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14 Mar 2012 23:35:35
i think i have mentioned a channel called current tv, it dealt with all your touchy subjects that mainstram channels would swerve away from,and a real conspiracy point of veiw not your diluted stuff on bbc/itv/sky, well i went to turn it on about 5 minutes ago and surprise surprise virgin media and sky have took it off due to erm cough cough funding, this is a frigging disgrace,its a bit of coincedence sky and virgin pull the same program at the same time, the reporters were independent so they reported what they saw, its deffo been told to pull the plug ,gutted,

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I went to watch current tv last night as well,said to my partner look its gone.why?Was a cracking bit of tv.

red blancmonge

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Mate Sky own Virgins TV thats why pulled from both.

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Either way mate it was took off because of funds, yes funds, mighty sky.

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Yes It finnished on Monday night, shame. PSTV is ok sometimes though especially on a friday night - FKN News with Deek Jackson, if you havent seen it find it on youtube, its fantastic !


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14 Mar 2012 16:55:38
anyone seen the film called 'The Whistle Blower' with Rachel Weisz in it? about a woman working for UN peacekeepers in Bosnia who uncovers a sex trafficking ring there which the UN was working to cover up? not only were none of the people involved prosecuted in their home countries (they had diplomatic immunity in Bosnia) but they are still being employed in Iraq and Afghanistan!

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14 Mar 2012 09:37:02
thanks for the replies in relation to the haarp theories, it makes some interesting reading.

I have a new conspiracy theory for yous. Go back to 15 June 1996 in Manchester, i was working as an ECM (electronic counter measures) operator in the British Army, we were the guys that get called out to remote controlled or vehicle bombs. i wasnt working on that specific bomb but a good friend of mine was. The normal procedure for disarming a vehicle bomb is to send the robot down shoot open the doors with what is refered to as a pig stig (it shoots high powered water causeing no spark) and shoot the power supply of the explosive using the same pig stick. My friend told me everything was in place the pig stick was aiming at the power supply and the explosion could have been stopped, however, a report came in that people had somehow walked through a corden and where within the blast radius so they could not shoot it, before these people could be removed the vehicle explode, these people where never seen by my friend, the people that planted the vehicle bomb have never been caught.... was it realy the IRA or was manchester in need of a big revamp and it would of taken years to get planning permission or is there another reason?? would love to hear your thoughts

{Ed033's Note - The IRA were allegedly being run at the top by MI6. One of the reasons Ex-MI5 agent, David Shayler was put in prison was because he said British Intelligence knew about IRA goings-on but didn't prevent stuff from happening. A link to the Omagh incident -}

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Yea i heard rumours along them lines ed, it would make this conspiracy a bit more suspicious

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Once again, it wouldnt surprise me in the slightest, theres nothing greater than a very visable threat of terorism to help justify the billions spent on the millitary machine. I also think its fishy how the whole IRA thing seemed to calm down and then guess what ? Terrorists emerge from the muslim world aledgedly attacking us. This will all calm down then it will be Africa or south America thats my prediction. It almost makes me laugh, the dumb amongst us now think that because our 'heroes' are in Afgan, no one can be 'trained' to hijack a plane because thats how the mainstream media put it to us. I honestly think that if Australia struck oil we would occupy their country and on Fox news and Sky news it would say they are training kangaroos to be terrorists who hate Jesus and democracy.

Matt_RFC {Ed001's Note - they are ramping up the idea that Argentina are a threat, because they might invade some islands on the other side of the world. The funniest thing to me, was when I read that Britain had accused Argentina of colonialism! Isn't that how Britain ended up with the Falklands/Malvinas to begin with??}

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Ed can you give any information about the ira being run by mi6 any reading material at all i come from a part of ireland witch full of people that was in the ira because of british actions in my town witch actually caused the biggest number of men and young men to join the ira and i am very skeptical of that claim we all know that mi6 had informers in the ira but i dont think they ever actually ran the group i find it interesting i know that they leaders of the ira most likely had meetings with them or a form of the british government near the end of the troubles but i am not sure could have run it cus they could have lead them n a different direction n sort of self destruct area if you know what i mean.... "90"

{Ed033's Note - I don't know if you know this but Al-Qaeda is run by the CIA. The crowd who runs America don't want to self destruct Al-Qaeda because Al-Qaeda is great for the crowd running America to be used as mercenaries or to blame things on and have an enemy that can never be beaten and is like the Scarlet Pimpernel. Likewise the City of London crowd did not want the IRA to self destruct and kept it going until they no longer needed it i.e. until Al-Qaeda and the "Global War on Terror" came along. People who join Al-Qaeda don't know they are just aiding the Crowd running America just like people who joined the IRA didn't realise they were actually helping out the crowd who run Britain.

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Thanks for the reply ed .... i find it hard to believe as information was bound to leak through the ranks of the ira i could accept that they had infiltrated that would be a far gone conclusion but i am not sure about running them as anyone who was caught snitching as it where where not only tortured but brutally disposed of with no remorse or sympathy i cant see how the ring leaders of the ira could have worked with them with out getting found out and killed off, but ino that the cia was founding and supplying the al-qaeda ino after the ira disarmed a few splinter groups formed to such an extent where i live today they have blowing up banks and ruthlessly shot people for less than reasonable explanations not that there is ever a good excuse to shoot anyone but if they where able to infiltrate the ira why not do the same today and disarm the groups today witch have no reason to be here as there is no soldiers walking our streets or pointing guns in our face or people being locked up without trial i find it an interesting view all the same i like to have different views on subjects but can you give me anything to read up on that matter as i am very interested in it .. but im still puzzled with it lol as if it was run by mi6 they would have had to have been founding they or supplying them with weapons ... i like different views on history but this is a bit close to home and would really like to read up on this if you give me alink or anything to read up on it i would be grateful you have got me thinking now if mi6 where running the ira in the same way al-qaeda where run or funded by the cia why has it never been put out there or would that information be kept under lock and key .. was my first post last time been an observer of this site for brave while now and must say i love it :D this site lead me to people such as Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval whos books ive read from some of the stuff ive read on here and researched and lead me to them i must thank the editors and regulars for getting me interested n that type of thing peace .. "90"

{Ed033's Note - immediately after the British Government came out and said the IRA was no more, a number of newspapers published an article that said that at the highest level of the IRA were British Intelligence agents but I don't have any links I can give you.

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Read a irish newspaper called the sunday world , a lot of top men from all paramiltary groupings were imformers , who were not charged with major killings , crimes to keep their cover by their handlers - mi5, special branch , ruc , army intellaince , lots of bombings , shootings , not all , but a lot were -let to be taken place , as time goes on more names come out , the only time the ira put any pressure on the govement was when they started hitting the money centres in london , also when 9.11 happened , their fundrasing was cut ,and the usa told them to stop , their miltary time came to a end , britain became -from pro- union with n.ireland to netural on the matter..............lfc

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