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14 Jun 2012 23:01:47
Is there a heaven and hell

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Heaven/srongbow after work
hell/shop shut after work

red blancmonge

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You should have figured that out by the time you were roughly 7


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14 Jun 2012 13:32:29
do you believe in de ja vue, has our future already being writtn, how is it possible for people to predict the future for example, nostrodamus. or even the secrets of fatima. if so then why do they usally come in religious forms for example visions of mary or jesus. and finally where the fudge do e.t's fit in to this if we don't have a "god".
sorry for the ramlbings but it seems their is evidence for both to exist but people don't want or can't belive that both exist. any help eds??
huddz red {Ed001's Note - I really don't know mate, surely the future can't be fully pre-determined, but the very fact someone suggests something can make you look for it in everything you do. The power of suggestion is very strong, if you read Nostradamus, you can make it mean almost anything to be honest. It is all down to the person reading it trying to add meaning to the words, it is easy to falsely add weight to it by seeing something that isn't there. After all, people add meaning to songs, songs that were written to make money, not with any real meaning to them other than that. But people will associate them with their lives and add their own meanings.}

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Cheers ed. ;-) suppose you make sense
huddz red {Ed001's Note - I could be miles wrong mind, it is just my thinking.}

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There is some viable evidence of e.t's. No evidence of a god/god's apart from fraudulent alagorical writings from thousands of years ago and countless monuments and places of worship amongst other ridiculous pieces of paraphernalia. If we want to talk about conspiricy and what makes something just a theory, for me, religion is the biggest, most believed conspiricy theory in the world.


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But why are people's vision so closely related to religion, i mean there has been a few instances where supposed non belivers have a vision say so and so has visited them and now their ultra religious, i have never heard anyone say jenna jameson or brangelina visited them in a vision about things to come. its always mary or jesus.
huddz red {Ed001's Note - again, it could be the power of suggestion? We are force fed so many images and stories constantly through our life, mostly religious. It is so easy for a mind, affected by sleep, to imagine it sees something and interpret it religiously. Many people see things which aren't religiously orientated as well, it is just they are usually accused of losing their mind! It seems it is only ok to see things if they are religious.}

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Yeah I have to agree with Ed here, due to the proliferation of religious media, we tend to force things to fit this mold. Personally, it baffles me why people are religious, if we have a creator, it is quite unlikely that they are the benevolent character religion portrays them to be, take natural disasters as an example of a cruelty that a 'creator' has inflicted upon us.

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14 Jun 2012 00:42:39
So I went watching Jay Z and Kanye West on Tuesday, and after witnessing the shear control they had over the audience it got me thinking that if they aren't in the illuminati then the illuminati have missed a trick cos they would definitely come in handy! Does anyone believe that they are involved? I personally believe they just want people to think they are.


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Bloody hell

red blancmonge

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