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15 Aug 2012 22:22:27
I've just read on a website an interesting view from someone about the ' new world order ' he has stated in fact that they are the good guys in all this and in fact they are the ones trying to take down the old world order such as the rothchilds monarchs etc. Intereting theory?

No-one likes us

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Id like to think thats true. a world without monarchys and rothchilds etc. Hope your right. Rosco

{Ed033's Note - To the original poster, my advice is to stay clear of Ben Fulford and David Wilcock because even though both Ben Fulford and David Wilcock are decent people themselves, the info these 2 output from their "inside sources" is complete dis-info.

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There'll always be a power struggle within groups. The NWO is probably factions of the OWO that want the power for themselves. It won't matter which one is in charge, the people will still suffer.

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15 Aug 2012 16:08:43
Hi, i visit the site quite often & appreciate all your work eds & contributors! Learnt a lot of eye opening things on here, so thanks.

I just wanted to ask, what's the difference between Freemasons and the Illuminati? I have a common misconception about them both & often referred to them as the same thing, am I wrong?

I've skimmed some research on Freemasonry and it doesn't sound "bad" as such.

Can any posters or Eds give me some real info as some of the internet can cover up stuff, wikipedia etc.


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Ist the free masons where they teach you stone work for nothing. ;-P
huddz red {Ed001's Note - it depends a lot on which side you sit anyway. The Freemasons are not all bad, in the lower orders they are pretty much just a place for doing business, similar to the golf course. They also look after those that are involved and family members. My Uncle was a member and after his death, they made sure his widow wanted for nothing. They also made sure she had people to talk to and help her through her grief, so not everything is bad about them.}

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15 Aug 2012 13:08:28
Ive been quite annoyed this year in general with all the flag waving morons in the jubilee and olympics etc. Whats really bugging me is that its not even a secret/conspiricy to me, its right there in your face and people are too blind to see it and I cant understand why my friends are proud to be British. You only have to look at a history book you dont even need to read it you can just look at the pictures! If the world was a playground then we/USA/Israel are the playground bullies and like a bully in the playground we take what we want and you can you can either hang around with us and give us your sweets or if you dare to go against us you will get beaten up by us or our lapdog followers. We wanted sugar / tea back in the day we beat up africans and indians, we want oil now we beat up middle easterns. We want the drugs now so we beat up afghans. It annoys me that people cant see that it doesnt take 10 years to fight a war against shoeless goat farmers when you have billions of dollars at your disposal, its just an another occupation that the morons lap up as a "War on terror". Rant over it makes me sick, I was born in England and I am ashamed of our history and current royal family, public schoolboys that sit in the house of pariment and the financail web we let the rothschilds created from here that has now gotten out of control.


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I agree about the jubilee bit sport makes you nationalistic ,some quote i heard or read was thousands of years ago was sport introduced by the elite to take your mind off troubles ,it worked in the roman times while peasants fought for the life in the Colosseum against gladiators and it works now with sport.

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I think someone needs to chill. the majority of flag wavers are patriotic and there is nothing wrong with that, if you expect them and everyone to feel like you because of what our country has done when they may not even know or just be plain ignorant then thats up to them. by the sounds of it mate your gonna go all v for vendetta on us all. lol. i think the aim for the olympics was to remind us that yes a lot of bad things happen but good things happen too, well thats my opinion. i just think your reading a bit too mcuh into something thats not really tthere.

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Hey i was cheering for mo myself but imagine a world without sport, we would all take more notice about whats going around the world and things that effect us all, untill i would say 8 years ago i would read the sports page and nothing else, my eyes are more open now, i do not believe every conspiracy on here like i don't believe everything the mainstream media tell me as well.

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I love sport too, and watching mo was great but you may be missing my point, it doesnt make up for people not realising that what you see on TV is a million miles away from the general perception the rest of the world have about this country and what Im saying is they are right. Most people here grow up so proud to be British and wave the flag but they dont know why or what they are proud of, its just a place where they happened to be born it wasnt their choice ! I mean come on even the weather's got nothing going for it, and before anyone says "oh but we are free here" erm no we are not its not a million miles from Nazi Germany if it carries on........


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To franky, Ive read that aswell It was said to be written in the protocols of the learned elders of zion something about giving people games to keep them pacified, I dont read too much into that book some people beleive it was the blueprint for modern society, Im not sure what I make of all that, but I know Henry ford wasnt impressed!


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Bread and circuses! It has been a strange year in the UK with this 'wave of patriotism'. I had the feeling that we were being set up for some outrage to occur. Now, I think it is more subtle. We have been eased into regarding the army and heavily armed police, warships and missiles in the centre of the nations capital as 'normal'. I hope we can reverse this trend somehow.

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Chomsky once said sport was a big distraction and I tend to agree, but the 'elite' from Roman times have needed circuses to keep the masses busy with trivial activities!

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15 Aug 2012 09:36:17
Julian Assange will be granted asylum which i find strange or should i be?why would any country like Ecuador grant him asylum? i don't buy the human rights story for one second,Ecuador is a violent place easy place to get murdered.

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You have fallen into the trap franky, your opinion about equador being a backward country comes from what you have seen on mainstream tv. Julian is a good friend of the president, he interviewed him on his programme on RT a few months ago I watched it. Equador is prospering due to its oil, this new president is doing a very good job at turning the country arround and not bowing to America or Obama so as you know any country that doesnt become Americas lapdog is portrayed badly in the media.


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Matt i have not done a lot of research on Ecuador to be honest ,i just assumed it is like Brazil and Mexico but i will take your word,but i will stick by my gut feeling if Assange goes public on the wiki leaks no matter what country and protection he has, there will be a accident .cheers for the heads up on Ecuador .

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Assange has friends in high places as well as enemies you see. Wickileaks never got the attention it needed mainstream here for obvious reasons, or the mainstream were I feal quite selective of what they mentioned, but really in some parts of the world it was massive news and thats how world leaders have come to know him, he just gets talked about as some sort of rougue sex pest on our media channels for very obvious reasons.


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I have copied this from a news source today.
frankyscouse {Ed033's Note - Please don't copy and paste things from other websites onto this web site

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15 Aug 2012 00:12:42
What are people's thoughts on John lennons assassination


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Unfotunatley poor chap was shot.Could not say if he died or not?..

red blancmonge

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Was it a mind control killing?


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He got murdered by a psychotic man, pure and simple.

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Have you not heard? He was seemingly going to go public with the revelation that The Beatles were as manufactured an act as The Monkees, that they were not much more than a boy-band essentially, that they didn't write their own songs (many of which are rumoured to have been penned by one Theodore Adorno), and that they were but puppets being used by culture-creators to influence a whole generation of young people.
Most likely it was the CIA killed him outside the Waldorf, which is an interesting building itself..


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Why is the waldorf interesting.

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I've read a bit about it, the FBI had a file on John Lennon from his anti-Vietnam days, the timing is interesting as well as a Republican President had just been elected in Reagan/Bush. was the 'Catcher In The Rye' some sort of trigger

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TRP, All genuine conspiracy subjects get ridiculed because of stupid john lennon and Micheal jackson posts.

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TRP, you just showed how much you know about the Beatles , nothing , you should take a TRiP to Liverpool , and do the Beatles tour .

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From Bresler's 'who killed john lennon' - "Lennon knew from early in 1972 that he was under constant surveillance, being followed in the streets and with his telephone tapped." The ex-Beatle was aware of the surveillance by secret police agencies and so stated on several occasions. For example, in December 1975 he told one interviewer, "We knew we were being wire-tapped... there was a helluva lot of guys coming in to fix the phones."

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But at the same time John did do alot of drugs also which wouldn't of helped any ideas he had.


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Lennon was bugged as were a lot of high profile stars around that time,makes more sense to kill him when he was doing the Vietnam peace stuff than wait nearly ten years later when it was not so volatile as for all the crap about the Beatles were manufactured and they never wrote there own songs,what next Simon cowell was the manager .

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I'm guessing neither of you looked into what i wrote but rather dismissed it.
Do you think 50 Cent comes from the ghetto?
There are many, many things to learn about and also to learn how to deal with aswell. If you can't handle that about The Beatles i would have a long hard think about what you want from your quest for "TRUTH", because most people when they say they want truth, only want confirmation for what they already believe.

The Renegade Pea

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Truth hurts sometimes. TRP

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Lennon was not just a high-profile star , he was a threat to the 'military-industrial complex' with his peace protests

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@ redforever
By the same token you just showed how much you know about The Beatles, which is everything that everybody else knows aswell. Well if "everyone knows that" then it must be true! ..not when you go through the looking glass!

P.S. Welcome to Earth! (don't drink the kool-aid)

The Renegade Pea

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50 cent might not have came from the ghetto but I'm 100% sure he use to roll about in them parts underground hiphop artists knew him and didnt like him, he wasn't "made up"


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Cant handle truth about the beatles? lol,feller someone writes a piece about lennon being assassinated by the cia and the Chinese whispers start , i suppose its all fiction about lennon/macca not writing songs when they were teenagers?,its called disinformation or the feller who wrote that wants to make a few bob from anyone who wants to read it.

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I though 50cent got shot 9 times, if hes not from the ghetto he sure is one tough person

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