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15 Mar 2013 20:27:07
Just watched a report on the three Muslims who have been radicalised and face long sentences. Now I grew up in a multi cultural area of Glasgow, this was the early sixties so there were racists and bigots around, but on the whole there were no problems to speak of. This leads me to my main point. Why has this radicalising situation been allowed to gain a foothold?

In the news article Anjem Choudry, he of many hard line Muslim groups, was interviewed. Having Muslim friends I have always been aware of this fool. I have seen various clips of his hate fuelled rants over the British/American stance in Afghanistan and other Muslim countries. I always disagreed with these "conflicts" and believe people have the right to demonstrate if they feel strongly over the situation.

Choudrys took this to unacceptable levels at Wooton Basset. The antics of himself and small rabble of supporters was a disgrace. Firstly, This man claims to be a "Muslim Cleric". How did he go about achieving this title? Secondly, as far as I am aware he is a trained Lawyer. If so, why on earth is he being allowed to live on over £25,000 per year in benefits? Cameron. Clegg and their dopey sidekick Osbourne rattle on about austerity. They are dragging people with disabilities through the indignity of Atos healthcare interviews to assess their situation regarding benefit claims. Has Mr Choudry ever been invited to attend one of these? He is claiming a sickness allowance I believe. Would his illness prevent him practising law?

It is my belief that Choudry is kept around unchecked for one reason. He is the Muslim bogey man. The guy who keeps the hatred alive. The common enemy for every sane person to despise. In other words he is a shill. In the last few years he has flew to the USA a couple of times. How would he get in without friends in high places? As I stated before I have Muslim friends and neighbours. They are without doubt some of the nicest, most decent people you would ever wish to meet. Don't be fooled by this joke figure. Don't be fooled by this or any Government. They work to a different agenda to decent people. GJ.

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Totally agree mate, radical, extremist muslims is another monster created by the cia in the 60s and 70s

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15 Mar 2013 19:44:41
quite surprised to see david icke on prime time tv here in the uk, was not surprised to see phillip schofeild with he's little digs about ickes beliefs, the 5 minutes or so airtime they gave him more or less made him look like a nutjob, I believe in quite a lot of stuff speaks about, not all but would like to see icke get more airtime without getting stitched up.

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Not going to bother icke 1 bit, for him it's more exposure to a different kind of audience and a good way for him to make £.


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Like I have always said about icke if I was all about the £ sign he would have stayed in a very secure and prestigious job with the tv all those years ago, also about the interview it was not live it was prerecorded so I wonder what bits they editor-ed out?.

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Id imagine he gets a lot more dosh from what he does now than what he would from his previous job.

Its plain to see that this dude loves the attention he gains from this job.

By talking about what he does and having a better understanding of it than the people who listen and take as gospel it gives the man the feeling of being important. God complex at its worst.

Not saying he is not right on a lot of things but by heck he is rather self loving and blatentley in this for the ££££. To be fair though good luck to him because he does do his job well and is very hard working.

red walter

{Ed033's Note - David Icke lives in a small flat and spends his time researching/writing. We've got a big problem of too many people who are "Asleep". Lots of people are being paid to aid the negative agenda to keep people "Asleep". David Icke has "woken" lots of people up so I don't care how much money he makes.

David Icke gives a tour around his small flat

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ED great site by the way. I was not making out David was a billionaire or something. I would hazard a guess that Mr Icke has more money combined than yourself and the regular readers combined.
Personally I think he has earned it as he has worked for it and done very well to do so.
However I stick to my point that he does have a bit of the god complex. I have seen many of his vids and each one he comes over as if he is god

red walter

{Ed033's Note - I've never met god so I don't know whether David Icke speaks like god or not. I think David is just telling it like he sees it. What David says makes sense to me.

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Like icke said money he earns does not go on personal possessions, it ploughs bk in to making more books and hiring arenas.

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16 Mar 2013 22:41:53
But still has made a lot of money from what he does. The man is defo a millionaire no doubt about it. As I previously said he has earned the money good luck to him.
Ed I think u know what I meant by god complex its just one of those flaws that many including myself suffer from. The whole if u don't believe in every word your wrong thing {Ed001's Note - he was making a lot more money as a sports anchor, a lot more. He was earmarked to be the future of sports TV at the time and would have been set for life if he had stayed there. I very much doubt he will be making any thing like that amount of money from what he does now. It seems like you are just trying to drag the man down over anything, when there is no reason to. Either disagree with what he says or agree with it, but stop with the personal attacks.}

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16 Mar 2013 23:07:53
Sorry I think I am being misunderstood I am not attacking the man not at all. All I am saying is not everything he says is true. The man however makes many solid and truthful facts which is a good thing. Regarding the previous job there is no way to know if he would of been sacked took a pay cut etc. My point is he does make a lot of money from current job.

Just like to say thanks for the good work on all the sites eds I am a regular user and appreciate what effort goes in to them

Red Walter {Ed001's Note - does he make a lot of money though? Or does the money made all get ploughed back in to putting on tours and printing new books? His books don't sell as widely as people seem to think, most people dismiss him as a nutjob. I do agree, not everything he says is true, nobody is right all the time, but he was extremely well paid in the job he was doing. He was being groomed to take over as the face of TV sport, at a time when there was no Sky TV to compete with etc. The guy left because he had a nervous breakdown, which is now being flung back in his face at every turn. Personally, I would look at people like Jesse Ventura as purely money motivated, his career path shows he will jump on any bandwagon that will get him fame and publicity and money.}

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Well said edd, its a cheap shot like phillip scofeild to mention the money aspect and icke hinted to scofeild we should swap bank details and see, the whole icke debate should be about he's views not what he drives or lives in, like I mentioned before I do not agree or understand a few things icke mentions becauses its a bit to deep even for me but the guy left a position of a very well paid job and went on he's journey to let people know what he thought, we all thought he was a nut job but do you know what?most of the stuff he mentioned has happened so maybe we all are the ignorant ones for not believing in him.

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17 Mar 2013 00:18:17
I wasn't aware of the break down. I hope he is fully over that which seems to be the case.
I think we would have to agree to disagree on the amount David earns though. To be fair it's not any of my business but I'd Take a guess it's a lot more say like x10 I earn a year.
I'd agree about Jesse tho. His programs can be entertaining but I think he has the need to be in the public eye and it gives him the perfect opportunity to do so.

Thanks for giving me another point of view eds

Red walter {Ed001's Note - you are still missing the point, you are talking about gross, and forgetting he has to invest most of the money back in. You probably end up taking home pretty much the same at the end of the day.}

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Edd Ventura and jones come across as more egoistic and brash like Americans are compared to the British on whole, I think they all make valid points and like with icke I do not agree with everything they say but give them over the garbage we see/read/ or hear in the media any day of the week. {Ed001's Note - I personally distrust them all, but in any misinformation there has to be mostly truth, or the lies will just be dismissed.}

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Edd01 a modern day mulder "trust no one" personally I believe they believe what they are saying. {Ed001's Note - but their info is only as trustworthy as the informant.}

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True edd but in icke case he mentions a lot about a jigsaw puzzle fitting together and for example the savile case were people who informed him about savile as he was writing a book about ted heath and linked royality politicians and mi6 all together, in other words he has decent informants and I guess the feller is very bright to join the dots together, I know were your coming from about dis info and no doubt he has prob been feed a lot of it the more popular he has become but to me the rumour site is a perfect example, any bits of info you edd02 or macca post have to come from reliable sources that you trust, even if it does not happen I have no doubt that there was a very strong possibility it was on the cards, alex jones to me from the waco massacre has been consistent on america becoming a police state, as for ventura I really want to believe the guy is genuine, he speaks a lot of sense but I am not as convinced as icke and jones, just my take on it.

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15 Mar 2013 19:38:40
i seen that interview with a farther of one of the deceived kids, before the camera rolls he is laughing and joking with a cop or someone as soon as they broadcast he's face changes and he wells up, very very weird.

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What was the interview

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Arther of one of the kids that died in sandy hook its on youtube.

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See that video your talkin about franky were the dad is laughin and jokin before they roll the cameras is that the same video they show you from a helicopter view them chasing a man through the woods?

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Not sure mate, the father is robbie parker and for the life of me if what happened to my kids that happened to his, I don't know how you could have a jock and a smile then 2 seconds later suddenly well up baffles me, even if this was a year after the shooting I would find it strange but this is not even a week after the massacre.

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15 Mar 2013 02:15:37
Ed007, I know this should be on the conspiracy site, however since you mentioned David icke on here. I am a huge conspiracy theorist and at the moment I am looking into Sandy Hook. Any info at all? Opinion? I am convinced it was staged. Any reply would be greatly appreciated.

{Ed007's Note - I'm no expert on the subject but I know of the supposed link to the Batman films (Sandy Hook is the only name visible on a map, the Batman premier shootings etc) There is also the links with the Libor hearings, the fathers of both the shooters at the Batman premier shooting and the Sandy Hook shootings were to be witnesses at the hearings into the Libor Rates scandal, and look into the fact that the fundraising/charity fund was registered 3 days before the incident took place. I hope that helps mate.
You should visit the conspiracy site we run Davie, you don't need to be an expert, all the guys on that are more than happy to help, whatever your interest level is. }

GUYS, YOUR THOUGHTS PLEASE. I know about the BATMAN THING ETC. I have done it to death. Does anyone have any new theories/ news/ gossip/ etc. THIS STINKS!

{Ed033's Note - More about Sandy Hook
1. There is allegedly satellite imagery showing that there were 3 perpetrators that entered the school.

2. 2 people were caught running away from the school after the shooting by police but they were let go. Those 2 were allegedly israeli citizens.

3. Video interview with Dr. Nick Kollerstrom on his lay research into Sandy Hook by Richard D. Hall

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There is also a video on youtube showing someone who is supposedly one of the victims fathers who people believe was acting when he gave his statement to the police i'm sure youd get it if you type sandy hook actors into youtube, quite interesting.


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