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14 Jan 2012 11:35:32
Ed I've just watched something on YouTube from 17 dec2011. Rich D. Hall is discussing with Lennie about night vision goggles being able to pick up UFO. They had a discussion about an American chap who has film of a battle going on in space. Never heard of this before, have you, and who do you think the protagonists are? i.e. us v et, et v et?

NoneTheWiser {Ed033's Note - Yes, a guy called Ed Grimsley discovered that there appears to be a "battle" going on between spaceships near to planet Earth. He uses generation 3 night vision goggles to see them. He has posted some of what he has seen on Youtube and what Richard Lennie said was the most likely scenario. I think that the secret space program has this high end black technology that is escorting ET spacecraft away from the Earth and if they don't comply then they are shot at and a battle ensues. Ed Grimsley has seen these spacecraft firing on each other and spacecraft being destroyed or at least that is what it looks like. Other people have bought Generation 3 night vision goggles and have stated on youtube that they have seen what Ed Grimsley has seen.

{Ed033's Note - Using Nightvision goggles to see the real "starwars"? Richard Lennie interview on Rich Planet

Interesting, shame that other bloke they was talkig about wont show his footage as he's basically been threatened not to.

{Ed033's Note - I've seen some of it on youtube but he's been threatened not to show the "battles", presumably green shaped lights moving about can be explained away easy if this gets out onto the main stream but showing these green lights destroying each other can't be explained away easy.

There is no way near enough evidence to back anything up in this video. A lot of speculation in my opinion. Even the idea that we could compete with an alien race is far fetched. These ET's are travelling across space to reach our planet and then getting an arse kicking by the CIA or whatever agency?

It's also very sporting of these ET's to only send an amount of craft that we can cope with.

Seems unlikely to me


{Ed033's Note - It really does sound unlikely but I would suggest the only way to explain it is that an ET group is helping us out with the black technology so it is equal to the negative ET groups that may come here for a negative agenda and we don't have to deal with the positive ETs which would be the vast majority of ET groups out there. We would only have to deal with the few negative ET groups out there.

A full invasion force no we wouldn't cope on our own, but if it was patrols or scouts then maybe we could just about hold our own. Mike Brown the astronomer was saying the other day they couldn;t use their lasres at hawaii cos they'd been told by Space Command because of some satellite that was passing over. Thought nothing more of it then i saw this. Does the US military really need a space command just to look after a few satellites?

{Ed033's Note - Who knows what exactly Space Command is all about. We have heard from Richard Dolan and others of this "break away group" that allegedly has really high end black technology. Anthony Sanchez's book, UFO Highway also contains info on this subject

My thoughts exactly ed, "space command" sounds like something out of the war you know like bomber command or something like that. Definitely dodgy.

{Ed033's Note - Secret Space Program and breakaway civilisation - Richard Dolan - Full Length

Well Ed was watching the hr long Arcons vid when it stopped with 15 mins left. Then went to YouTube to watch it and it won't stream from my iPad. Has it been removed?
From what I've watched, am I interpreting that the Arcons created the faiths with the aim of causing conflicts or am I way off here?
Further to that if the Arcons allegedly meddled with human affairs and caused all the major wars and catastrophes, are they linked to the Illuminati?

{Ed033's Note - Complete speculation but maybe the Archons corrupted the original illuminati to the "negative" side. I think that the Archons do not ultimately have an agenda but just find it fun to corrupt everything to see if they can and see what happens.}

Ed, just out of interest, you say that we are possibly escorting the ETs away from earth and they perhaps get shot at when they don't comply, but how would we communicate? One woul assume we can't speak their language/s and vice versa.


{Ed033's Note - All I'm going off is the testimony of Ed Grimsley and others that have Generation 3 goggles (which are not allowed to be sold in UK). They say they sometimes see "shots" being fired between spacecraft. I would assume the communication is warning shots which would mean, stay away from Earth otherwise the next shots will be on target. Obviously this is dangerous as the incoming spacecraft may shoot back, which is what these people say they see some of the time.}