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15 Jun 2013 11:50:00
{Ed033's Note - The Boston Bombing Actors - article 1 of 11

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The most thorough analysis of Boston I've read so far.


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After Sandt Hook and Boston, i'm certain 9/11 was an ijside job, I am also worried at how these actros are relied on 2 keep hush? Anybody think mind control or death threats are used? How are they covering the loose ends? Is it far from reality to think a mind control project is being used?

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It's a compelling argument, but I'm not buying it for a second.

In other photos, better photos I may add, you can see a lot more in a lot more detail, including the dead girl lying next to her mother just a couple of yards away, plus the pieces of the legs (such as a foot) of the guy who was filmed being wheel-chaired out. Horrific and tragic; nothing less.

The first rule of conspiracy club. not everything has to be a conspiracy.


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Pablo, I don't think you understand.

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If you could add a link to the better photos you mention, I'm sure we would all be interested to have a look at them for ourselves Pablo.


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Mind control MK Ultra style?


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Google image search will serve you well, I'm not privy to information or images that aren't easily available. Just search the name of wheelchair man or even the name of the soldier that some foolishly believe him to instead be.


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The dead girl lying next to her mother just a couple of yards away you say? Do you mean Krystle Campbell? I didn't know her mother was there. That's news to me.

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Pablo, a few questions for you : I've just had both my legs blown off, but there is no blood, is this normal? How long will it take before I pass out? How long will it take before I bleed to death? If I clamp one of my main arteries in one leg will it stop the bleeding in my other leg?
False flag written all over this my friend.


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Those are fair points but neither of us are in a position to answer them for many reasons, the first of which being that neither of us are medically trained and even then experienced in battlefield trauma. Only such a person is qualified to offer those answers.

Here in the UK and the US there are many soldiers who have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan without limbs. These injuries weren't sustained within 1000 miles of a first world hospital and in some cases within 100 miles of a military hospital. But they survived nevertheless. I therefore deduce that there is no general rule, circumstances vary and so must the chance or speed of bleed out.

I recall a Youtube video of a diver who was attacked by a shark, sustaining and injury that cost him an arm. It took something like an hour to get him to medical treatment. He didn't bleed out and die in that time because the wet suit limited blood flow to his limbs. I merely offer this as food for thought.


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Pablo how would you know the foot you saw in your mystery (better) photos belonged to the guy being wheel-chaired out?

And how can you explain the dead girls mother lying just a couple of yards away when the rest of the world believes she was at home?


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Sorry Pablo, I didn't realise the guy in the wheelchair was wearing a wetsuit, my mistake.


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15 Jun 2013 11:09:30
short video clip from Alex Jones asking Ed Balls about Bilderberg.

Geordie Al

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