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15 Dec 2011 22:19:31
Ed you 'appear' very knowledgeable and seem to know your stuff but I find it hard to fathom that Nasa or the US government with the resources they have and the top scientists, physicists, biologists and anyody else they choose to have on their payroll would make any errors or discrepancies that would lead people to believe their was a conspiracy. These people do not make mistakes.

There's no way any video would be released that would defy any of the laws of physics i.e flag moving or not moving on the moon etc.

I believe you are misinformed or maybe over analyzing things too much Ed. In life if you look for problems you will always find problems. For every scientist you find that can 'prove' there is a conspiracy there's another that has evidence that there isnt.

9/11 cannot be proven to be an inside job. In a court of law you have to disprove the defense. It can not be disproven that a bunch of muslim extremists hijacked a plane and crashed into the twin towers...there is no person yet on this planet that can disprove that this didnt happen. This site is great but sometimes i take a step back and realise that actually there's no 100% concrete undeniable evidence to support any of the claims made by anybody on here.

We spend so much of our lifes worrying about things that we cannot prove or that do not ultimately affect what if there was no landing on the moon? how does it affect you or i?


{Ed033's Note - That's an excellent post. I'll give a reply.

I have no doubt that NASA lies. With less force pulling an astronaut down with gravity, astronauts should have less pull on themselves, so should be able to move faster. The reason why the truth about the moon needs to come out is because black technology was probably used from the secret space program and this world desperately needs the super cheap energy that the secret space program has. If we know they have the super cheap energy systems we can demand the technology.

As far as I'm concerned, Dr. Judy Wood has proven in her book what happened with the towers, if you read her book or listen to the below interviews. The reason why 9/11 needs to be exposed is because the so called "war on terror" would then be proven to be bogus and all the wars and ridiculous legislation that came about because of 9/11 would be stopped because we will all know that the "war on terror" is based on lies.

Dr. Judy Wood's book Where Did The Towers Go?

Judy Wood Where Did The Towers Go

Dr. Judy Wood being interviewed on her book

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Ridiculous legislation such as the law one they are passing or may have even passed giving the American Government the power to hold a 'terror suspect' indefinitely.
How this has even been allowed to happen shows just how oblivious the masses are.
What happens next? Either we all fall in line or take a stand.

always a red

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Quick question for alays a red and ed

It never bothered people whe the British government held many people in N Ireland indenfinatley.
It was called internment.

Lurgan Red {Ed001's Note - they have even made it legal for them to hold people indefinitely in this country, but of course they tell us it is for our own safety.}

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15 Dec 2011 19:51:40
watching the day after tomorrow, or rather the mrs is.

i personally think its a con designed to guilt trip people over our suppsoed impact and make people less inclined to complain when their taxes go up with all these green taxes.

but what do others think?

I also find the science quite flawed, its all sensationalism, especially in this film.

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1. its a film ....
2. a con? such as when because of humans another species is wiped out or companies harvesting resources destroy the environment.......couldnt disagree any more,

although the government using these things to sponge money out of people wouldnt surprise me

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15 Dec 2011 17:55:41
Brian Gerrish first time i have heard of him, watched a youtube conference, he is a fooking legend, i reckon everyone puts a link on a social network site, even if you get one person opening their eyes it's worth it.

{Ed033's Note - I second that, Frankyscouse}

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You could have started by putting a link on here lol

cantona's legal team

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15 Dec 2011 17:42:34
I wondered myself as to why the Flag in the moon video was waving, But according to mainstream science. Due to their being no oxygen and very little gravity the movement lasts for literally hundreds of years compared to here where if we knocked something it may last 15 seconds.

When the flag was placed it was obviously knocked about a little, so without anything to resist against and cause friction due to their being no atmosphere the flag simply won't stop moving for a very long time.

The Moon.

{Ed033's Note - The flag waving is most likely irrelevant as the video was shot on Earth anyway. What people may not have recognised is that with less gravity, the astronauts should have been moving about at a faster pace than on Earth not at 1/2 speed as on Earth. This alone should be enough to see the video was shot on Earth and slowed to 1/2 speed.

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It is a weird one Ed, but I can't see a 100% answer being found until we end up on the moon for a day out.

The Moon.

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How come when they use and show the vomit comet everything is slowed down then ? been there done it seen it. movement is slower.

{Ed033's Note - I'm not saying I'm correct, all I'm saying is if you think about it, if there is less force pulling you down on the Moon because of less gravity, this should actually allow you to move faster than on Earth. Less force pulling you down really should not make you move about at 1/2 speed. In addition we are told there would be less air resistance on the moon so in theory anyone should run faster on the moon than on Earth over a similar terrain.}

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15 Dec 2011 17:15:09

Watched john harris on youtube today he is a normal working class feller like us,and he breaks it down about what they ie goverment/bankers are doing to take our liberty away and squeeze every last penny out of us,he shows a feller in hes own front yard filmng two police officers who catch him filming (soz crap at spelling) them.wont tell you the rest. john harris the illusion part 1/5 presentation below.


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Seen some of his stuff before he's a real working class hero

Big D {Ed033's Note - John harris has a number of videos on youtube to watch, his web site is

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15 Dec 2011 12:15:32
anyone else seen the advert for chanel 4s documentary the syrian torture machine ?? an attack must be imminment as the brittish propaganda machines wheels have started turning, ridiculous wen u know 4 months this is going 2 happen bt still absolutel disbelief tht its already startin and we can do nothing, ww3 now seems inevetible it seems

{Ed033's Note - Webster Tarpley ( went to Syria to see what was going on for himself and came to the conclusion that someone was paying mercenaries to go into Syria to shoot people. Also there were a few people demonstrating but not about the Syrian President but because of the NATO sanctions on the heating oil as the Syrian people would be cold because Winter was coming.

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ED what you said in the earlier post is completely true. I live in Lebanon and have relatives in Syria who at the moment are freezing because "gangs" + "militia" are trafficking all oil coming to Syria and dumping and disposing them . Honestly if these gangs were truly the so called rebellions then why aren't they taking the oil and throwing it instead of they use them for their own benefits, and the justification given that they're dumping them just for the sake of harming the government is totally Bogus. All missions done and being done in Syria are illogical, the only possible logic to conclude is that they are attempts to get all citizens start a war against each other (Same triggering methods used to erupt the Lebanese Civil War in 1975). The sad thing is that all media even here in Lebanon aren't reporting on the huge number of deaths of old-age senior citizens who simply can't handle the cold.

Daily buses and taxi's are going from Lebanon to Syria and vice versa so the roads are open and evrth is accessible, the only fear is getting in direct contact with these "gangs".
Now about the people demonstrating; yes there are people protesting against the President, and they are either Kurdish or gypsies and a very small group of people who used to support the President but now are against coz of conflicts in interests. So, the majority in Syria (Sunnis, Christians, Armenian Christians and of other ethnicity) are behind the President and support his ideologies (which i don't since its a bit primitive).

I totally agree that the people who are shooting are employees of the west trying to complete tasks assigned to them and these tasks have been put long long ago. My conclusion is because of the true gruesome photos and videos i have seen of the killings and slaughter going on since the manner and professionalism used by the mercenaries just show that there is noway that they're regular citizens. And if some are then they must have been trained by other military forces since Syrians military are the same of Hezbollah which i know of really well.

In Lebanon we have a feeling that the pot is full and everything is in place so it can blow. I just hope 2012 isn't heading towards the obvious.

Eds this is my first post here, I've been following the site since it opened ;) just wanna say Amazing job my friends thx for all ur links and knowledge, very helpful and enlightening.

Cheers... John

{Ed033's Note - Ok great, thanks for the post John.}

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Just looks like another libya tbh

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15 Dec 2011 03:17:11
To ed033, I was the guy with the 3 questions and illuminati comment lol. Thanks for the reply and i'll watch the videos just now. Its just so hard finding out true information out there with all the disinformation :/. {Ed033's Note - Two important web pages to visit and listen to the info are: and

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{Ed033's note - it's also important to know the information Brian Gerrish talks about - Brian Gerrish at the British Constitution Group Conference October 22 2011 video

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