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15 Sep 2013 23:00:18
here a theory for you then. how do you know that terrorists did attack the trade centre with a plane knowing people like us would start to question our own governments in the hope that if enough of us believe it we will turn against our own goverments. saves them doing it. reverse psycology.

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{Ed001's Note - except that the evidence says that a plane did not do the damage, so you would be suggesting that the terrorists had a whole, huge organised network. A network that stood down the air defences of the whole country, a network that could plant demolition charges on the towers ready to bring them down when the plane hit them. As the planes themselves could not have done so. If the terrorists are capable of such a huge wideranging deception as you, quite bizarrely postulate, then the rest of the world has already lost.}

Why do you assume the terrorists don't have a huge network or don't get help from other nations. maybe western propaganda has led you to believe that only the western powers have the numbers, intelligence and technology to do such things. just a thought.

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{Ed001's Note - I don't assume anything, I was just pointing out that, if they could possibly have the entire air defence network of the USA switched off for a day, then they had already won. That is not something you can just ask some junior clerk to organise, that takes people right at the top of the tree in the military. Perhaps you don't quite understand the suggestion you are putting forward, nor what it would take to do. The kind of network you are talking about would need to involve generals and the like, to be able to wield the power that was shown that day. Like I said, you are suggesting the terrorists are in charge, which isn't that different from the government organising it, just a lot less likely.......}

Ok ed in fairness you do make a valid point. I was just playing devils advocate. its just that the more I start to question what is supposed to be the defacto truth I tend to find it doesn't stop. before you know it a feesable conspiriacy theory then gets deeper and deeper. the possibilities are endless. conception and misconception. information and misinformation. trust disintegrates and you start to question everything.

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{Ed001's Note - no harm in questioning anything, it is a good thing doing that. I am of the opinion that we should never believe in anything too firmly, always be ready to change our mind when someone shows us why our current beliefs are wrong. Only by discussing them can we discover new ideas and compare them with our own. Like I said though, the only thing that seems to be correct with 9/11 is that a plane did not bring down the towers. A plane may well have hit them, that is difficult to be sure of, as they did such a good job of destroying evidence (except for paperwork pertaining to those they want to point the finger at!) by demolishing the towers so thoroughly. No matter though, because the plane wouldn't have done so much damage, and it doesn't change all the oddities surrounding how a plane would have been able to do so anyway. The whole thing stinks, really stinks, whether it was just people sitting by and doing nothing or people actively involved in aiding and abetting, there are people in power who are to blame for the whole thing. If you sit by and do nothing, while innocent people die, knowing you could stop it, then you are as guilty as those involved.}

16 Sep 2013 13:37:38
Exactly Ed it would take the same sort of network that left their own commander in chief exposed in Dallas. Standing down defences etc takes only a few key people. Mort

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16 Sep 2013 16:07:24
Trust rusts, OP.
The best sentence i've heard describing the events of 9/11 was that it was "an inside job for outside influences".
Vague as that may be, I feel it paints the most accurate picture of those atrocities. pea

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One thing I have noticed that is happening a lot more is the disinformation being put out there its getting harder to separate the wheat from the chaff, early on you had many debunkers whose arguments were laughable on subjects like 911 77 jfk etc and since that tactic was failing miserably and it pondered more questions than answers their has been a steady increase of rubbish put out there to steer you away from the real truth, all the events that has happened in say the last fifty years prove to me one thing above all, never ever trust what authority is telling you and as Chris carter famously wrote "trust no one "

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15 Sep 2013 13:42:45
If people want a documentary on the financial crisis watch Inside Job narrated by Matt Damon. Quite interesting. Mort

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Good shout mort seen it a few months ago.

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16 Sep 2013 13:40:09
I suggested it back then as well. Thought I'd suggest it again though. Mort

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15 Sep 2013 10:37:46
Shouldn't Obam get done for treason if he aids Al Qaeda in Syria?

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15 Sep 2013 13:45:00
He only does as his masters tell him. He's only a puppet like Kermit or Sooty. Mort

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Shouldn't the whole administration get done for ordering and carrying out the invasion of peoples privacy, for defrauding people by forcing them to pay income tax, for granting charters to companies without the peoples best interests at heart, for corruption in accepting ludicrous amounts of money as campaign contributions, for treason in deploying the national guard inside the country, for war crimes in invading countries without congressional approval, for abuse of station in helping international companies get away with murder and using the police to suppress peoples protests.
They are all criminals but somehow I do not think we can get them to prosecute themselves.

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{Ed001's Note - the USA will not sign any convention that allows the UN to prosecute them or their armed forces for war crimes. That to me makes their actions premeditated.}

Exactly Ed001. The people setting the rules and those enforcing them are not bound by the rules, except for when cosmetic purposes require it. Right now the USA is playing global enforcer.
Whoever follows, and someone always does, will pick up exactly where they leave off.

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15 Sep 2013 01:31:15
Just watched White House Down and Olympus Has Fallen both films the white house gets destroyed and they try using norad is this warnings of what's to come?

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{Ed033's Note -

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The elitists have a religion, whereby they have to somehow let you know what they are going to do before they do it, so there is a possibility they might use a 'holy wood' film to convey what they are going to do.

Its just a wee bit strange the 2 films come out at the same time and are almost the same.

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When the movie Armageddon came out there was another similar film called Deep Impact that was released at the same time. As it turns out, there was a NASA experiment taking place at that time going by the same name. The mission involved hitting a passing comet with a negatively charged craft and provided evidence for the electric universe theory.
I did try to find a connection at the time, as I do not believe in coincidences, but found nothing conclusive. The production studios of both films had interesting names but that is as far as I got.

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Its possible that whoever wrote the script may have sent it to two studios who then put it into production, then realised too late they had the same film but went ahead with it hoping one was better than the other.

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Hey Ed033, could you share some more info on their religion?

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{Ed033's Note - One of the reasons they tell us that they are going to do something before they do it, is because they believe they get some sort of 'magical power' from telling us.

Another part of their religion is the "as above, so below" doctrine. This is where what happens in the 'heavens', happens on the ground. An example of this is where they want to attack a country, they would announce/'start' the attack when one of the belt stars of Orion (associated with Osiris, god of the dead) is directly in line with the place to be attacked on Earth but is at 19.47 or 33 degrees below (below meaning death) the horizon.

Another example would be that in 2025 the 'heavens' will in their most war-like state, astrologically speaking for quite a while to come so if (and only if) they decide to start the thermo-nuclear bombing part of WW3, that would be their preferred year.

Obviously their religion is highly ritual and not only do they take part in rituals, they also make everything they do as ritualised as they can which not only includes symbology, numerology and astrology but also the colour of clothes they wear each day. It's about doing certain things on certain days and even at a particular times of the day.

They also love prophesy so much that they will actually try and make interpretations of nonsense like Nostradamus into reality.

Thank you so much Ed033 for taking the time to reply and to point me in the right direction.

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{Ed033's Note - ok

15 Sep 2013 00:36:37
9/11 drone / military plane flown into 2nd tower

Rip to all the people who lost there live on the year of 2001 September 11. My heart and soul goes to all the families and freinds

Ed, I've looked at what you've said on here, and I support the theory of a military plane crashing into the building, as a plot, and the building to be rigged with explosives. That's my theory, it's quite self-explanatory, the holophram theory is also strong in my eyes.

But I have a question, why would the government do this? I've heard many things such as for money of insurance to making the government sound big, what are your veiws on the matter?

Cheers buddy


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{Ed001's Note - the same reason they initially came up with the plan in the 1950s, though then they were thinking of blaming the commies. It is simply a good way of getting through measures to take away people's civil liberties, because now you get accused of helping terrorists if you want any kind of civil rights. Let's face it, can you imagine if they hadn't done this and the recent revelations regarding how they read everything we do online had come to light? Right now, they cloak it in nonsense about how they are just looking for terrorist activity. But how do we know that is all they use it for? I mean if you want someone to support your bill for increased spying budgets, you would just go check out what they do online and read their texts etc until you find something to leverage them with. Then you have them under your control too.}

{Ed033's Note -

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Aron, firstly read, Dr Judy Wood's book.

The twin towers could not be allowed to hit the ground, otherwise they would have cracked the 'bathtub' that the twin towers were standing in and then Manhattan would have been flooded. This is why they used the black technology energy beams to turn the towers and steel internal frame to dust. The seismic data shows only a small part of the towers actually hit the ground.

Whoever carried out the 9/11 attacks had that black technology. Al Qaeada does not have this technology and neither does the regular military/regular government. So imo, it was the 'secret government' that must have carried out the attack.

There were multiple reasons for the attack and we probably don't know most of them such as lots of records being conveniently 'disappeared' by saying the records were lost in the towers. Possibly stealing of gold that was being kept in the towers somewhere like the basement.

IMO, the main reason was to forward the total control agenda against the people with lunatic legislation that nobody would go along with. Massive funds were released to forward this agenda. i. e. fusion centres where all data about everyone is put together. The People went along with all this control and then people got the TSA in airports that is being expanded to all public places, where every bit of everyone gets checked like in some nightmare future police state movie.

It also gave the excuse to go to war with any country in the world by saying there are terrorists there with the agenda to take over and steal that countries natural resources.

15 Sep 2013 03:00:25
Wow, thank you ed001 and ed033, ed033, you have reccomended judy woods book on many occasions, and my favourite topic is 9/11, I'll be sure to check it out. Thanks guys, it was a very sad day, and I'm with you with the 'secret government', do you reckon illuminati or something similar mate? Or it could be the explosives, the holophram and secret government is my guess, you guys are very well educated haha



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{Ed033's Note - I don't know what the 'secret government' comprises, only that it exists.

9/11 was a crime scene so in any other crime you need motive, now since 9/11 and 7/7 what has changed? well take your pick! this act was not to solely invade the middle east, our liberties are vanishing plus their is a clear agenda on a race divide, I read somewhere that on the day of the 9/11 attacks some legislation was passed threw without any news, so in my opinion it was like a famous saying "kill two birds with one stone"

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How do u know that it exists? Where is the proof, prof of this and black tech? Actual proof. Not some lame YouTube vid of an 'ex scientist working for NASA during the 60s'


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{Ed001's Note - so there is plenty of proof that 9/11 did not happen how it was claimed, but that isn't good enough for you? You now want people to prove what did happen, when the whole point is that we are only putting forward a few theories that could explain what did happen, when the lies in the media do not explain what did happen. You can prove or disprove almost anything, but it doesn't mean it is the truth, that is why our understanding of the universe changes on a daily basis. Science is purely theory, there is no 'proof', just theories that best fit, which you accept as facts. So why are you now asking us to prove our theories? Intelligent people can see theories for what they are, then make their own decision based on whether they are true or not. You seem to be a sheep, that wants the decision made for them.}

14 Sep 2013 23:47:47
Honestly. All this talk of nwo is really wearing thin, if you really think about it they would have took control of us when we were at our most vulnerable, September 11 or during the recession. I honestly think it's bogus

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15 Sep 2013 11:20:40
Look at the legislation passed by Bush right after. That was them taking control. Look at the laws Blair passed afterwards as well, and again after the tube bombs. Look at the war we been involved in for twelve years. Who benefitted from that? Not the quarter of million or so who ended up dead. The arms companies did well. The oil companies did well. Look at who sits on the boards of these companies. Cough Rumsfeld cough. Look at what happened in the recession. Wages froze and fell, tax rose, and its not worth saving, but the banks carried on as they were. They did take control and have been tightening their grip since. Mort

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I think the point they're making is that NWO have had us under control for centuries, the laws they have now are the same as medieval times i. e. medieval times they had crusades as an excuse to go into the middles east and slaughter people on grounds of heresy and blasphemy and steal their gold and treasure, now the "west" go into the east on grounds that terrorists are there.

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Can edd 33 explain to me how he knows for certain that "black technology" was used to bring down the towers.

Surely if a weapon that could do that sort of damage existed why hasn't it been used in any conflict?

Marky Mark

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{Ed033's Note - How many times do I have to say, read Dr. Judy Wood's book, Where Did The Towers Go. All the proof of Black Technology being used is in that book.