Conspiracy Talk Archive December 16 2012


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16 Dec 2012 22:57:41
{Ed001's Note - I just thought this might interest some of you:
certainly weird enough to be true!}

I don't buy it to be honest.
Interesting though.

JK92 {Ed001's Note - nor me, but, in a way, it does make sense.}

17 Dec 2012 19:34:05
keep telling ya the matrix is real, thats why they made the film.

18 Dec 2012 12:55:43
I'll take a look at that later. It is certainly within the realms of possibility - i would not bet against it. the pea

18 Dec 2012 15:44:11
Kealey's "Chemical-Computer (a.k.a. God)", Sauder's "Machine", DMT "machine-elves"...? Fascinating, the pea