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14 May 2012 17:44:00
i can remember a while back sumone on this site mentioned ASPARTAME

{Ed033's Note - This Aspartame has many names and if it's allowed to be sold should come with a big warning, something like you see on the side of bleach containers. Do not consume - highly toxic substance. If consumed seek medical attention immediately etc.

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14 May 2012 07:14:15
Do animals have a 6th sense? And if so could this be because animals pineal gland hasnt been compromised?


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Humans have (at least) 9 senses so yes, we (as animals) do have a sixth sense.

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{Ed033's Note - This is interesting RedPJ, why are animals more "in tune" with the Earth/environment than we are. It appears that we were more "in tune" before civilisation. People today who don't live in civilisation are more in tune with the environment.

Another idea would be that when we were allegedly genetically "tinkered" with, we may have lost more of these abilities.

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It has a lot to do with being tinkered with, those who live away from civilisation are not as exposed to pollution and GM products. They're not as influenced by the television or the media. Their minds have not been as manipulated by their surroundings, i guess you could say they had more 'freedom'.

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We dont need to be in tune with nature, if a skill is unused over generations it will be lost.

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Agree, animals are more cut out for Earth because IMO they are specifically 'of' the Earth. We are the odd ones out here because we were not entirely made here


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I think your right LIAM spot on mate it's propably us that's the friggin et's nice one.
red blancmonge

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