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14 Jun 2013 18:08:45
So now the US is arming rebels that kill and behead women, children and people that disagree with them.

They're just War criminals and Terrorists!

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14 Jun 2013 22:55:25
Both sides are as bad as each other. We should just leave well alone, keep out of it and let them get on with it. Cut the nwo have their plans.

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Draw a line from Aleppo to Islamabad. Once the US take care of Syria, Iran will be the last piece in the puzzle.


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Has anyone mentioned the Britvam hack yet?

Britvam, a British military contractor is hacked and out of it comes a lot of documents and email correspondence. One of the emails show a big-bucks request from Qatar to source Russian-made Sarin gas shells from Iraq or Afghanistan in order to create an Assad chemical attack on Homs for the media to fall over themselves covering. yes, a British company being asked to set up a Sarin gas event in Homs.

In the event the Yanks decided to make something up instead because Assad, supported by Hezbollah, is winning this war.

I can't imagine that Russia and China will wait until the West is sitting on the border with Iran before escalating this. I also wonder what ideas the EU states have for their excess/surplus youth population.


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How are both sides as bad as each other?

The so called rebels are mostly not from syria

Syria is a prelude to Iran which is a prelude to war against Russia

Once Russia is toppled America can do as it wants or so it thinks but its impossible to defeat Russia.

I know Russians are not popular in GB due to propoganda but if there was no Russia to counterbalance the good old USA things would be a lot worse

Of course america will never defeat the russians but the mad hawks in charge of the american administration can't seem to understand that!

The Russian arsenal of weapons is awesome so too is the arsenal of the usa however the russians are much better equipped to lauch intercontenental missles than america.

And America has no answer to Tople M.

America should forget about Russia however it can't the dollar is doomed (only a matter of time) and it needs Russia out of the way before it can enslave mandkind with its one world government and one world currency.

Think about it afer russia is gone who would lead the revolt against america?

The eu is on the same side as america.

China has the manpower but not the technology!

India has some good technology but they make poor fighters!

Interesting times ahead!

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The excess youth population of the EU only applies to non skilled people according to Ms. Merkel.

Ms. Merkel suggested that young people with poor skills should leave the EU although she did not have an exact destination for them to arrive at.

As the nation state gets broken down among eu countries this problem will continue to soar. Where will it lead?

In france (same as every other eu state) there are scores of apartment buildings where people don't speak the national languge - why where these people brought into france (and other eu states)?

And now why do they want people like this gone from the eu?

Why are eu countries bring in non nationals to work on 4 hour contracts with the governments of these countries having to subsidize and house the people these multinationals are employing?

One contradicts the other?

Something is not quite right?

Anyone know?

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Because Russia is such a shining beacon!

Both sides are as bad as each because both sides are committing atrocities.

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Because Russia is such a shining beacon!

Russia is not a shinning beacon - did you read the post I never said that Russia was a shining beacon only a counter balance to america!

America started the war in syria with the assistence of its EU an other allies.

Should Russia let america box it in and let America enslave the world?

Both sides are as bad as each because both sides are committing atrocities.

War is hell no doubt about it.

But you hacve to look a little deeper who started the war in syria and what's the purpose of it?

As usual Follow the money.

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It would seem that most links to the Britam hacked emails are now gone. Surprisingly the mods on redditt have deleted them and the link posted on pastebin, by info wars, is no longer active. Could this because of the truth of the hack as opposed to it being a scam?

SYRIAN GIRL: Hacks EXPOSE Chemical Weapons FALSE Flag + links underneath video clip

Frankly, I don't think it's a good idea but the sums proposed are enormous. Your opinion?

If these emails are legit, it certainly confirms what a lot of people on here believe to be really happening in Syria.

Captain Needa {Ed033's Note -

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14 Jun 2013 12:34:06
So, as of today the White House officially supports terrorism and will arm the Syrian rebels. Osama must be laughing his head off.

Captain Needa

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14 Jun 2013 22:59:56
Its a bit odd, we're fighting them in Afghanistan but supporting them in Syria. Does it make sense to anyone? Theories?

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They've probably been arming them for longer than we think.

Rise & Shine

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We've certainly been training them, but what 'arming them' means is to give them some serious hardware that states 'made in the UK'.

If we've been arming them thus far, it will be with the likes of AK47s. What we want to arm them with is anti-tank weaponry because that's the type of kit that could prolong this war for another 12 months or more.

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Osama is fiction

Made up to frighten and take away rights from people

Many terrorists are on the payroll of the CIA

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14 Jun 2013 10:42:20
that murderer who killed two policewomen and farther and son who got life looks like a demon of the tv show supernatural, I know his eye is missing but black hole and definitely black heart.

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Yes and now we all have to pay to keep him there for the rest of his life. I do think for extreme circumstances, multiple murderers, child killers etc they should just be given a lethal injection or something, when the evidence is crystal clear and cannot be questioned.


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Although I see where you are coming from supasub, I don't think the death penalty should be brought back, as much as the people you say should face it don't deserve to live, I don't think it's ever a good idea to end a life. These monsters should just be left to rot in jail, and even though it costs the ordinary citizen x amount of money, our hands will be clean of murder!

The only time I think the ending of a life would be suitable would be euthanasia (pretty sure that's spelled wrong)
obviously, with the person seeking it being of sound mind and making the decision on their own!



Ps! I understand my opinion may not go down to well, but that's the beauty of this page, to share and debate opinion!

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Jay that would be fine if they do "rot" but unfortunately he'll probably be on the playstation, playing pool or say working out in the gym. Hardly rotting.


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14 Jun 2013 23:07:06
Murdering people, abusing kids, forcing yourself on people, surely by committing such acts of violence you forfeit the protection of the rest of society. At the very least prison should be tough, no playstations, no gym. Basic food, inmates made to do education and proper reform. Proper help on substance abuse. Stop being soft with career criminals and trying to understand them.

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Might not be all fun & games for him there's supposably 20k out for his good eye!

Rise & Shine

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You've got to be careful when it comes to the death penalty. Although forensic science is pretty solid, there are still times when it can be wrong. For example, there will always be corrupt cops about and evidence could be planted to frame somebody for a crime.
The only group I would serve this type of sentence on is paedophiles and rapists but you would have to be 200% sure that the accused was guilty.
And I agree totally that prison should be a grim experience, basic conditions with no luxury. As far as I'm concerned, if you commit major crimes then you have stripped yourself of any rights until you pay your debt to society {Ed002's Note - It is not possible to be "200% sure". The word you are looking for is "certain".}

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Spudv, although Pedophiles and rapists are the dirtiest in the world I don't see how you could kill them but let child killers and murders live.

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I am for the death penalty if it is certain they get the right murderer if they are unsure about the death penalty then no segregation and make it compulsory that every inmate knows what the other person is in for and let them roll the dice.

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Sure, if Capital Punishment went to a public vote then we'd vote for it, but that won't ever happen.

Prisons are being privatised. This means investors and shareholders whom need to see growth and an annual return/dividend. Initially this means running the prisons more efficiently, which means less staff (and more trouble), but after you've done that you only get growth from prisoner numbers. Growth will require more people being imprisoned. This is western capitalism, this is how it works.

Additionally, these private companies are building new prisons using Public and Private funds as a building loan (called something like PPVI). The private part of the equation is off-shore funds in tax havens who are repaid the funds used for building the prisons by you and I, the tax payer. The rates, as you'd imagine, are very attractive. especially so when we're repaying a tax haven because they are exempt from paying any tax on their gains.


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You have to be more than 'certain' to invoke such a penalty, no need to be patronising!
To the anonymous poster, maybe I should have worded that differently but, in my defence, I was still slightly drunk when posting this morning. Those two groups would definitely be at the top of my list but I would also add your two suggestions. As I said at the start of my post, you've got to be careful with the death penalty. Where do you start and where does it finish? Not every crime is worth taking a life in retribution

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I am against the death penalty in all cases. Wrongful convictions for crimes still take place and I don't believe any innocent person deserves to die to try and justify its use. The 4 biggest user of the sentence in 2012 were China, Iran, Iraq and the US. Justifiably or not, many of us would have doubts about the system of law in the first 3 and are surely aware of how many times the system has been misused in the US. As an Irishman the question of the death penalty has even greater resonance, because, if used in the 70's many innocent Irish people would have died. To try and quell the rage British people rightly felt for the IRA's atrocities both the Guillford 4 and Birmingham 6 would have been executed, when innocent, because of a corrupt and inept police force. As heinious as some crimes may be I can't see the justification in using the death penalty when I consider cases such as this. There are enough documentaries out there casting doubt on the US prison system and the execution of innocent or incapable people. So, how can any one of us say for sure that every sentence, which may be carried out under the death penalty, is without any doubt correct?

Captain Needa

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Taking life would make you just as bad as those you are condemning. Keeping them behind bars for the rest of their lives while having to cover all their expenses isn't smart either. How about forced labor? Building schools, roads, libraries etc. would be a good way to repay society.

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So if some 1 killed 5 members of your family you wouldn want him to be killed you would just like him to rot in a cell (with his xbox1 or Ps4 an pool table an dart board?

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