Conspiracy Talk Archive September 15 2012


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15 Sep 2012 12:41:00
Sorry I pushed the post button early. It should be Thatcher who apologises. That horrible vile woman was the one who covered the majority of it up. She should be stripped of her Baroness title and be held accountable along with the ones who was in charge of South Yorkshire Police. There are still over 100 police officers on active duty who where there at Hillsborough. Every single one of those who covered up, police and MP's, what happened should be forced to give at least 75% of their pensions to the Hillsborough Justice Campaign


Totally agree Aaron , but her name doesn't feature
in the media even though South Yorkshire police along with the Met called THEMSELVES 'Thatchers army. It was her government who backed a bent police force , her ministers who continuously mouthed off to the equally bent media .This all no doubt would help with her 'managed decline' of the city.