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14 Sep 2012 22:07:11
There was a story this week about a young man found dead after consuming ayahuasca whilst in Peru with a shaman, (although this may not of been the cause).
It got me thinking again as my auntie who teaches and practices different hollistic medicines through her own clinc in a different country has been out to Peru on quite a few occasions taking other people with her to meet a local shaman and cleanse (or whatever it is) consuming the Ayahuasca brew. She told me a few things about the experiences she had out there whilst on her "trip's", ranging from coming in to contact with relatives that have passed including my mother, to biggest fears and ancient spirit's, (I know, but please stay with me for a moment), she described it as ,in moment's incredibly scary because of lot's of inner fear stuff going on and at the same time some of the most enlightning moment's of her life. She also spoke about how the widespread belief there is locally amongst people and shamans is that the Mayan temple's etc were not made by humans but they point upwards as to who made them, (although could still be our race if we were more intelligent in the past, we can't completely rule it out).
I looked up online about Ayahuasca (and it's probably been mentioned a while ago) but it produce's DMT (or something to that effect) which apparently would of been produced naturally in the pineal gland if it's not produced in the gland today. Just got me thinking as there is definately something to the Ayahuasca brew about the potential un-tapped power of our mind's or alternatively the previous power of our mind's a long time ago....Ed's/Anyone?..I think it may have been discussed before but I find it more interesting the more I think about it. At some point I fancy one day going to Peru, if I can pluck up the courage that is.


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I will go too...

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Nice post supasub,i remember when younger a certain song that refered to a so called dmt,in the lyrics something that our body produced by the tonnage or somewhat along those lines im not certain but what you state deffo hit a right that was so surreal ,i think.Honest..

red blancmonge..

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I've been to Peru and came within 5mins of doing Ayahuasca! I'm no shrinking violet when it comes to things like that, but I was feeling under the weather and was told if I had even the smallest doubt, to opt out.

Guy I was hanging out with and his girlfirned did it, saw them 2 days later - apparently they spent the first 2hours vomiting incessantly, then began the carnage.

They couldn't even put it into words but I didn't get a vibe of enlightenment, more of a trippy, surreal, mission. Suppose it depends who's taking it, where and the frame of mind at the time.


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14 Sep 2012 18:34:28
Eds can I plug a website that a mate and myself run. I think a few of the people who come on her might appreciate and hopefully contribute to it. If so its
Thanks eds


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14 Sep 2012 12:45:31
Heard the other day that the curiosity rover has discovered there is lots of water , liquid water under the surface of mars . What do you guys think the realistic chances are of this being the case and if so life existing.
If this turns out to be true do you think the media will be allowed to cover it and give the public the real facts ?

Only asking because I've noticed that the news coverage on the rover has gone quiet which is strange considering it's the most advanced piece of equipment ever , or something like that anyway lol

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I think anything to do with NASA is a bit suspect, I mean put a TWO megapixel camera on board FFS, my nokia phone has 3.2 and thats an antique

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There is life on other planets IMO. The universe is too vast and varied for there not to be. I don't think it will be too long before this is proved right.
I also think that we should be digging parts up to see if there are any alien corpses. I know that sounds a bit silly but I honestly think there is something to be found.


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I'm sure there's a valid scientific reason behind it, but why did they land the Rover in a crater? I mean if it's an impact crater it's not necessarily an accurate reflection of of Martian landscape and geology.

They should have put it down right in the middle of Cydonia, next to that massive face


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There is nothing unusual about liquid being found on any planet, different gasses have different temps at which they freeze or turn to liquid. One of saturns moons has water, but its made of methane which has a much, much lower temp range than our h20 and different liquids are on other planets which are other gasses that are in their liquid state, just saying before anyone gets their universal studios limited edition ET nickers in a twist :)


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A planet with gold rivers would be a good find aii

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14 Sep 2012 10:21:50
hey edd wont be on for a few days ,working away in middlesbourough,do you mind if i can giver my twitter account out?
if u do its cush42, cheers catch u guys soon.

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