Conspiracy Talk Archive May 15 2013


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15 May 2013 18:33:36
CIA agent caught spying in russia, no big surprise there but surprised the russians making it public, probleary making sure everyone knows the united states of america are just as devious as everyone else they accuse.

Did you see the ridiculous disguises and the person spy guide?

I have real doubts he was genuine

That blonde wig is the pits. Looks like a Jimmy Saville wig. i'd bet this weeks wages on that man not working for the CIA. i'd go as far as saying he's not even American.

Geordie Al

His disguise was pathetic. Comedy like tbh. He was only missing his magnifying glass & tash. Hard to believe this is true.

Worst spy ever

18 May 2013 11:05:10
This is utter riddy! pea