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16 Aug 2012 10:16:42
sorry edd i never seem to get a post on football rumours anymore so here is my code for fantasyfooty is anyone wants to join , cheers 1319534-318260.

{Ed033's Note - Hi frankyscouse, is insanely busy atm so your ad for fantasy footy is probably not being posted

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Cheers edd.

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15 Aug 2012 22:42:18
Delighted to find out today that Julian assange will be given asylum in Ecuador. Although I know he won't be able to get there without risking arrest. Anyone have any ideas as to how this is all going to end surely this stalemate won't be allowed to continue indefinitely ? Ed's ? Anyone ?

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I read an article this morning saying the the british government threatened to enter the embassy and take him if he was not handed over . has something like this ever happened before? i would love to know how he will get out as he must really have something big that he is going to put out there !

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United states are pulling our strings,they want him at all costs and as always we do as were told

mark d

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Technically this is illegal under the Vienna convention . But it looks like Britain may actually cease to recognise equatorial embassy as an embassy therefore offering assange no protection.

Makes you think , couldn't see Britain going to such leingths to extradite any other criminal . Another case of us pandering to the USA. Ashamed of our country at times

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It's funny they want to extradite him to Sweden on rape charges ( alledged) while British prisons are full of forgien tapestry murders criminal ect , it even seems to be a policy to let them come into the country in the first place and when they commit a crime we never force them out ! but then this one guy comes along ehh if it stinks there a good chance it's a load of s##t

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That would be a breach of the vienna convention and a breach of international law!....if that happens then this country has become nazi germany

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Britain and the U.S breaking international law isn't
all that shocking really , is it ? A million dead Iraqi's
should have been warning enough .

Ps Matt RFC regarding yesterday's post , spot-on mate.

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There is a law dating back to 1987 i believe whereby they can invalidate embassies as neutral ground and that is what i think they are going to use.

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O yes Nazi Germany indeed, i must have missed the camps on dartmoor.... rolls eyes {Ed001's Note - did you know Britain invented the concentration camp? Obviously not, so stop trying to act smart.}

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Off the guardian website, i can't find what the law is called

"London had warned Ecuador in writing earlier in the day that a 1987 British law permits it to revoke the diplomatic status of a building if the foreign power occupying it "ceases to use land for the purposes of its mission or exclusively for the purposes of a consular post." "

Not sure if they could but it is a law so guess they'll try to hide behind that

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I said its getting like Nazi Germany (not that that was as bad as our media make out, but thats another story). Look, I ment that it was considered compulsary to become excited by waving your flag at the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family, honestly some people are un evolved and ill informed, all I saw was thousands of dullards with glazed looks in their eyes waving a flag and admiring somone who is in a position of privilege and Ive seen that image a lot before from the 1930's in Germany.


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Was there not an episode of the simpsons where they took refuge in an embassy. think we should look to this for a resolution.

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