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15 Feb 2013 22:22:57
I'm watching a documentary about the RFK shooting and didn't realise how much of a conspiracy surrounded the shooting.
It's on the Quest channel fascinating.

Any thoughts

Hong Kong Phuey,

I think mort is the main man to ask about on this.


Back, and to the left, back and to the left.

Mort any thoughts?

Hong Kong Phuey

Back and to left?

Wow cheers Franky for the recommendation.

I'm off out shortly for the weekend so can't do much for you today, but yes there is definitely a conspiracy there.

Supposedly the CIA were involved same as they were allegedly involvd in Dallas. Several people were spotted in photographs and film and were identified by former colleagues as having worked at the CIA's Miami station, the largest domestic cia station and had been involved with several Cuba things, one of them David Moralees was involved in bay of Pigs and allegedly JFK as well. Oswald had been spotted in New Orleans in the build up to Dallas with a "latin looking man" this is thought to have been Moralees. Moralees and 3 associates from CIA Miami were at the hotel were Bobby was shot. Coincidence? Unlikely. The more you look at Bay of Pigs, Dallas and RFK the more the same names always pop up.

Also with regards to RFK there is a 2nd gunman theory. The pathology report suggests that his wounds are indicative of a gunman behind him, but eyewitness reports place Sirhan facing west of Bobby as Bobby was moving east. Although some accounts are confused and there is the possibility that Bobby was turning around exposing himself that way. But the coroner's report states that the fatal shot was behind the right ear.

Also a recording made by a freelance journo records 13 shots fired, Sirhan's gun held 8 rounds. The audio has been confirmed by 2 seperate forensic teams in California and Denmark. Other experts disagree though.

12 months ag Srhan's lawyers filed papers claiming a 2nd gunman was involved, the ruling is awaiting.

I think that there are a few strange things involved here, like 3 CIA chaps, including 1 (Moraless) who has agrudge against the Kennedy's being at the hotel that night is more than a coincidence. Its just unlikely to me that the same people keep cropping up. Whether it was revenge for Cuba going belly up or to stop a 2nd Kennedy reaching the Whitehouse or just to clear the way for the Bush's protegy Nixon who knows, maybe a bit of all 3.

Anyway I hope that's useful. i'm off shortly upto Newcastle for the weekend but as I have the whole of next week off from work I may put some more stuff.


Back and to the left refers to the Zapruder film from the JFK assasination, whereby you see the fatal shot that killed John come from the front as the bullet impact pushes his head backwards and to the left indicating that the shot was from the front and to the right and clearly not from behind him, from the Texas Book Depositrary, which was a very hard shot to make anyway. Mort

Great post mort have a good weekend mate.


16 Feb 2013 20:40:10
franky you know my area lol. I love newcastle see you all after the hangover. Mort

Great post mort thanks for the reply

Hong Kong phuey