind the rest. Whereas a lot of people in the Western world see the bible as a collection of fairy stories and question if things really did happen, the Arab world still believes in all this religious claptrap and takes it seriously.

Certainly things that went on back in the 6th century that were part of their culture are frowned upon today.

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To the person who says the film maker was a coptic christian, utter lies, possibly Zionists! If you knew anything about the middle east you would know Coptic Christians are a marginalised minority. In Egypt they make up only 10% of the population, would be the equivalent of turkeys voting for Christmas. This has all the hallmarks of Mossad all over it, they don't care who dies in their power game. remember the Mossad motto (by way of deception thou shall wage war).

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People in the south of the USA are practically as bad as middle easterns at being relig-tarded, what the lot of them dont seem to understand is that if Jim-Bob and Sue-Ellen from Austin Texas were born to muslim parents in downtown Karachi they would believe in allah, and likewise if Ranjit and Hivin were born to white parents in Tenesee they would beleive in the bearded one that talks to snakes. You see, its not their religion, its their culture.


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Relig-tarded! Rofl

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I can tell you've never been to Austin, TX! It's one of the most liberal, multicultural and forward-thinking cities in America! It's known as 'hipster central' to a lot of Americans as everyone there seems to be 'cool' - piercings, tattoos, big beards, everyone's in a band or a DJ.

Could've chosen a better example, such as one of the Carolina's! Point taken, though!


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^^ if you actually took time to read the post he never meant to say that Austin TX was not a modern city, what he actually said is that it doesn't matter where people are from but in what they believe or raised to believe in, its our culture that makes who we are


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13 Sep 2012 16:38:45
not a conspiracy but i know a few on here are into the zoology stuff so have they seen the new species of monkey discovered in africa? An owl faced monkey i think they called it.

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Yes mate, I've seen that lad!

My thoughts are:

1) He looks really chilled

2) It's great to see there are still large(ish) unknown animals being discovered even today! I think at least half of the thousands of 'cryptids' worldwide can be explained as a combination of a real animal unknown to science, and slight exaggerations from native tribes!


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It is called an owl faced monkey

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13 Sep 2012 10:54:22
was in a bit of shock yesterday,i always know it was a coverup but never knew half the people could have been saved,that really threw me the blood checks on kids that were barely cold made me feel physically sick,the key

1 questions how high does the coverup go? ?

my belief is the very top,south Yorkshire police were rightly named and shamed,everyone forgets merseyside head chief of police was called in and another region of police forces(cant remember ) so three police forces all in cahoots at the highest level , by the way i am not having a go at the normal coppers on the street here,for three forces to collude like it did,the government at that time HAD to be aware what was going on,how convenient that some of minutes shredded between head of police and thatcher plus no minutes were taken when she was briefed verbally about what happened,the same forces that backed thatcher up with there disgusting treatment of the miners.

2 why has it took it so long for the truth to come out?

quite simply i think they thought it would blow over,when the families began fighting and gaining more support not just from Liverpool but everyone from around the country and worldwide the powers that be knew eventually it would come out and dragged it out a painful 23 years so the main men and women in charge of the coverup would either be dead or very very old and might not be brought to justice,my only fear now is it is going to take at least another year to find out who were involved.
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - the 3rd police force was West Midlands, they were already exposed as having framed numerous people before being asked to help cover up South Yorkshire Police's role.}

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Another question should also be What members of Thatchers goverment at the time were also involved?

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Ye i thought it was a bit underwelming that cameron came out and apologised that means nothing! the people incharge at the time are those who should be up apologising! ( my spellings terrible i know)

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Here's a question boys. Cameron's apology. Surely he must've been aware of this shambles when he was appointed prime minister??

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I doubt it they don't them them every thing, plausible denialbility.

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13 Sep 2012 09:13:15
Not really a conspiracy any more, but turns out the police were lying for 23 years about the hillsborough disaster, amending their statements so that the tragedy could be blamed on hooligans.

Another cover up, The people at the top set such a terrible example all around the world with their actions its no wonder they aren't trusted, and in my opinion, they shouldn't be.

Tom H {Ed001's Note - it is proof that conspiracies do exist, furthermore that they exist amongst the authorities.}

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But every one who actually did research into it new that it was complete bs, and that we did not kill our own. My dad was born and raised in Liverpool and 3 of my sisters were born there when every I return I just throw on my Gerrard jersey and everyone in the city is my brother, the comradeship is remarkable. Scousers arent thugs its just most of the country treats us like rubbish and then they wonder why we retaliate.

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Interesting to note that the copper in the centre of all this was also the same guy who set up the birmingham 6, so any notion that it could have been a "one off" is also out the window. They should really investigate this guys entire police record and history. How many other people have suffered because of his actions/lies?


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