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15 Mar 2012 14:37:24
One word, "Kincora".............. A totally massive , sordid & despicable conspiracy that has never been truly exposed to the outside world. Red faces in the Republican, Loyalist AND British government camps!!

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Kincora? brian boru's palace {Ed001's Note - read up on the Kincora scandal, there is stuff online about it. No idea if it is true or not, but if you read it you can make up your own mind. I would be interested what you think about it.}

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is'nt it a orange diluted pop.

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15 Mar 2012 10:48:54
a bit of a dilema today my daughter gets her confirmation name today(catholic thing)as you may have read from my previous post , i think catholic and religion in general is a big fraud,everyone is supposed to make comunion today and i have decided i am not making it, will still be there for my daughter but not doing the rest of it, should be interesting what the mother in says, then again it could be a blessing in disguise lol
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - surely it is your part, as a father, to support and be there for your daughter as she makes her choices in life? Even if you don't agree with her choice, it is her choice to make and your place to be there for her. That is my opinion as an atheist anyway, that it is not up to me to force my beliefs on others, but to allow them to decide for themselves.}

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Edd i may have not explained properly, i will be at the church for my girl but i am not making communion which i do when i go to church,i am not forcing any any stuff to my kids infact i have got all daughters and dont have much of a look in anyway lol,to be serious thou what i would deffo do if i could go bk in time is to stop my kids from getting immune needles when they were kids,at the time you get told they need them and they could get this or that, then you get paranoid that they cant survive without needles, i know i am going off the subject but like you said religeon will be there choice,my choice would be deffo to swerve those needles.
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - got you, sorry I thought you were saying you would not be going! My apologies.}

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No worries bud .

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Bk from church,felt a bit weird not saying prayers to be honest,just a question to everyone who disagrees with a topic,why dont you give your opinon on why you disagree?

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Think you did the right thing franky mate! Like I've mentioned before I come from a very religious family I was an alter boy when I was a kid but they all know now that I don't believe in god! But that's my opinion and they respect that just as your daughters will with you! To be fair I'd have struggled even going to the church! So well done franky!

Runcorn Red!

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Cheers bud.

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Nice one Franky...agree with you about the whole lot of it!! what I cant understand is why the church is so secretive about stuff...i mean there supposed to have vaults of stuff but they wont release the third secret of Fatima and that...dont think they released that yet...but i think the whole things a fraud and in fact something religion is based on encounters with aliens but at the time people couldnt understand this and put everything in a way they could and the church knows this but kept it going because its such a lucrative powerful business!!


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The Third Sectret of Fatima? Why, it was the bill for the Last Supper! (it turned el papa's face ashen grey!)

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15 Mar 2012 08:28:32
first time poster but have been reading this site for a while now,so hello to everyone,if u watch certain old films from the late 80's and the 90's, if it was about terrorists and action it always depicted arab's as the bad guy's one example i can think of is true lies with arnie,im sure you all could think of more, lo and behold! 10 to 15 years later we are at war with arabs, also i can't remember the name's of film's but i remember morgan freeman and danny glover starring in certain films where they were the president of the usa, at the time i remember thinking , a black president thats never happened and seems odd they have chose a black actor to be president, then 10 to 15 years later usa have a black president, i firmly believe we are conditioned by television and tv some for good reasons and some for bad, some things would never change if we were not conditioned for it first, joeyored

{Ed033's Note - Yes known as Predictive Programming

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It bugged me all the bad guys were britsh, die hard/mission inpossible etc etc,and you hardly seen a a lister hollywood star play the bad guy, and whu or why do you always see a american flag draped up when the yank good guy saves the world, again?
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - I remember Brian Cox saying it is because Americans fear intelligence, it was said tongue in cheek, but it is a very good point. Intelligence is not a good trait in people you want to control.}

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Brian cox was hannibal lector in manhunter movie i remember, its a good point edd, it would get the public thinking in the usa , and the actors who do play controversial roles are always overlooked, christopher walken comes to mind.

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You must be joking mate all the bad guys in films are usually russian

To Britain and America Russia is the true boyeyman

Middle east terrorists are are only invented to take away rights from citizens.

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Your missing the point mate, uk guys play the villians russian/british/european etc,it is very rare you see a american playing the villian,for instance , sean bean/alec rickman playing german terrorist,there must a a good american actor who could have played those roles?

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The reason English/European actors play the bad guys is because the american acting pool is a joke. Do you remember Kevin Costner trying to do an English accent in Robin Hood. Could you even imagine Nick Cage trying to do a German accent? Don't get me wrong, there are talented american actors, just not that many.

And I do have to agree that the Russians have been a big "bad guy" in a majority of films.

an american red

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The Media Cinema, TV, etc. is meant to show Russia in a bad light (its their breief from the illuminati) and America as the world saviours when this is your mission how is the portals of communication going to show america in any other way?

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Russia is the one country America fears in real life not in films

The Russians have fought many wars, lets see some were against
the chinese
the japanse
the germans

And they won them all

Forget whether the actor who plays the russian is from the UK or somewhere else usually the baddie is Russian

Russia terrifies America and for good reason, have you ever been there its a vast unforgiving country much like its warriors.

The motto of the russian police
We ask no mercy we give no mercy

The motto of the russian special forces
Any mission, any time, anywhere

America has one thing right about Russia its warriors are savages, the most brutal and deadliest.

I admire the Russians, unfortunately the west is brainwashed against the russians, so I would not expect anyone to have a good opinion of them.

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The 'Cold War'


stay cool folks
The Renegade Pea

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Have you been on Holiday with them mate? Manners of pigs, and as a animal lover (and vegiarian) that it a put down for a pig!

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I have lived with them mate.

Have you been on holiday with the brits whn they are roaring and shouting and generally cuasing all sorts of s**te.

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The Cold War was not won it still continues

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Think someone needs some history lessons here!

Russia fought Japan in 1905, and lost
Russia fought Germany in the Great War and lost decisively
Russia had its backside handed to it in Afghanistan
Russia had a devil of a job fighting seperatists in Chezhnya (spelling).

Russians troops might well be plentiful but it doesn't guarantee success

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Think someone needs some history lessons here!

Okay I am willing to take the lesson, lets see:

Russia fought Japan in 1905, and lost

No Mate they did not but I am sure your western teachers or western controlled media including internet sources told you otherwise.

Russia fought Germany in the Great War and lost decisively

See answer above

You know there is a part of Germany that Russia still occupies and maintains its now part of Russia, Can't remember the name of this place off the top of my head but if you like I'll ask a Russian friend.

Russia had its backside handed to it in Afghanistan

The russians did not have a war with the afgans the USSR did, have to be careful with your accuracy.

And the invasion of afganistan was an american ploy that the USSR unfortunately fell for, it was the USSR's vietnam. However it would be a bit far to say they lost as what did they lose in soverign terms?

Oh and another thing the war in afganistan did not entail a USSR surrender, nor did the USSR cede any land to the afgans.

Does not seem much of a loss in war terms, of course in human cost it was not good for either side.

Russia had a devil of a job fighting seperatists in Chezhnya (spelling).

Don't know exactly what your point is here fighting terrorists is always an impossible job.They don't stand and fight like say the Nazi's did they hit and run and the chechen rebels are Russian mate and damm good fighters.

Russians troops might well be plentiful but it doesn't guarantee success?

Of course nothing guarantees success it was not any point made by me, but any invasion of Russia or war with russia will fail, america will never implement a regime change in Russia (they are trying hard to imlement a revolution there right now for regime change as they now conventional forces just won't work) they would love to control russia more than anything else as the Russians provide the counter balance to America and they hate that.

Think of what goes on in the world it is the Russians that constantly twart american ambitions and that is good for us but you'll never believe that you could not you are brainwashed by the propaganda of the west.

Some things you may not know about Russia mate:

It does not just rely on it vast army

It was russia who invented the Harrp and other technology that america stole

Russia has advanced weaponary that america does not have, here are just some snippets I could tell you more

Advanced Tesla technology

Advanced Plasma technology

Oh and the most crucial most Russians unlike the weak west are willing to die for their country (mother russia), america knows it has to be careful around russia and rightly so.

Also russia and china have signed a pact the details of which are a bit hidden but most think that it goes something along the lines of if you attack one the other will come to its aid.

Even america and its allies (in europe) knows thats a fight they cannot possibly win.

Yes the Russians can be brash and a pain in the ar*e at times what nationality does not share these traits?

I was in france recently and the only restaurant off the motorway was a Big M
I went in and there were American fighter pilots there (they were in uniform) well mate you could not get louder or brasher, you could see the french did not like it but did they care not at all.

I am not Russian mate,

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I'm lost here. 1905 was a Russian lost and have you never heard of the treaty of Brest-Litovsk? Russia was forced to hand over vast amount of land to the Germans because they had collapsed militarily. If you know your history and still don't think the Russians lost to the Germans I would like to know how.

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The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk was a peace treaty signed on March 3, 1918 at Brest-Litovsk (now Brest, Belarus) between Russia (the Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic) and the Central Powers marking Russia's exit from World War I.

The treaty was practically obsolete before the end of 1918 with zero ramifications for Russia.

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Russia was fighting among its own people another revolution during its exit from the first world war.

And Poland, Latvia and the other satellite states went temporarily from russian control, only to be picked back up again later.

So the ground - territory - russia lost was that of the satelllite states, hardly an integral part of mother Russia.

Russia and the USSR not the same thing.

Russia = the russian federation

USSR = Union of soviet socialist republics

USSR and Russia not the same territory

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