Conspiracy Talk Archive February 15 2012


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15 Feb 2012 22:22:12
so iran enrich uranium to medical grade which is more than required and have been doing attempted assassinations on israeli embassy staff, not so innocent after all.

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Or the CIA and Mossad creating the pretext for military action.


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Think about Pearl Harbour and 9-11 does this give you an idea what may be going on, especially as one of the bombings supposedly carried out by Iran was in India one of the few countries still buying oil from Iran. Therefore it would be foolish of them to make an enemy of India by doing something of this nature on their soil.

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15 Feb 2012 22:17:57
overseas aid is a conspiracy. Why are we giving money to india? O but there are people starving on the streets on bombay and calcutta, i hear the handwringers cry. Yes but they can afford to build a nuclear bomb and launch satellites so they should sort there own problems out i say

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Tough one to pick, it was a question on question time and some labour mp siad the only reason we are giving aid to india is to sweeten the indians up as india is and will become more weathly in the furture , there are more millionaires in india than the uk even with the poverty,even thou we are giving the most aid to india the uk lost out on a contract for fighter aeroplanes to france fo 1.5 billion, so they might think in the furture about the amount of aid they give.

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