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15 May 2012 19:21:46
Why haven't Wiki leaks released any UFO/ Alien stuff?

{Ed033's Note - Wiki leaks is not an independent organisation. It is a crown corporation run enterprise where through Wiki leaks the crown corporation can release info to give them leverage power over other groups. Wiki leaks has never released info that could even remotely harm the crown corporations interests.

When Julian Assange was in trouble, he ran to London under the protection of the crown corporation. Anything that wiki leaks releases would have to be approved by a crown agent.

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Because there isnt any!! Its all just hollywood - UFO's were first spotted when the film industry invented them.

{Ed033's Note - You obviously need to get up to speed

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Thought it was more to do with illegal drugs than anything else, but still believe we aren't alone, we can't be!


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15 May 2012 14:11:48
In 1900, divers found what looked to be a mechanical clock in the wreckage of an ancient ship near the coast of Greece. This is impossible, because scientifically, precise gearing wasn’t thought to have been widely used until the fourteenth century, fourteen hundred years after the ship sunk.
This item in fact was a 2000 year old computer , watched a doco on it last night on bbc4 , amazing , proof that their must have been a civilization prior to ours that left technology behind to be reverse engineered .......greenbloodredsoul

{Ed033's Note - The Antikythera Mechanism

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Cheers for the vido link ed , just shows how advanced previous civilizations were

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I also seen the program and it was very interesting, u said gears werent used until 13th century and beyond but they explained that by saying when greek and roman civilasations collapsed the tech went east before coming back west.
Also why to u automatically think that it was not the greeks that made it?

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BBC 4 had a brilliant documentary on this it may be on their player but worth a download.

Cork Red Boi

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15 May 2012 07:54:47
I'm sick of these scientists saying that planets cant support life. For all we know mercury could and so could neptune. The laws of physics and all the other theories that dispell life on those planets are written by man kind and we have been wrong before! The way we send out messages into space....what if the aliens don't have the listening sense or if they are communicating back to us via a way we can't understand?


{Ed033's Note - The main problem is that when we first started having the ability (in recent times) to go above the atmosphere, it was decided that the people shouldn't be told about any evidence of extra terrestrial life. This was placed in a report known as the Brookings report and at the time all governments agreed on this.

In addition main stream science is controlled as much as the main stream media so the truth can't come out, whatever the truth is.

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{Ed033's Note - If you can get through all 6 parts of this DVD from the crew, you get to see an idea what this solar system was really like several thousand years ago

David Talbott Symbols of an Alien Sky. 1/6

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So then edd, what if this Brookings report is broken by a single government or a government official? does the rest of the world deny it still or do they accept ET does exist?

{Ed033's Note - The brookings report is just advice to governments. As we've seen the mexican and brazilian governments have been more open. At the moment other governments are allegedly waiting for the US federal government to disclose but it appears this won't happen unless ETs themselves make it completely undeniable that they are here, which is also highly unlikely

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Why would anti us governments bother listening to the US?

{Ed033's Note - ET disclosure would be a huge challenge for any government and no government wants to come out and disclose it appears

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While i believe that certain parts of the U.S and Russian governments know more about u.f.o.s
than they let on, i think it's one of the few things
left they haven't got a complete'handle' on.
I think for the most part they're as clueless as the rest of us, which maybe a good thing.
E.T. still holds all the cards man !


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