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14 Aug 2013 13:40:21
has anyone come across armageddonconspiracy website? any thoughts anyone?

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Extensive information on there. A good read.

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It's probably maintaned by someone in a cloistered monastery in the Pyrenees. pea

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It is interesting site with a different take on NWO and the illuminati.

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14 Aug 2013 20:35:04
I believe 100% that the universe is made up of frequencies and vibrations, EVERYTHING!

I beleive that humanity once was more spiritually intelligent, that we were more advanced 1000s of years ago. I believe that when pole shifts happen we shift up or down in frequency/conciousness. that's why we see stuff like the pyramids and all the other amazing structures that were created 1000s of years ago. Then something happened and we went into what we know as the dark ages, using bits of rock as tools etc.

Look up on some of the work by Gregg Braden with an open mind (which the majority of people on here have)

Look at how the effects of different frequencies have on water (which we are made up of about 80%?)

Another video on Human consciousness by Gregg Braden.

I enjoy them and learn a lot from them. Hope you do too.

Geordie Al

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Watched the first one, very interesting Al.
Thanks for the links. Ryan

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14 Aug 2013 15:49:12
we're told the nazi's were defeated in WW2, sometimes I wonder.

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Look at Germany compared to the USA and the UK. They're prospering now. Even China, although that's different.

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Germany was defeated not nazium.

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They're at the south pole and at nasa.

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No they were never defeated in my opinion most of the royal family and uk and us governments were nazi sympathizers. The only reason Britain went to war was because of their agreement that if Germany invaded Poland we would defend them. As has been documented by many theorists now both sides were funded by the Rothschilds among others and when the war ended most of the surviving nazis were taken into the us and south america. a fair few even had their war crimes erased from history. So In my opinion the ideals and organisations the nazis pushed forward/ created were the exact ones the "Illuminati" wanted to impose on the world. I mean they let Nazi bring this stuff forward pushed for their defeat make the us and uk look like heroes then take all the surviving nazi members and set up their own Nazi regime hiding under the guise of "The good guys" but this is only if you believe in the new world order conspiracy in the first place :P


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We went to war for the same reason that evey country goes in to war: money and control.

Wars are costly for those fighting them but incredibly profitable for those fianncing them.

The military industrial complex, IMO anyway, decide who goes to war and when.


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The uk wasnt made to look like the heroes because according to every movie ever made the usa beat the nazis on their own

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To look at it objectively who really gained from ww2? well for one at that time the united states were in a depression and by the time the war finished they were/are a superpower, so they gained, like most of you have mentioned, nazism exists in most democracies around the world and finally zionism gained hugely from WW2 and please do not take that as a slur on innocent jews slaughtered like our great grandfathers who either died or in my case seen things that they could not talk about all because of money and power, some things never change eh?

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Well where to start.

Bankers gained. Royals gained. Zionists gained.

Democracy & the people lost.

Just look at the UN, NATo and the EU.


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Look up on you tube "all wars are bankers wars"
A very good documentary on the world war. The part I found fascinating was the fact Churchill was more concerned about nazis changing the economy system for the better rather than the nazis invading or slaughtering millions. And it it backed up with a live audio broadcast.


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