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15 Apr 2013 21:10:49
first of all I hope there are no more casualties in boston and I genuinely feel for them.

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15 Apr 2013 22:18:06
There's a picture of some guy on a roof near the explosion, it's got conspiracy written all over it

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What's the odds on the Syrians oor Iranians being blamed as a precursor to an invasion

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Well in the press conference a reporter was asking why were people being told to keep calm before the bomb went off. he asked the same question 5 or 6 times and guess what NO ANSWER

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It will definitely be blamed on Iran rather than Syria. What is going to happen when there are no countries left for the US to pillage, maybe they will start commercially producing elelephants for ivory and rare animals for fur. Perhaps Obama may develop a backbone and stand up against those sick *******s calling the shots behind the scenes and eradicate world debt once and for all.

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Exactly, just innocent people supporting a marathon. False flag definitely. Too much dodgyness surrounding it, will they blame a drugged up or hypnotised young man like the batman shootings, they already have arrested a 20 year old at a hospital. Jdog

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Lets just hope nothing happens at the London marathon next Sunday.

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Listened to alex jones live when this happened 3 things stand out,
1 another drill before this happened like 9/11, 7/7 police sniffer dogs before and strangely before the explosion with a loud tannoy telling everyone "not to worry and stay were you are"

2 a guy who works with jones freelance phoned up about the 3rd explosion he said he has worked with he's state bdu (bomb disposal unit) and its protocol that that every unit across america has to to do a sweep of the area and take there time before they decide whether to detonate or not.

3 9/11 7/7 and madrid bombings all had suspects in mind within hours of attack, cnn are reporting they are looking for a black man with a foreign accent with a back pack trying to get in to a VIP area where the explosion happened, anyone else see a pattern?

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The police were running a planned bomb drill. They had planned drills of planes hitting buildings on 9/11. Also a planned drill on 7/7 of the exact stations in the real bombings. Looks like they turned another planned drill into reality.

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I did see a photograph at the scene after the explosion of some guys dressed as soldiers (camo gear etc) however they had State Police written on the back of the uniforms, now they may do things different in the States however if police are starting to wear camo gear, infantry helmets etc it goes that a police state is slowly being introduced, or maybe I am reading too much into one photo.


{Ed033's Note - Militarising of the police has been going on for years now.

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See an american helcopter crashes near the noth korean border around the same time of the bombs. , the bombs take front page news but the crash, most likely a spec ops team returning from the north on some mission gets very small newstime.

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Of course this attack on Boston is a false flag it always is a false flag so that the American Administration can impose some more draconian rules on its people or attack another country.

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And now Iran is hit by a major earthquake!

You could not make it up


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If this is a false flag, what is it going to take to wake people up. Kids are being murdered now. Murdered. Someone, somewhere needs to fess up for this. Absolutely heart breaking.

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Its pretty strange really, earthquake hits Iran after bomb hits the States, HAARP anyone?

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16 Apr 2013 18:39:13
Why was there a Facebook group set up on Saturday called thoughts go out to those involved in the Boston explosions?

Something fishy going on

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16 Apr 2013 18:54:21
Is North Korea the last place not to have a privately owned bank?

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15 Apr 2013 18:08:07
just lie to say evertons bill kenwright speech was touching and emotional at anfield today so a shout out to everton. jft96.

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Excellent speech, fair play to BK

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15 Apr 2013 17:04:15
The government is always going on about how far we have come as a nation since the 1980's. I disagree as I feel as though I am living in the twilight zone. Millwall fans rioting, Thatcher diving the nation, nuclear war threatened and Catchphrase on the TV.

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Yeah deja vu I wonder if cameron is winding up argentina so they invade the falklands again?

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15 Apr 2013 16:24:10
No don't know if you've been following the thatcher funeral. But it's been announced its going to cost millions due o policing etc and now they're silencing Big Ben. Does anyone think that the British public are being provoked here?

I wasn't around when she was in power. But from what I've heard / read she was a bit of a person (and I've done my research) not to mention the economical and social damage she done to the country.

It seems that the government are doing this as a slap in the face to those opposed to / condemned to a life of the scrap heap by her. What do the older posters think?

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Strategy of Tensions, says pea

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To me its like lighting the touch paper, I would not at all be surprised to see it going off in london, liverpool, yorkshire, wales, glasgow southern ireland, are they trying to provoke a reaction? who knows it is a conservative doing this thou! but remember thatcher's kids could have said no we want a private service no cameras no press and without the threat of it kicking off, maybe its just strange to me.

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The police have announced that they will be raiding potential troublemakers and arresting them. So it is now possible to be arrested not for committing a crime, but for being the type of person who the police think may cause trouble. Now that is something Maggie would be proud of.

Captain Needa

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15 Apr 2013 12:25:58
Hi all! posted a few times on these forums under various names. Few areas that aren't being looked at so I thought i'd address them. How many of you are paying your TV license? Are you all aware that it is not necessary? Are you happy voluntarily paying money to a company that protects known peados, gets funded by the E.U. to broadcast favourably for them and takes an ignorant standpoint on issues such as global warning to preach propoganda? thoughts?

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Hows it not neccessary?

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I like your name mate.

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Not required as they can't enter your home to see if you have a tv, also its a service you haven't requested {Ed001's Note - do you remember the old days when they claimed the detector vans could tell if you were watching it? People honestly believed that was true, rather than they just knocked on the doors of every home that didn't have a license and accused them of watching TV without one!}

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Yeh edd I remember the vans and everytime me mum seen one in our tenement block she screamed at me "francis turn the telly off quick "lol {Ed001's Note - positive proof that media lies are believed though. After all, no one even thought to question it, they just believed it was true.}

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Yes that's true. As long as you don't sign anything aswell. Jdog

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The TV license aka tv Tax isn't neccessary because I have never agreed a contract with the tv for them to broadcast there channels in my home and for me to pay in return. The tv choose to air there channels on my TV, I diddnt ask for them so how can they demand money for them? don't pay it, you're not obligated to disclose any information to them whatsoever. You are not obligated to allow them into your home to check you have a T. V. If they know you have a T. V you are not obligated to tell them if you watch it. They are powerless, they just lead you to believe they have power with the van and fine propaganda. Believe me its optional, i've had a letter saying they won't bother me for 2 years!

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It's typical of the duplicitous nature of all contracts engaged in with 'The Authority'. I think TPTB have to lie or trick us into things because if they were honest about what they were doing - nobody would go along with it. They would be lynched the very same day.
Haven't paid tv tax (like it) in nearly five years now. pea

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I started refusing to pay my tv licence when I found out they got a loan from the eu. (its meant to be soley funded by us. ) I also highlighted jimmy savile. product placement. advertising on graham norton books and films etc. the head of tv also got a 1.5 million pound pay off after 5 weeks in the job. that's 100k licence money! I wrote my letter to tv licence they said its not up to them and forwarded to bbc. who in turn said I had to write to secratery of state for media and culture. and her secratery got back to me saying they can't get involved with individual cases. so really I still don't know where I stand. but everyday there's more and more reason NOT to pay

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