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14 Nov 2012 22:55:49
seen a ufo program called chasing ufos,it shows footage of a disc bouncing and crashing at white sands missile range in 1997,Ted Loman claims to have been sent the tape ,the footage is something i have not seen before and its pretty good picture,white sands is only a hundred miles from Roswell,i have looked at footage i think it is reversed engineering,one more interesting thing about the program the team who investigated the claims then went to Roswell where the famous indecent was supposed to happen and rummaged around were the disc allegedly crashed,they had metal detectors with them and found pieces of metal which is nothing new but they found a button from the air force that was manufactured from 1947 to 1949 , it does not mean a disc crash but it deffo means the us air force was there were the claims of a crashed disc.

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It's TV filler stuff, Franky.
The crash video is of a missile, it has been identified even down to the specific missile and test, indeed it has been well debunked.
The Air Force didn't even exist in 1947, so the button is a pretty obvious fake, and also would have been planted there. It was in far too good condition to have been lying around in the desert for decades aswell.
TV reality shows like this need results, so producers will create the evidence themselves if there is nothing to be found, whilst the fellas in the show are doing what they're paid to do - act.

the pea.

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The airforce was around in 1947. It just wasn't call the Airforce. It was called the aeronautical division. So that button might well have belonged to them.


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14 Nov 2012 20:22:51
i think in about 30years time the public will turn against the government and it will be chaos.
without the public there is no government.

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Why wait 30 years?

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14 Nov 2012 19:11:07
Coming to a town near you - San Diego residents face six years jail time for washing their own car

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14 Nov 2012 11:46:40
I'm just wondering wat ppl here think bout the secret space war that's supposed to be goin on! take on it is there mig be some truth to it.also ed wat u think would be great thanks...great site!

{Ed033's Note - Watch the below clip to see a small piece of the secret space war

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{Ed033's Note - More info regarding the secret space war. Project Camelot interview with Anthony F. Sanchez and Jay Weidner.

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Thanks ed The vids were very good I find it fascinating bout the space war when I started reading up on it..makes u wonder whats really goin up there :-)

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14 Nov 2012 16:13:38
Daylight UFO Over Denver Colorado

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Could it be insects close to the camera?

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14 Nov 2012 12:11:09
Very odd - seems a little harsh to be shooting people because the noise of the dogs.......Hiding under the sand to get away from the police, wouldn't be out of place in a film

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14 Nov 2012 00:44:01
just read the story of john McAfee , mcAfee Antivirus guy,just weird reading it, very strange,google it guys see what u think.

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Interesting stuff....something is clearly going on there


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His trial will apparently last 31 days

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