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15 Nov 2011 23:00:18
Hi all been reading a lot into the hollow earth theory, just wondering if anyone else has came accross it, sounds silly at first but once i got into it cant seem to find an end to the antarctic conspiracy. Good fun. Bowbhoy

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Have a look at - billy meier
and also jim wilhelmsen does loads of good shows on youtube on the hollow earth , very intertainting , and who knows, dont they say the moon is hollow , after nasa hit it , that it rang like a bell , maybe all planets are hollow...........lfc
{Ed033's Note - Maybe that is the way planets and moons form.}

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15 Nov 2011 17:10:59
Hi Ed just wondering if there is/was any truth in vampires i know people were found buried like the vampires were in Bram Stokers Dracula any info you have would be appreciated


{Ed033's Note - Bram Stoker was allegedly a member of the ordo templi orientis (O.T.O) with Aleister Crowley and possibly wrote Dracula with info he got from being a member of the O.T.O. or from being in the group consisting of Aleister Crowley, W.B Yeats and others

Vlad the impaler and his father were members of the Order Of the Dragon. Dracul possibly means dragon or devil in Romanian. Dracula means son of the dragon / devil.

From the stories about Vlad, I don't doubt he was into blood sacrifices / rituals and drinking blood and eating flesh etc.}

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Vlad was a funny guy.

Whats this about Yeats?? {Ed033's Note - William Butler Yeats was allegedly a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and later the Ordo Templi Orientis.}

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W.B Yeats the poet ?

Irish Red {Ed007's Note - Yes mate.}

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WB Yeats is buried 10-15 mins away from my house lol

Irish Red

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As the bat flies, ha ha rob

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15 Nov 2011 17:56:30
heres one for u. anyone think that 2012 and nibiru/mayan count might be when aliens who visited set a date to come back fulfil their prophecy?? not that any planets will collide or solar flares or pole shifts etc etc etc but just that these aliens told the mayans we will be back on this date to say hi????

{Ed033's Note - Ancient cultures that have allegedly encountered ETs have said that the ETs said they would return one day. But returning and actually showing themselves is another matter. Maybe they are here and just observing.

If they did show themselves then they would have to have higher technology than the black technology in the hands of the black ops group otherwise they would probably be destroyed - Missle fired at UFO - STS 48A -

However the powerful ruling class groups are allegedly scared that an ET group with super high end technology compared with the black ops technology will be returning to Earth as early as 2012 and that these ETs won't like what the ruling class have done with planet Earth i.e made a mess of things, so will remove them from power.}

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What about dolce? That they already deeply embedded here and this crazy hologram invasion being dreamed up. Doubt there's truth in that. Came from the aviator lear even though I kinda liked the guy ..constantine..

{Ed033's Note - It has been rumoured that Project Bluebeam could be used to create a hologram of fake large ET craft in the sky to get people to believe we are being invaded by ET so people will give up any rights / freedoms. It sounds a ludicrous plan by the ruling class to attempt such a thing but Dr. Carol Rosin said that Dr. Werner von Braun told her this was being planned -

Dulce is allegedly a secret underground base where Phil Schneider alleges there was a fight between Alien Greys and Humans -

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I like that theory ed, of aliens coming back and realizing what a mess the ruling class (illuminati) have made. Sort of like trusting someone to house sit for you and returning to see it on fire. The only problem is what comes next after they're 'removed', would they trust humans again? Sort of fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

IF this was true the powers that be would probably convince the people that the aliens are evil and must be stopped, where in actual fact they may have come to save them.

I'm not saying i completely buy into this but it does make a good story and sort of answers a few question.

always a red

{Ed033's Note - Who's to say that the ETs will show themselves to us but will just quietly remove the ruling class and put a new agenda in place. I obviously don't know how this would actually be done.}

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Well if the ET's were to rid the world of these people currently in charge in my opinion they can't come soon enough. But it does seem to be a race of what comes first, either the illuminati reach their goal of totally controlling the world (i do wonder how far away are they now), or they are stopped.

always a red

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Perhaps the grass is not greener with change... IF ET's "returned" and replaced the ruling class who is to say things would be better? IF you believe the theories of ancient aliens/etc would they not try to utilize our resources, enslave the population and leave worse people in charge....

Dutch "Devil's advocate"

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If a ruling class got any worse than the current one and we didnt rise up well then frankly we deserve whatever were dealt

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15 Nov 2011 17:26:03
Great to see the level of your interest in the answers your giving ed. Good to know we got an ed that's informed. Thanks for links on the cam & svali, i'll read into it tonight. ..constantine..

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15 Nov 2011 12:45:46
Ed I wanna say them some clever words that disclaimer what if and what if it isn't if it is why risk getting the wrath or taken down? if it isn't true, hell its great sci fi and stories for the imagination. I had a friend who was building wireless electricity inspired by tesla(actually true) tech for an organization of people all over the world(not saying who) for if the what's its hit the fan they'd be ready. Food wise they are self reliant. Told me that if iran is invaded that's the house of cards and to go join him.(totally true) but still I take it all pinch of salt bookmark all as entertainment. But what if you know? Question to the room is hypothetically (purely based on what your conspiracy interest are) what would you do to be ready? Or how do think you'll react? Or if such things are true what do think we should be doing above discussing it on forums. Just for fun:) ..constantine..

{Ed033's Note - I don't comprehend exactly what you are asking but in a worst case scenario, it doesn't matter how much food you have stored, it would all be gone within a couple of weeks unless you are going to lie to all your family, friends and neighbours that you have no food. This is also true if you are self sufficient.

The second problem with this worst case scenario you may be asking about is that groups will form and go around house to house looking for food so whether you have food stored or are self sufficient, you will have to defend yourself from others.

The third problem with this type of worst case scenario is that even if you manage to defend your food, it will run out sooner or later and if you manage to defend the self sufficient set up, it's probable that you will be picked up by army personnel with infra red cameras at some point to become a slave as there is a lack of people to work for the elite when they come out of their underground bunkers.}

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I'm actually hoping for a MadMax type apocalyptical landscape. Itd make life more like sport and I like my chances in survival mode.

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15 Nov 2011 12:05:21
Also has anyone heard any news on svali has she resurfaced? And also ed what you know on the project camelot avalon split. What i've read is kerry jumped for the money on the basis of support from someone who ryan believes is an agent for the cia. And she just doesn't see it? ..constantine.. P.s if i'm bringing up old stuff apologies. This man been taking rest from forums

{Ed033's Note - Svali is allegedly still alive -

It appears that a high level group decided to prevent Bill and Kerry giving out any more info by splitting them apart. They sent in an agent of theirs to split them up, which he succeeded in doing but it didn't prevent them from continuing to give out info. The guy that was sent to split Bill and Kerry up allegedly became a friend of Bill and gave an interview with Bill -

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{Ed033's note - What really happened to Project Camelot - an interview by Mel Fabregas of the veritas show

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15 Nov 2011 11:59:19
Oh and for something weird that made me open mouthed for a sec or two.(even made me hesitate to go further when i got the result) could be a bogus site, can anyone confirm? Anyways type into google search illuminati backwards and add .com that's Enjoy ..constantine..

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Yeah do it directly in you're url and it takes you strait there

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15 Nov 2011 11:50:18
for all the zecharia sitchin followers , and i must admit i liked his stuff , have a look at - micheal heiser phd , who clearly shows that sitchin was a fraud , and indeed was no expert in any lingo, hes on youtube and he backs up what he says , a bit heavy -going , but truth is worth finding out about.
heres something else for the jews and germany thing , which i didnt know ,check out a 43 min show on youtube -a jewish defector warns america , by benjamin h freedman , around the 1960s .truth about ww1 , jews , great britain , all the ins and outs of how countrys and war are not quite what you were taught, and it tells why the germans turned on the jews, it was nothing to do with what you might think. ..................lfc

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Can you give me a link lfc

{Ed033's Note - I have listened to this guy who says zecharia sitchin was a fraud. When sitchin first started talking about this information, a couple of people had a debate with him but always lost because he knew way more than they did on this subject. Obviously now zecharia sitchin is not with us it's easy to say anything about him.

The reason zecharia sitchin said some things that can't be backed up with anything was because he thought that he was channelling information from the entity / group of entities called Enki / EA. He then added this channelled information into his books on the subject. The only question is whether this channelled information is correct or incorrect.}

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The links are on youtube , just put in- micheal heister, sitchin , and - a jewish defector warns america , ed033 , i think heister tryed to debate sitchin for years , he stuided all this for 15 years or so , as much as it pains me to say he looks to be right , you would really have to look at what he says, shows about sitchin to come to a reasonable decision about it , as i say in these matters i find this happens a lot , but its up to everyone to it find out , and make up their own minds............lfc

{Ed033's Note - I'm not saying this michael guy is wrong, I have listened to him before for about 2 hours. All I said is that sitchin channelled the info that has nothing backing it up and we don't know including michael whether the channelled info is correct or not.}

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Read and heard a lot of the stuff about sitchins findings not to be as he translated. But a lot of other specialists in the field do translate an awful lot of the same things he did, with only slight differences. Plus, there is a tablet or writing in stone in the British museum of London which mentions a lot of the same stuff sitchin talks about, Anunnaki, the flood etc...
I also agree with ed! Very ease to cast doubt on someone who isn't around any longer to at least try and explain themselves and work.

Don't get me wrong, maybe he wasn't 100% correct on his 30 odd year work in this field, but he at least stumbled across a great alternative story to our being and origin.



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Agree , what is interesting is the sitchin or more important the clay texts , anicent bible and other various writing , putting it all together , its clear to see mankind was put here by angels , superhumans , people much like us , or other agents , the real problem we have is the unseen spirt world , as ed033 said sitchen , believed in channelling , and when i look at the occult , forbidden knowledge, right up to mordern times top people , governments , and a lot of the ufo stuff is from this , which also begs the question were did these writers in the old bible texts get some of the imformation, =ie - a angel of the lord etc , its very interesting and the more you look into it the more you just know that there's more to mankinds history than what the mainstream say............lfc

{Ed033's Note - According to John Lash, 20% of the Nag Hammadi texts talk about a group of ETs called Archons.}

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15 Nov 2011 00:56:08
Anyone have any theories about the Art Bell area 51 phone call guy ?.
I believe it was a former employee of area 51 who in 1997 whistle blew the real truth about alien involvement
in that area, youtube it, makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. Be afraid! be very afraid...

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Its a good listen but maybe hes on drugs or does give you goosebumps though.....

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Yes , its a badly acted crank call.


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