Conspiracy Talk Archive July 14 2013


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14 Jul 2013 18:25:02
i have been busy the last few days in the sun but also chatting online to a decent top feller called Darren, I seen links he was putting out on twitter then Facebook then I done something I don't normally do and sent a request to be a buddy, anyways we got chatting about the corruption and what he has been threw, I will not mention what he has gone threw as I hope he writes a post on here soon, anyways I have been looking on the site called kent freedom movement
which he is a member off and he mentions the topic edd has put on here about stealing children for cash, it does go on and Darren told me about a tory Councillor called sheena williams who tried to expose the corruption in the child secret courts for her troubles they kicked her out of the tory party then tried to take her kids which they failed but took her grandchildren, this link will explain it a lot better than me.

anyways I urge everyone to look on the website and give your support even if it is just a hi and let them know they are all not just accepting it they are actually fighting back, let's spread the word about what is going on with links on twitter/Facebook because if we don't we are no better than the dumbed down society we criticise on here every day, so you guys from kent, I salute you.

Trouble is its a conspiracy committed by public officials who are members of secret societies JFK warned of this before his murder now they have come to bight us all in the ass breaking their public oath's and committing treason against the people stealing are children legislation is not mandatory we are governed by consent it is their job to prove a common law crime has been committed sadly they have abolished that without the peoples consent 1000's are losing their children in this manner for cash evidence off this has been collated

Something just crossed my mind on how easy it could happen, my ten year old daughter had childline in her school , so the wife asked her was it it to warn against talking to strangers in the street and online? my daughter said no it was if bad things are happening at home like arguments/fighting etc etc which is fair enough for a child that has to go threw that but what made me suspicious on how easy it is to get innocent kids names on the system was my daughter then asked me could she use my email address, I asked her why? she said she needs it to go on childlines website because she wanted to draw a picture in a competition they were running, me and the wife said exactly the same thing to her "no chance" we had to explain to her why, to me that is strange and sneaky to get kids who just want to draw a bloody picture on there database, they could twist anything by saying my daughter is on childline, to be honest with all the stuff that I have read recently I am seething now and going up to my daughters school and find out what's the deal about encouraging children to join the website.

Been up to my girls school and asked them why are they encouraging happy stable children to join childline database just by drawing a picture or playing games (i checked out the website) I pointed out that just a innocent picture by my daughter could mean my daughter is on their database and I do not feel happy about it, the head mistresses said she understood my point but it was harmless and that it helps kids interact with other children, anyways cut a long story short I voiced my opinion about it, like I said I checked out the website and to me if my girl saw some of the games on there she would play them, it is encouraging every type of child to register with there website and to me it would not surprise me if it was pedo infested to groom kids to join, sorry rant over I may be over exaggerating but I had to get it of my chest, now back to the sun adios.