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15 Jul 2012 16:46:08
how much do we actually know about ancient egypt or even other old civilisations for that matter. Seems there's a lot we don't know. Like the Mayan's were brilliant astronomers but never invented the wheel. Egyptians fantastic engineers but there's a lot we don't know same with india and the sacred texts. Not all of it can be down to aliens surely.

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The mayans knew about the wheel.
they lived in the mountainous area generally not good terrain for the wheel.
they got about using llama or similar animals.


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Read finger prints of the gods by graham hancock its a great eye opener to what actually could of happened, it also makes sense in a lot of ways and could possibly be true

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When referring to the people, they are and were the Maya. Mayan is an adjective which is used when describing artifacts such as Mayan art, Mayan buildings etc.

Popa Lazarou

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14 Jul 2012 21:30:30
Hi ed what is the Zion ritual you refer to?


{Ed033's Note - Let's just say for arguments sake there were 13 tribes of israel originally.

It has been recognised that 1 tribe made it to Britain. There is a group in Britain known as the British Israelites who think they are the lost tribe of Ephraim.

When Lord Sebastian Coe was asked why the 2012 logo spells out the word ZION, he replied by saying something like, it's something we believe in. From this I suspect Lord Coe thinks he is a British Israelite.

If we take William Blake's poem, And did those feet in ancient time, it says in there 'Till we have built Jerusalem, In England's green and pleasant Land'. Is William Blake a British Israelite? There are also more writings about Britain and Jerusalem about.

It appears there is this prophesy that the British Israelites have that at some ritualistic time they are going to have a public ritual to start new Jerusalem in Britain

It appears that the land to build the Olympic stadium has been left unbuilt
on, on purpose since 1666 (Great Fire of London). We can speculate that this ZION ritual prophesy to start new Jerusalem in Britain is hundreds of years old and they are using the 2012 Olympic games to hide the ZION ritual in the opening and closing ceremonies.

If you are recognised as part of a tribe of israel (allegedly gods chosen people) then it appears you can rise up higher in society than "ordinary" british people.

Here is the interesting bit:
Allegedly The word 'British' means People of the Covenant and the People of the Covenant are the tribes of israel.

So if there were originally 13 tribes of Israel and 1 of them is in Britain and official history tells us 2 tribes were allowed back to Jerusalem in 536 BC where are the other 10 tribes of Israel?

Official history says they are lost to history but in actual fact the other 10 tribes also came to Britain which means that most of the people in Britain are from the tribes of Israel and they don't want "ordinary" british people to know this.

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Would recommend searching Rik Clay 2012 on the 'net for an hour (or so) long interview on this topic if you don't know about this stuff - time is now if ever!, no.33 - it's not just cream that rises to the top, eh? ;) TRP.

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Ed, when you say they want to build Jerusalem in Britain what do you actually mean?

{Ed033's Note - I said "start new Jerusalem in Britain". But this is the question what do they mean by zion / new jerusalem. I actually don't know. Originally, sion or zion was something positive and may have meant something like, the place where humans that have transformed into angels dwell, but just as the illuminati (the illumined / enlightened ones) have been corrupted, most likely this group trying to bring about sion/zion have become corrupted as well. So at the end of the day it's their current interpretation of sion / zion / new jerusalem that the ritual is supposed to bring about.

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I've just watched a programme on this on national geo and they said that st.pauls cathedral in London designed by Christopher wren a head Freemason was built to mimic the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem and that the king of england at the time descended from king David of Israel, the measurement from the top of the cross to the floor is 365ft (days in a year) and the measurent from the top of the steps to the tip of the cross is 355ft (12 lunar cycles) they said it could be a clock counting down to the time of the second coming, whatever you believe it was all very interesting


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Great explanation ed, I love how it starts " Let's just say for arguments sake." My understanding of zion is more of zionisation, to create a new Jerusalem for Jews. This was the term thrown around in history text book about why the the Jews moved back to Isreal after WWII. My biggest problem with this is that over the past 3000 plus years since the original 13 tribe humans have bred and bred and bred. I bet every person in the world can trace some part of there line back to the original 13.

{Ed033's Note - This is the whole point that there is nothing special about royalty, the elite, illuminati, ruling class or being part of the tribes of Israel anymore because we've all inter-bred so much that we're all the same now.

The problem is, if they admitted this then they'd have to start sharing with us a lot more and the plan appears to be to have a tiny elite that owns everything and everyone else as a slave with nothing.

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14 Jul 2012 23:48:37
sorry edd not a normal post but a great conspiracy move on now called arlington road on bbc1.,seen it years ago well worth a watch.

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