Conspiracy Talk Archive February 14 2013


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14 Feb 2013 08:31:43
mcdonals fries vs normal man made fries you know what I mean but go get mcdonals fries and normal fries put them in glass jars wait 3 weeks or 4 and mcdonals fries never mold at all. hmm

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Its called preservatives

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Preservatives you say?

12 Year Old McDonald Hamburger, Still Looks as new


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14 Feb 2013 03:12:35
After learning about dorner supposedly being burned inside this cabin the strangest thing occured. i'm sure most people are aware of the programme the simpsons and maybe some people even know the characters etc, enyway it was on in my living room and I sat and watched the last ten minutes of it and it was at a part were snake takes homer and a woman hostage in a log cabin in the woods and the police surrounded the place and eventually the cabin set on fire and burnt to the ground. I just thought I would share it lol seemed just a bit strange given what happened the night before, I mean how many other episodes of the simpsons could have been on that night?

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