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15 Oct 2012 20:57:11
Just stumbled upon loads of pics of giant nephilim skeletons and was just wondering if any of the eds or regulars know anything about them i.e are they genuine or fake?

Mikey Bhoy

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I'm also interested in this, these are the folk that had what looked like diving gear and astronaut suits on in the pictures.

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Be careful of some, they were to demonstrate Photoshop, and were entered into a competition, weren't they? There are a few that are genuine, but not many.

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The dead sea scrolls , the book of Enoch and more importantly the book of giants discuss this topic - might help make your mind up on whether giants existed or not. worth noting that the book of Enoch was removed from the bible as it conflicts with what the vatican / catholic church wanted to control us with

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15 Oct 2012 19:33:47
just stumbled across this; never heard of this before but

"Two giant underwater pyramids, made of thick glass, found in the center of the Bermuda Triangle."

I'm not surprised to hear about it but following on from more and more pyramids cropping up around the planet other than the commonly known ones, kinda gets you thinking a little deeper.

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Where was this reported?


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The daily star. why ?

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So I can read it...


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It doesnt really matter where the source is, its the stimulating of the mind, questioning what you have been told is the truth etc. further reading on this topic ( not the daily star ) discusses energy beams recorded from pyramids in bosnia and mexico, the "tesla coil" and resonance energy have been mentioned in the same sentences as pyramids, these energy beams represented often as light emitting from the top of the pyramids (illuminati anyone ?) there are reports of pyramids on mars, there's the pyramid mountains at the faroe islands. look and you will find stuff, upto you what you do with it and it doesnt matter where it comes from !

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Forgot to sign sorry :(


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First discovered in 1968. I would also like to kno why we know more about the surface on the moon and mars rather than whats at the depths of our oceans, anyone agree? Rohan

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Totally agree Rohan. Yea it's interesting what's on other planets, but surely it should be of more interest in what is under our oceans. There could be lots of sunken cities ie the much sought after Atlantis.


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Probably because we cant go down further enough because of preasure, pretty much the same reason we havent landed on the moon or mars fot that matter, unless nevada is mars and area 51 is the moon.

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With all the technology available, surely they can sort out the pressure problem and somehow strengthen submarines


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15 Oct 2012 18:33:14
Hey Guys,

A thing that is worrying me. Kit Kats! GPS tracking signals..............very dodgy! If they are bugging our chocolate - what else is already bugged?


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Big brother is always watching

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15 Oct 2012 14:55:09
what has happened to the story of the shootings in france? it was all over the news for a couple of weeks then suddenly disappeared and i havent heard anything of it since?

I hear it was something to do with uranium or something....

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15 Oct 2012 09:23:06
I just wondered if anyone else noticed how quiet the media is regarding the fact that global warming has been pretty much proven as complete myth? I saw a story about it earlier:

and found it very interesting. I do agree, if there was evidence that global warming existed, we would never hear the end of it!

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I read something about global warming a few years ago which basically debunked the whole theory. I can't remember the specific scientific details but it seemed like quite a solid argument, and very few people stepped forward to discredit the claims.

Add this to the fact that Thatchers government assembled the International Panel for Climate Change - not to research global warming, but to PROVE it was due to fossil fuels.
She obviously had her ongoing disputes with the coal miners, and was afraid of being held to ransom for gas and oil from the Middle East and Russia.

Her government were huge proponents of a nuclear power program. (Which obviously don't require fossil fuels).

So there we have it.

Man made global warming is a lie, and a multi-billion pound one at that.

We all get taxed more for the cars we drive, flights we take and energy we use in our home. All based on a lie.


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I agree about global warming. Sorry slip of the tongue it should be Climate change...see what they did, they said it was global warming, and now is not, its called climate change.
How cme it was hot enough 2000 years go to grow grapes here in the uk.
first it was CFC's, then Acid rain, then CO2 emmissions, i heard that now it could be about water vapour or Methane gases.
its all about TAX nothing else. If they wanted us to reduce te levels then they would reduce tax on "green" items to zero.
Theyve stopped the tax incentive on LPG cars? can u actually buy them now?

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To be fair i do agree on not being held to ransom on Russian gas and Arab oil, thats just commone sense.

How long till the pits are being reopened?

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Hi Joe have a look at "The Club of Rome" and their involvement in creating the Climate Change crisis..

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