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15 Jan 2013 17:13:12
edd you know a lot of legal gun owners in this country?as for my 99 per cent that was a figure of speech statement what i meant was the vast majority are law abiding citizens and if you want a total ban on guns in the USA then lets go the whole way and police not carry any firearms or swat because these guys kill a hell of a lot more people than anyone, but you know that's never going to happen .

frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - I do know a lot of legal gun owners in this country, there are shooting clubs all over the country and a lot of members do own legally registered guns in their home. Never understood why they need to take the guns home with them, myself. I mean, unless you think you might use them at home, why not just leave them locked away at the gun club? I would happily see guns taken out of the hands of the police, only a small number of dedicated quick response teams should have guns in their hands. You are right though, it will never happen, unfortunately.}

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15 Jan 2013 19:42:49
Agree with the ed. I too know a few people with guns, being in a rural area. At school one of mates, his dad was head gamekeeper so they had acess to a lot of rifles, shot guns etc for pest control.

I also know people who are in shooting clubs for clay pigeons and the like, and i know people involved in stalking and who have working dogs they rent out for game shooting who all have guns.

The majority are decent people but i do agree with Ed1, guns used for sporting purposes or what's classed as sporting purposes should be locked up secure in the gun club.

Farmers obviously are an exception, but the ones i know lock them up.

I do think normal beat cops should not be armed, only your rapid response teams for bank robberies or hostage situations.

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My cousin has a gun, I don't know what type but he keeps it in a locked room in his house and only takes it out when he goes to a shooting club, I think some Americans should take note rather than keeping their guns in their living rooms!

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I thought legally owned guns were banned after that guy went on the rampage?

frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - not as far as I am aware, just clamped down on. Most farmers round this way still have their shotguns mate. I will have to ask, we don't tend to discuss it because they just get extremely abusive and can't discuss it in a rational fashion. They are very polarised in their opinions regarding them, it is just not worth even starting that convo.}

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Thought they got banned anyway bk to a america this is a question to the edds and everyone, if Obama does change the 2nd amendment and make everyone give up there guns what do you think will happen?


{Ed033's Note - It would be pretty drastic saying no guns in one go. The idea would surely be to do it in several steps. The Sandy Hook "hit" by a paid "military team" was about implementing another step towards Agenda 21.

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Ed, did it happen? Looking at the Vid Vincent posted, some good acting and no wounded in ANY footage ?
I know its a tough question to pose but we all should by now, know not to believe a thing in the media !

{Ed033's Note - Yes, you can't believe a thing on mainstream media mostly because none of them do any investigating, they just repeat what they have been told by "officials". Apparently people did definitely die there on that day (according to Jay Weidner who personally knows people there). There's loads of anomalies and weird acting going on in the "interviews", all to cause the American public to think about banning guns being a good idea as per "the Agenda" imo.

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Well this is another point I was implying on the other post (did not say it in so many words incase I got bashed by someone) but I do find it a very strange chronology of events. I know shootings such as these have happened before, but the amount of times it's happened lately as well as it happening right after Obama wins the re-election. I just feel that the government is behind something and that they do have an ulterior motive. I hope I'm wrong


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My opinion is if they did try to phase out guns in the USA it would lead to a revolt and anarchy especially Texas area.


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16 Jan 2013 11:25:16
Franky from my understanding after Dunblane all handguns were outlawed and restrictions brought in the rifles and shotguns including by law having to be locked away in secure gun cabinets etc. Think they toughened the licenses as well. As for america i don't think they'd ban them in one go. I think it would be heavy weapons first, assault rifles and stuff. Which is sensible. Who needs to own an m16? I also think most americans would accept that and some of the measures we brought in. I think they would accept a ban on assault rifles and tougher license laws. I don't think its something they can push through overnight. It would certainly kick off in the south and south west but think revolt is a strong word. Certainly a lot of protests. Its if they tried to push further past assault rifles the proper opposition would kick in.

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Thanx for the info about the uk laws, as for the American people wanting m16s and military guns its alien to us why, i may have gave the impression that i am behind the gun owners rights and wanting guns on the streets, if i had my way no one would have guns people police everyone, my feelings are there is a clear agenda by bush and Obama to disarm everyone in the USA which gets me suspicious, high profile people have got killed with guns JFK, bobby Kennedy, regan and the pope have all been shot at which you thought would have had the guns banned especially after JFK but no , the last ten years there has been a strong push to ban them and it would not surprise me at all if some of these slayings were planned.


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Franky i got your point.

Franky, Ed's, other posters have you seen the NRA advert calling for armed guards in schools? Saying that if Obama's kids can have armed guards at their school courtesy of the secret service then so should other kids? I find it disgusting and repugnant.


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16 Jan 2013 18:57:16
franky i thought you were just sticking up for individual liberty over the state exceeding its authority. I have just seen that advert and that's shocking.

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Yeah mort seen it, agreed they are as subtle as a hammer on a egg.


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14 Jan 2013 22:50:34
Does anyone know what bob bigalow found on the skinwalker ranch.


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