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16 Dec 2011 22:12:35
In 1 of Eminems songs he talks about everyone being accepted into heaven apart from Jay Z. Apparently Jay Z is part of the illuminati.


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{Ed033's Note - Jay Z appears to be a paid agent to spout a bunch of B.S.
David Icke talks Blueprint rap

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Blueprint Rap, and told by David Icke. Nearly pi**sed myself laughing then. Oh come on this is getting beyond a joke now. Would not listen to Icke if he was telling me i had won a million quid.

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True, Icke isn't the wisest, but he's right. Think about it, Rocafella records... who runs America REALLY? Families such as the Rockerfellas who own the banks. It costs America (and Britain) more money to make money than they money is worth simply because it is sold to the banks from the families. Years ago America was sold to families such as the Rockerfells who now use mainstream media to influence us, and in a the very near future, the Euro will collapse, America will announce the Amero as a new currency with Canada and Mexico, and before we know it that will fail. Then, the one world currency. Everything is a tool to attack the subconcious, music being a key tool and unless people really begin to see that, we're in big trouble.

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16 Dec 2011 17:55:23
Ed, do you know much about potential UFO's and sightings? are they real?

Trying not to sound extremely naive here....

Stu. {Ed001's Note - my personal opinion is that 99% of them (maybe even more) have fairly simple and terrestial explanations. Test planes etc, rather than being aliens from outer space, but there are still some that are out of our current scope of understanding.}

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{Ed033's Note - stephen bassett talking about the mexican ufos

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{Ed033's Note - Overall, possibly the best documentary on UFOs - Chris Everard's, Secret Space - Note: documentary does not start until the 5 minute mark

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The media will never cover it as much as they should though because the mdeia is controlled.
Columbia is key to everything.
CBS (Columbia Tri Star)
America's money printed where? Columbia
America will make a large discovery in the near future about our history, and disprove religion as we know it. This disvoery will probably be made my archaeologists in Columbia, and this will be FAKE!

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The only way you are going to be able to write of religion is if aliens come down and literally say "right earthlings your our test tube babies" Religion is a massive money spinner


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16 Dec 2011 17:20:51
not so much conspiracy but worth watching his views on economy and stuff and the lies we're being told, gerald celente at trends research institute extremely smart man telling it straight

cantona's legal team

{Ed033's Note - Gerald Celente interviewed on RT

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16 Dec 2011 15:30:47
Ref the 'did we land on the moon' debate.

Why don't NASA send a 'Mars Type' Rover to the moon to take images of the 'Flag, Debris, Foot Prints etc etc. Surely, they could deploy this on any future space mission. This would prove the point once and for all!!


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If we didnt land on the moon surely nasa already know

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{Ed033's Note - They would find whatever they wanted to find anyway as NASA lie about everything. The secret space program has been to the moon anyway.}

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IMHO, The issue isnt whether we've been to the moon or not, we have, the issue is why is it all so shady, The people running it have gone to a lot of trouble clouding and covering things, faking certain things, the question is for what reason? my money is on they found evidence of other life, if not actual life, non natural structures, something is up there that you are not supposed to know about


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16 Dec 2011 13:49:20
I like the way rich dolan explains things on project camelot but kerry cassidy is starting to bug me with her talking over people and always tells the person she is supposed to be listening to her point of veiw,i like bill ryans approach, calm and he actully listens. frankyscouse

{Ed033's Note - It's a pity that someone with money hasn't funded Bill Ryan + a video editor so he can continue full time interviewing people around the world. There's plenty of famous people with more money than they know what to do with. They could do something useful with their money.}

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Agree ed, ryan seems more balanced in hes opinons, he does not force hes veiws on anyone,infact he plays devils advocate against hes own beleif

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16 Dec 2011 11:48:07
What are peoples views on tupac shakur I think he's alive somewhere, what do you think ed?

KopEndDannyLFC {Ed001's Note - I very much doubt it mate.}

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Unfortunately i do believe tupac is dead bt i do believe the illuminati killed him, he was makin 2 many people stand up an noice with his killuminati stuff, so first came thhe character assasination, rape charges etc, then they were free2 kill him without as much up roar, sort of a blue print 4 michael jackson cum 2 think about it, ther are sum good videos on this on youtube
alak shalam brother

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But the body on the table in the autopsy has got the tattoos on the wrong arm, how can that be?

KopEndDannyLFC {Ed001's Note - have you ever thought the picture was just reversed? If you take a photograph you see a reversed image and tattoos will look to be on the wrong arm.}

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By bringing this up i assume u r a big tupac fan so consider this , do u really believe tupac could have stayed quiet 4 so long with atrocities such as 911 takin place after his so called fake death, stay quiet about bush and obama ?? personally i doubt it very much, its been nearly 16 years bruv, ther r far more important issues at hand u should b worryin about

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Pac already said he didnt believe in the illuminati and the killuminati s**t really meant for everybody to shut up with the illuminati talk and hes killing it

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16 Dec 2011 09:14:00
Not a conspiracy BUT like to Thank The edd on here for pointing me in the the direction of "" Finally found a place that say's out loud what i've been thinking for long time now ----- Bottom line as usual is keep an open mind on everything the truth IS out there. Thanks Again Highwayman

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{Ed033's Note - If people scroll down on the following web page:

and watch all the video interviews then at least they will be aware of a lot of the "conspiracy" issues

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