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14 Nov 2011 23:19:11
First post since the cydonia stuff, just like to discuss more something what an ed mentioned, without researching it ive always thought myself that all e.t's and u.f.o could be more advanced/evovled humans, either coming from the future, or maybe we branched off and spread out ages ago and evolved at different rates, thinking out loud but if all animals suppodesly evolved from one single organism, then maybe all intelligent life forms across the universe can be traced back to one single place and then branched out for whatever reason, we could be the aborigianl types of the universe, and all the u.f.os could be our distant cousins coming to study, very much like a nature program on a massive scale haha, or maybe ive smoked to much tonight . . .


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14 Nov 2011 20:18:36
I'm a firm believer in the "One Man, One Vote" system of democracy.

I am the man and I have the vote.

Lord Havelock Vetinari.

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14 Nov 2011 19:28:23
Not denying the existence of ET's but I just get the feeling that current amount of mainsteam attention being paid to them them is in someway leading to a strip of our personal liberties in the name of "Global Security". Kinda like the terrorism on the Galactic level.

{Ed033's Note - Yes Dr. Carol Rosin was told by Dr. Werner von Braun that we would be told to give up our freedoms because ETs are coming to get us if we don't. Dr. Carol Rosin in the Disclosure Project -

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If UFOs are real why havent they landed, why not just show themselves, id like to see it but i cant see it happening.

{Ed033's Note - One of the reasons why some of them don't land is because they would be shot at and destroyed with high end black technology. However it is alleged that in 2002 at night there was a landing on the White House Lawn for a very short period of time (no joke) but then they didn't find any intelligent life inside the Whit House, so they left. (joke)

However the Rendlesham Forest incident is possibly a landing from either ETs or more likely humans from the future as there was a communication between an army person and a human looking occupant of the craft that told the army person they were them from the future. I'll give a link to the Rendlesham Forest incident in a bit.}

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{Ed033's note - UFO - The Rendlesham Forest Case - Part 1 of 6

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{Ed033's note - 1996 Two ET's Captured in Varginha, Brazil?

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If we would shoot at UFOs, does that mean we are on bad terms with them? This seems odd to me as I always thought the authorities were helping to keep them hidden.


{Ed033's Note - Who knows what's really going on? Not me for sure. Allegedly there are multiple ET races engaging this planet and presumably some they fire on and some they don't. To me this looks like black technology being used to fire an ET craft -

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Just saw the footage, amazing how quick that missile traveled. I wonder what part of the world it was launched from....

{Ed033's Note - Yes, It isn't necessary a missile as we know it. Almost certainly isn't propelled by chemical rocket. Maybe is propelled like we have seen ufos move.}

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Humans from the future? so time travel i find that hard to believe

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14 Nov 2011 16:00:52
hi ed wonderin if u could post sum links 2 sum up 2 date conspiracies, i. e 2011 - 2010, hav lost track slighty in recent times wonderin if u coold help out

{Ed033's Note - Ok, here are a few:

Courts Afraid of Us Now & Lawful Bank - Roger Hayes British Constitution Group

Manipulation Of Your Mind by Government Agenda - Brian Gerrish

Adam's Calandar and the stone circles of South Africa

The Great Deceptions - Veronica Chapman‬ 1 of 15

Megalithomania 1 of 9 - David Hatcher Childress

Richard D. Hall video interviews

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I thought that said The GReat Decepticons then, i thought how biased, i;m so glad i wnet for my annual check up with Boots opticians earlier.

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14 Nov 2011 16:10:50
i do have to say on the subject of obama's peace prize that its always disturbed me. It didn't make much sense at the time. Ostensibley they said it was for his nuclear disarmament speech he gave, i think, in prague. Now thats a very laudable ambition and one i wholly support whilst recognising its fairly unlikely to happen and certainly not in my lifetime. But worthy of the peace prize? Surely not. I mean its not an actual achievement now is it. Also, and i need to double check my dates here, but when he was awarded it, when they made the announcement hadn't he been in office for just under a year? And also correct me if i am wrong but aren't the prizes picked a year in advance or something? So definitely very fishy. Maybe they needed to bolster him before he expanded the war? God i'm getting paranoid. What say you mr ed?
{Ed033's Note - I don't disagree with you Mort. Hitler was nominated for a Peace Prize this is how ludicrous it is. Obviously Obama doesn't write any of his speeches, he is just a puppet who does exactly as he's told, so to give a Nobel Peace Prize for reading someone else's script is ridiculous even if that is the excuse for giving him a Nobel Peace Prize.

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Ok cheers Ed, i've been off to check my dates and a few other things: (my own points are all in square bracketts [] All quotes from wikipedia.

"The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to U.S. President Barack Obama "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people."

[Now what exactly did he do?]

[Ok here's what he did]

"The Norwegian Nobel Committee announced the award on October 9, 2009, citing Obama's promotion of nuclear nonproliferation and a "new climate" in international relations fostered by Obama, especially in reaching out to the Muslim world."

[So he makes a couple of speeches, one saying ban the bomb, which we all accept will never happen, and the other one saying to the arabs we will stop invading you if you behave, and he gets the peace prize for that??? The likes of Mandela must have been bloody weeping]

[Key point hear though is the date they announced it October 9th 2009.]

"On December 10, 2009, Obama accepted the prize in Oslo"

"The five members of the Nobel Committee are appointed by the Norwegian Parliament to roughly reflect the party makeup of that body. The 2009 Committee comprised two members of the Norwegian Labor Party, one from the left-wing Socialist Left Party, one from the Conservative Party of Norway and one from the right-wing Progress Party. The chairman of the Committee was Thorbjørn Jagland, former Norwegian Labor Party prime minister and Secretary General of the Council of Europe since September 29, 2009. The panel met six or seven times in 2009, beginning several weeks after the February 1 nomination deadline. The winner was chosen unanimously on October 5 but was initially opposed by the Socialist Left, Conservative and Progress Party members until strongly persuaded by Jagland"

[So in short the nomination deadline was February 1st 2009. Also 3 of the 5 committee voting on it initially opposed Obama, then suddenly its a unanimous decision? Is this not strange? Also the head of the committe said that they were influenced by obama's Cairo speech to reassure the Islamic world, a specch that was given in June, 4 months after the deadline for nominations]

"Obama said he was "surprised" and "deeply humbled" by the award. He stated that he does not feel he deserved the award, and that he did not feel worthy of the company the award would place him in. In remarks given at the White House Rose Garden on the day of the announcement, Obama stated, "I do not view it as a recognition of my own accomplishments but rather an affirmation of American leadership on behalf of aspirations held by people in all nations."

[So even he agreed he shouldn't of got it although i guess thats the usual politicans flim flam although its more like something on Oscar night]


November 4 2008 Obama wins election.

January 20 2009 inagurated as president.

January 2009 1st speech to the middle east.

February 1 2009 deadline for peace prize nominations.

April 5 2009 Obama's Prague speech.

April 7 2009 Obama's Ankara speech.

June 4 2009 Obama's Cairo speech.

October 5 2009 winner chosen.

December 10 2009 accepted speech.

The more i look at it the more it smells. Most of the speeches they say that he made that won it for him were all made after the deadline for nominatons, so why was he even nominated in the first place?

{Ed033's Note - Well done for researching it more. People should start to realise that when they look beyond what the mass media tells them, things start to look a little strange and the more you dig the more weird it usually becomes.}

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Obama has been exaulted as the second coming to the American left(the mainstream left) he could piss in their ears and they would say it sounded great

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Thanks Ed i knew it was fishy, so the guys in office for 2 months, in which time he's mainly sorting out his domestic arrangements for the big house and getting his cabinet bedded in and their all reading up on the briefs and within 6 weeks he's nominated for the peace prize. Then he makes a load of speeches in April, May and June which they later say won it for him. So how was he nominated? And 60% of the voting committee opposed it , yet later changed their vote. It stinks.

To the other guys, yes he is portrayed in an almost messianic light, which is worrying in itself. But in reality whats the difference between him and GWB? Apart from he's a better public speaker.

Both have sent offf 1000's of American and allied troops to fight and die for a a cause less and less are believing in. Obama has handled the economy worse than Bush did. And his healthcare bill has seriously divided the nation whatever the merits of it. And he makes all these pipe dream speeches and walks off with one of the biggest prizes you can get. Despite not actually doing anything! You look at past winners like the one Mandela got with de Klerk, or the one between Arafat and Rabin/ Peres or Trimble and Hume. Mind you Al Gore was a farce as well and Ghandi never got one!
{Ed033's Note - There is no difference between between Obama and George W Bush they are/were both puppets with exactly the same puppet masters if you go high enough up the chain. And with he same Puppet masters you get the same agenda. However as Obama is seen as a messianic type figure, the puppet masters can get away with more nonsense, more war more thieving from the American people more controls placed on the American people.}

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True Ed true. I always though that Tony Blair was the biggest political con job in history but i think Obama is some string competition.

That being said i do think that Obama will lose the coming election in 12 months time. Its just a case of seeing which puppet beats him.


{Ed033's Note - There is talk that Ron paul will obviously not get the nomination for the Republican Party and will possibly run as an independent. If he does this he will split the Republican vote and thus let the Democrats in. If Obama is the Democrat nomination, he should win again.}

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I'm not so sure Ed, i think a lot of people are disappointed in BO.

And i think the Republicans do think this is a good chance to regain control of the white house. i;m sure some Men In Black types could have a chat with Mr Paul and convince its in his best interests and do as he;s told. Would that be a surprise?

Jeez i'm becoming more and more paranoid, i'm turning into Mr Garibaldi.

{Ed033's Note - Hopefully you're right Mort.}

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I've managed to pick the last 3 winners not counting Clinton so who knows. Just a gut feeling i have, but we'll know more when the Republians have thinned the field a bit. Mort

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Ed you mention Obama being 'a puppet doing exactly what he's told', who do you reckon it is doing to talking here?

{Ed033's Note - It's a pyramid of people and an agenda. Obama's handlers around him have handlers of themselves. They are all moving each other towards the agenda over a period of time. I don't know who or what is at the top of the pyramid.}

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The media's pretty much painted Paul as an old crazy man for wanting an audit for fort knox. The more truth he says the more ridicule he receives. They'll pretty much have him a nonfactor by election time

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Yes thats true i agree with that guy, i think Paul will be a non runner soon. I'm glad Palin is also out of the running, can you imagine her with a finger on the button? I get cold shivers just typing it.

I'm with Ed33 there seems to be some sort of agenda pushing the States down a dark path we can only imagine and speculate. However by extension it will drag us down it as well. We're caught between 2 bad places, the States and the Euro.


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I seem to remember that Nobel himself was
involved in the arms industry , which seems
a little odd.


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