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13 Sep 2013 23:06:25
i recommend going on YouTube and watching The artist taxi driver News, he is a top feller who speaks sense on everything, I have been watching him for a few years he is a taster.

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13 Sep 2013 11:40:52
Just got back from my hols a week ago and felt the need to post on my visit to Disney land, florida. My wife and kids particularly wanted to go there and it's difficult for me to say to them lokk at that symbol blah, blah. Since coming on this site and learning about what is potentially going on I could'nt help but see some things there in a different light. They've wasted not time in their purchase of Lucas/star wars to now have very obvious pyramid symbolism with their new "star tours" area/ride. Can anyone say if George Lucas had any links regarding the star wars movies or is this something new since its been taken under disneys wing as I've never noticed it before. I also re-thought about the whole "monsters inc" film which was one of my favourite animated children films. Consider 2 male "monsters" one with horns the other with 1 eye getting emotionally attached to a young female child after the child learns that's it's ok to go through different "doors".
They then are reluctant to hand the child back all the while this child is lead to believe she is in a very safe environment. I have started to think there is a very dark undertone to the film which is a shame. Not to mention the big letter M with a single eye on it. M being a significant letter to some as it's the 13th in the alphabet maybe as significant as the M in mcdonalds whose owner had shadowy links. Does anybody remember when monsters inc came out as I think it would have still been just Pixar. Did Pixar have some shadowy links to anyone previously? Is it just me or has anyone else noticed this about this particular film? I haven't seen the new one but I know my kids have but at the same time it's almost impossible for me to subtly suggest it may not be a good film to watch.
Not to mention then going to Kennedy space centre and learning that they are developing a new launch system called SLS which should be able to transport something not only into space and say the moon but also to another destination or 2 after that which then got me thinking about the potential for a breakaway civilisation. It's being developed by none other that Lockeed who if I'm right in thinking have a clear (well to me now anyway) freemasonry or pentagram logo depending on how you look at it. Don't get me wrong I still had a great time doing other stuff and being with the family but felt myself analysing a lot of the details. Sometimes it would be easier to be ignorant and not know what you see.
Going back to Disney, it must be owned by so many different shareholders that how is there potentially someone within the organisation still potentially putting these things in films and logo's? Who would it be? Sorry for the slightly rambling post but feeling a bit hungover and wanted to get it out my system as it's a bit tricky to talk to the wife in depth sometimes about this sort of thing.

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Yeah mate you see things in a different light and their is more questions than answers, who owns it Disneyland and everything?shareholders /corporation in other words no one knows, I am still trying to find out who gained from the global crash, anyways budd as long as you and family had a good time.

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Sorry my main point though was the more I think about the film monsters inc the more it has a peadophile or even satanic undertone to it.
Apparently although maybe by coincidence the big clock above them when all the monsters walk out in a scene which I think is mimicking the Armageddon movie? (Not sure) the clock is reading 9:11. This film was made a little while befoe, someone just teasing us or just coincidence. Just added that as it all links in nicely with the anniversary a couple of days ago.

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Think of Hollywood as propaganda spewing HQ, anyone working there is definitely on with the plan. It would be impossible to have all the symbolism injected into a movie post-production without anyone finding out about it.
Star Wars is filled with propaganda as much as any other Hollywood production, e. g. the republic fighting the good fight against peoples that wish to be sovereign. Sounds like NWO to me.
If you are searching for alternative conditioning for your children I would recommend animation from Studio Gibli. You get all the dazzling details that suck you in, bright colors and imaginative animations, but with a meaningful and thought provoking storyline.
In all honesty, I'm still at a loss as to what purpose the illuminati symbolism serves. They keep projecting the same symbols over and over. Have they discovered that some images affect cognitive thinking, are the symbols used for secret communication, maybe using particular symbols repeatedly opens a portal to Cthulus dimension? Anyone?

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