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15 Apr 2012 21:48:39
death is and always will be thought of as a bad thing to relatives to get thru but my question is for the person that dies, whos to say its a bad thing, wat u think ed

{Ed033's Note - It appears that most people in the world believe that when your body dies, you carry on. There appears to be more evidence that you do carry on (on the "other side") after the body dies than not.

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I cant think of 1 plausable piece of evidence that proves anything either way ?


{Ed033's Note - Yes but you haven't seen all the evidence. Below is one small piece that starts to make you think.

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Are you joking ? The kid kid who is going "I lived in the white house with my mum and my dad.........." Is reading that, thats how a kid that age reads, big pauses between words, I know I have 2 kids and they did that. It would have been more plausable if he were talking about living in a shanty town in Brazil and he could remember lots of portugese words, but not a kid in scotland who thinks he lived in scotland before, he probably saw Balamory or some crappy daytime Tv programme up there and it confused him. Others that I have seen on Tv before doin this are con-men like psycics I think, they do a lot of background homework and make it sound very real but its just rubbish. Sorry Ed cant count this vid as evidence :)


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There's a project Camelot video with a little Russian boy and a documentary called boy from Bara. Bothe these are worth a watch

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Forgot to add

Big D

To my last post

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15 Apr 2012 18:43:20
Yet another two jets scrambled last night in chase of a UFO in bath. Just on the back of the jet crashing into the block of flats last week. Some weird goings on. Looks like the people upstairs might not have to fake an alien invasion after all.

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{Ed033's Note - Allegedly the United Nations held a secret meeting because they were told that at the end of 2012 an ET group may show themselves in an undeniable way. The secret UN meeting were discussing what they should do about it. Allegedly, they decided not to do anything about it but possibly another group has decided to let enough out in a way that if an ET group did show themselves, most everyone wouldn't be too alarmed because of the predicative programming through the mass media

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Have you heard anything about the multiple UFO drones going from Russia, right across Europe until uk forces where scrambled, where they shot up out of sight over Bristol. I believe there was at least 7 of them. Strange goings on on the British sky's if you ask me. Especially after the plane landing ( crash ) into the flats down south


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Its a example of how are media work,no mention at all that i have seen about a crash into flats or strange lights in the sky.

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Why can i not find any thing of this jet crash in to these flats ?? the only one i know off is the one in virginia last week ?? are you not confused with this one . still like to see the footage of the sonic boom over england . i saw it on tv but really would like to see it again .if any one can post it . im just wondering how many bangs there was as if a plane goes in to sonic boom there would be 2 so if it is 2 planes there should be 4 bangs ??? im sure i only heard one on that footage on tv . and if there is 2 then the timing of both plains going in to sonic boom at the same time must be pretty much impossible

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Im still can not find the orginal tv fottage i saw on tv last week of the 2 jets going sonic boom in the midland last week . has anybody got this footage ? ive found a few videos shot on the day of the event but what i can tell non of these are of the jets going sonic boom ? as this footage totally vanisish of the face of the planet ? the footage im looking for does not show any jets but u can here noise but the cloud coverage is high so you can not see the jets. these ae what ive found so far
can any one please tell why the stories in the media keep getting changed to. one minute it was a accident . next it was a unidentified object ? that was not there when they got to the area . then it was a helicopter . this fottage ive found only shows one jet . they say to . one you can here noise but its not a jet going sonic boom >>>> and where is the footage from the news that day . sems to have just vanished which im sure u can hear one jet going sonic boom

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Ok, I've spent some time up in Scotland, in the glens and on the coast, where the RAF train extensively at low-level. In general, you hear it before you see it at sub-sonic & although it's unmistakably a supersonic jet, from my experience, I'd say that the Typhoon in the 2nd clip was definitely sub-sonic.
The 1st clip could have been a super, as the aircraft is nowhere in shot, but there is a lot of cloud cover, so it's hard to tell.
The Eurofighter Typhoon is such an advanced aircraft that any failure from any of it's multiple onboard systems would result in the plane becoming virtually unflyable, making the malfunction and 'dive' story plausible. However, unless it stuck the throttle open and pointed the nose down, I doubt it would become a super-sonic dive. The pilots, who survived, would have had no time to react and rectify the issue, they would have died, simple. The theory of the explanation is ok, the realities of it are very fishy.
The thing that piqued my interest from the 2nd clip was the jet circling to re-investigate the heavy cloud cover to the left. What was that pilot looking for?

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15 Apr 2012 01:01:58
just watched enemy of the state and something caught my attention, the film was made in 1998 and in a scene in the film a persons date of birth comes up and his date of birth is 9/11/40... (the 40 bit isn't strange)

it's probably nothing but after watching an Olympics 2012 vid about how they are use symbolism i thought this was kind of strange.. like i said the film was made in 98 so 3 years before 9/11..

it's probably just nothing though.


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Have a look on youtube or something and youll see that in the matrix Neo's passport had an expiry date of the exact date and year of 911


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"..his date of birth is 9/11/40... (the 40 bit isn't strange)"

Mum's the word..

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If you watch the original Gremlins movie, where Zack is starting his old heap of a motor and gets the radio going the dial reads 9/11 so is that part of the conspiracy?? Even from 1984

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