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15 Oct 2013 23:24:21
I know this isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I find it interesting and is the main reason I became interested in conspiracy theories.

Below is a link to a book, supposedly found by a Ukrainian man and his friend, published by the USSR - about all of the known Alien races, their agendas, allies, enemies etc.

It was first published in the 1950's, and apparently given to USSR agents.

I don't post very often, but follow the site daily and haven't seen this mentioned before (might be wrong though).

Love to know what everyone thinks!

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Thats a very good and interesting link mate. Not seen or heard about it before. don't know exactly what to make of it but its very interesting.

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Its good is that mate.

Matty b

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16 Oct 2013 09:44:07
How pathetic, obviously just a made up book, like seriously, how stupid can you get


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I loved reading that joe thank you for the link, a lot of the stuff I have never heard off before, I posted a few months ago a youtube showing images of aliens last seen very similar to the images on those documents but joes link is far more documented, both imply that urban legends like demons/vampires/fairies etc are different alien races, really interesting stuff, I am just wondering edd033 have you ever heard of this book before and some of the information is new to you?

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{Ed033's Note - I may have heard it mentioned before but not read it. There's loads in there I hadn't heard before.

Shaun. i wouldn't say pathetic at all. i thought it was very interesting to be fair.

matty b

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What I found really interesting was the information about people going missing the years later turning up and committing suicide.

what makes this book more interesting than most is it is a old book and I thought it would have been more accessible for the public to read,
i will look in to this book a lot more and the writers in the next few weeks
just to clear any doubts I may have but the information on there is the best I have read in a good few years.

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Thanks for the reply's, glad I'm not the only one who was intrigued.

Shaun, shame you found it pathetic mate. That's your prerogative, and each to their own; but from what I read on here most days most people are very open minded and judging by the feedback I'm glad I posted it.

Franky, you mentioned doing some further research into it. Can you post anything interesting you find?


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Yeah mate as soon as I find out anything or can not find out anything I will post it, this is going to be harder than most because there is a load of stuff I have never heard, the two guys who have updated the book have you got names mate?

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I read that and didn't know what to make off it, was far fetched but a lot makes sense.

will have to read again.

cheers to the original poster

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Hi Franky, I can only partially help with the names. Dante Santori is the name of the guy who published it online. Apparently he's Italian.

He is one of the 2 that found the book. His friend, the Ukranian, is only known as Petro, who apparently died in a road traffic accident.

Hope this helps mate

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Cheers mate.

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15 Oct 2013 21:24:32
{Ed033's Note - TSA loudspeakers threaten travellers with arrest for making jokes about security

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Usa the western version of north korea.

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I'd like to agree with you franky but I haven't seen what goes on in N. Korea.

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To be honest me neither mate, the bits come from mainstream media and that could be lies as well.

i will say the usa could be like the old soviet block or nazi germany.

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Well it certainly is showing clear signs that it is becoming more and more like a totalitarian state, and democracy is nothing more than an illusion, designed to pacify the masses. The rights of Americans are being eroded at an alarming rate. Who would want to move there now? The smart ones are already leaving.

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Funny you should say that Ryan, I actually have a visa approved and am awaiting my interview at the US embassy in London XD. The things we do for love, eh?


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Hey exotiva if you live in america or visit you can give us all the lowdown on how things are there, a sort of conspiracy. co. uk spy ha, we will give you a code name later.

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That's a great idea Franky. Exotiva you could be our unofficial US correspondent. Good luck with the move, love is always a good reason to do something.


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I'm leaving for a month next week, so I'll write up a little report based on my observations and ask some of my fiance's family what they think and let you all know when I get back.


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Nice one exotiva and have a great time mate.

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