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15 Jun 2012 23:21:49
Thanks for that sir, i tent to do alot of reading on the internet only for the fact my phone allows me to read anywhere i like its often handy, i can never usually find any good book shops round where i live all filled with garbage, the texts off old books are very intresting i beileve i could learn alot from a few of them and get more clued up as i beileve knowledge is great,

Jedimindtricks {Ed001's Note - the book I was most gutted about losing was one written by an ex-CIA operative. He wrote about his time in South America, it wasn't exciting, or particularly well written, but it was a very insightful guide into the disgusting practices of the CIA. It was called the CIA Diary or something like that, I recommend everyone read it, it is a real eye opener.}

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What is the cia diary?I would look forward to reading what it's about.

red blancmonge {Ed001's Note - it was an expose of the CIA's operating practices in South America during the 60s or 70s, if I remember rightly. It has been a while since I read it now. He showed how they were destabilising the whole region.}

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This does sound amusing it might not be exicting or wrote well but i imagine its more whats said rather than how its said i look forward to finding this!

Jedimindtricks {Ed001's Note - I think it is called (having done a quick search on Google) Inside the Company: The CIA Diary and it is by Philip Agee, if it is the right book.}

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15 Jun 2012 20:28:16
I believe the Mayans were correct about there being previous ages of man.

What did the Mayans have to say about thus Ed?? I am so intrigued by this theory !!

In S.A... {Ed001's Note - they believed that we are currently in the 3rd age, if memory serves correctly, and that previous ages had destroyed themselves. That humanity then reverted back to pretty much caveman technological level and began a new cycle. Which fits in better with stories of Atlantis and their advanced civilization, the biblical stories of Sodom and Gomorrah and the ancient stories told by the Indians (Asian ones not North American). Most of them suggested past civilizations with highly advanced levels of technological progress, some of the Indian stories suggest in advance of our current time. I am paraphrasing and shortening it, there is more to it, but I am just trying to give you a basic overview.}

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Any readings you could recommend?

In S.A... {Ed001's Note - I would suggest scouring second hand bookshops and charity shops for old books on ancient history. I used to do that a lot and found some really fascinating books. I don't have many left, I lost most of my books in a flood when a pipe burst and the ones that survived were not the best ones, as I packed the best ones away 'safe' in the cupboard that the pipe burst in! Good starting points are encyclopedia, they can often give you a start and some good background info to figure out where to go.}

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Have you got any links for what you just said Ed as i would love to read up on it sounds very intresting thanks

Jefimindtricks {Ed001's Note - I don't mate, I tend to read offline, I am not much of a fan of online reading, I have always liked the feel of a real book. But I will ask Ed033 if he has any to post up. He used to find stuff related to subjects I was interested in and print them out for me to read at work, years ago before I was online myself.}

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Fingerprint of the Gods is a must read.

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15 Jun 2012 18:38:35
Why won't barack Obama open up JFK case?

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Isn't it obvious? If he did i would expect the same to happen to him.

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15 Jun 2012 08:59:41
Hi there new to the site, I was just wondering if anyone had an opinion on whether maybe there was a conspiracy when Kurt Cobain died? Also any thoughts on the Paul Mcartney conspiracy that he died in 66 and was replaced by William Shepherd?


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Did he not try and kill himself in Rome a few weeks before he died, however quite alot of stars have died in suspicious circumstances , the ones that are worth more dead than alive, prescription pills anyone ?

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Kurt Cobain killed himself 1 month after Justin Bieber was born.....he knew


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Personally I think Kurt just killed himself he was taking Heroin as a painkiller for acid reflux and probably a herniated septum (I think thats what its called).
He took Heroin for so long he would have either overdosed but claims he was so affected by the acid reflux he couldnt live on.As a sufferer of Acid reflux it is no laughing matter I literally eat Renees and Gaviscon like sweets but I would probably assume he had an undiagnosed stomach ulcer as well.Plus being on a permanent come down from all those drugs cant have helped probably had some underlying mental health issues to compound on all that equals a suicidal person.
Paul Mccartney was a little more interesting the Beatles were up and coming and were on their way to becoming the greatest boy band in history.
Now from what I can gather Paul was actually the wild child of the group and that is an accomplishment when you look at the blatant free thinking of the others.
He apparently after helping write the songs for sgt peppers l;onely hearts club went driving off at 5 in the morning with a groupie and ended up losing control of his car on a bend and killing himself and the girl.
The band realising they needed to find a replacement and had one to hand as a few months earlier they held a competition for a mccartney lookalike which a certain Mr W Shepherd won.After winning he had been travelling with the band as a red herring someone to take the heat when fans were out and about and allegedly someone to be seen in certain high end places behaving whilst the real Mccartney was at every low end drugs party and swingers meet going.
Its the obvious choice the band knew it and so did the management and the real mccartney was buried and the albums cover was set out like a funeral in his honour with certain cryptic messages written into it and the songs.One such line mentions paul and the time he was killed and lots of secret messages suggest death on the road.
I would say maybe to this as im not too sure really this is a great conspiracy but family would have to be in on it and thats when it gets complicated for me.

Kopping a feel

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Thanks for replies guys, especially MikeyBhoy made me laugh, Kopping a feel I sympathise suffer from Acid Reflux myself! Wonder if any of the Ed's have an opinion on either supposed conspiracy?

MikeLfc {Ed001's Note - I don't really have a clue about either, I never liked Kurt Cobain's music or had any interest in what he got up to. Nor am I a fan of the Beatles, so never took any notice. But, an advert just came on the TV for a show about Paul McCartney, I wasn't actually looking at the TV, just listening. Just listening, I would have said he sounded like he had an accent that I would put somewhere like Yorkshire. I did find it weird that his accent could be so different from the one I remember hearing as a kid.}

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Kopping A feel that did make a good read thank you sir!


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