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15 Jan 2012 16:58:48
ed, i tried to view planet x (Nibiru) on richplanet but i says i have to pay for the dvd..! is there anyway i can watch it for free? cheers

{Ed033's Note - Why not give Richplanet a few pounds for the DVD anyway to help them out a bit? Which page on Richplanet are you talking about?

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15 Jan 2012 13:10:51
Ed, at what point in this agenda does an organisation form to directly combat the NWO, or the illuminati?

I've heard before that a society exists in America where by if the government were to start (for example) a dictatorship an internal army could be formed to overthrow the government. This was a while ago so I may be off the pace but at the time I remember thinking how it was a plausible theory.


{Ed033's Note - I think there are positive(ish) groups and there is a possibility that because they all seem to be into "ritual astrology", there maybe a change coming after the summer of 2013 when the star system Draco no longer has any "ritual affect" on the Earth because none of that Draco star system will be "aligned" with the Earth. Assuming that the negative groups think this means they have less power and the positive(ish) groups think they have the upper hand, we may start to see some changes (hopefully positive) from 2014 onwards

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{Ed033's Note - Covert 1950s assassination team to stop the New World Order and hidden technology Part 1 of 6
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