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15 Oct 2011 23:37:14
hey ed001 just reading you and chris from tamworth. I'm the one who posted up the reverse speech video's of obama. Now i understand that its some crazy stuff that not everyone will appreciate but thats cool. I'm not sure that i even understand it lol. But thats the whole point of this place to post up the unexplained and seek answers and opinions and share knowledge and increase everyone elses knowledge and understanding. Something our tamworthian friend doesn't seem to appreciate. Now i've seen some right crazy stuff on here over the weeks but i'm not dismissing anything i don't understand. Not sure friend chris understands the point of the site. Lastly ed i understand you don't think much to reverse speec any comments? {Ed001's Note - I think that's unfair on Chris, he has a differing point of view, it is just his method of expressing it that has been the problem, not his viewpoint. Personally I think that a lot of the reverse speech stuff is due to the power of suggestion, because you are told something is there you find it. The rest I believe is probably more likely to be some kind of coincidence, rather than an intentional unconscious or conscious sound.}

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15 Oct 2011 23:11:47
And another thing I'm sure on the subject of the played backwards stuff didn't I only give an explanation of why it sounded as it did? I'm not having digs I'm actually stating my opinion. As for my comment about ed033 earlier that wasn't a dig either but again my genuine opinion. Are my opinions the only ones that aren't valid despite the fact you keep insisting I should respect everybody elses opinion? Hypocrisy of the highest level and possibly a conspiracy!!

Chris in Tamworth {Ed001's Note - nope, I didn't see your previous post, I replied to the one I saw. As for your reply to the playing backwards post, it started off asking if everyone was gullible, stupid or insane, or words to that effect. I have no problem with your opinion whatsoever, in a number of cases I agree that there is probably little in it. The problem is that you express your opinion coached in insults and jibes at others' intelligence and sanity. For example, I have known Ed033 since I was about 15, I know he is very intelligent, not sure how you could possibly judge sanity, but we often disagree on these conspiracies. He spends far more time than me reading about them and watching videos and listening to interviews, so it could simply be that I am just ignorant of the facts. Being that as it is, I prefer to ask him for his views and then suggest alternative explanations for it and see if that can match the details or not. Rather than just dismissing him as a nutter, I have found he is very lucid and will often leave me questioning my point of view, even if he doesn't always alter it.}

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That's a fair comment Ed and a valid argument maybe it is just me being small minded or not willing to accept the unusual but I genuinely believe that some people regardless of their intelligence suffer from a lack of common sense. I genuinely apologise for sometimes sounding like I'm talking down to people but it's just what I believe that most of this talk is just ridiculous nonsense and want to be allowed to say so. The most disappointing thing is that if I'm wrong I could one day be proved wrong but I can never be proved right so it's a lonely place for me on this site

Chris in Tamworth {Ed001's Note - I am very happy for you to play devil's advocate, in fact it would be great to get the opposing viewpoint, but just please try and remember that people aren't insane or stupid etc just because their beliefs differ. We all view things from a different angle, even eyewitness reports of an incident can differ widely.}

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15 Oct 2011 22:53:56
Ed033 I asked nicely if my posts were going to go up or not as I suggested I only wanted you to show some common decency and tell me straight. Any chance of a reply?

Chris in Tamworth {Ed001's Note - I have deleted a number of your usual digs, no common decency shown by you towards others, but now you are calling for it to be shown to yourself. Perhaps if you could just disagree with a comment, rather than making a nasty little dig about it, you might get some stuff posted. For instance the recordings played backwards, I don't think there is anything in it, but I am not having a go at people for asking if there is something in it. Remember people laughed at those saying the Earth revolved around the Sun, only an idiot dismisses anything out of hand.}

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Are you telling me that nobody ever says anything that can be considered ridiculous or moronic?

Chris in Tamworth {Ed001's Note - nope, it can be considered it, but why call people it? That just causes abusive replies. Why can't you just point out why you disagree with something, why do you feel the need to insult people for having that belief? It makes far more sense to explain your reasoning and give them a chance to learn from your thinking.}

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15 Oct 2011 11:54:16
Skin Crawlers -

Real? Fake?

My opinion is that something is going on down in Utah, Military guarding a small ranch in the middle of nowhere? which you're unable to gain access too?

ED's, Regulars, Etc. opinions? beliefs? etc.

The Moon. {Ed033's Note - I think you mean Skinwalker not Skin Crawler. It is extremely strange. Here is a Coast 2 Coast AM interview with 2 guys who wrote a book about it and stayed at the Skinwalker ranch attempting to do scientific research on the strange phenomena there -

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Oops! my bad ed! haha. I'll give that a watch after the football!

What is your personal view? do they exist?

The Moon. {Ed033's Note - My take is that there is a portal near the skinwalker ranch through which a shape-shifting entity came through to Earth from somewhere else that likes attacking animals but won't attack people. Some researchers stayed at the ranch to not only study the phenomena but to capture the entity that was attacking the animals.}

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You mean like the thing?
huddz red {Ed033's Note - I don't know because no one knows what this entity is. If you are interested you could either listen to the interview on youtube with link above or read the book, "Hunt for the Skinwalker" by Colm A. Kelleher and George Knapp.}

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