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16 Jan 2012 23:22:40
Ex CIA Agent exposes how Al Qaeda doesn't exist.

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{Ed033's Note - The Power of Nightmares Part 1 of 3

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16 Jan 2012 11:30:10
ed how many different alien groups do you think we have had any form of contact with? Just reading this page i've got annunaki an archons. Who are the greys? Who are the lizards? If the annunaki civilised the middle east then who did south america? Well it was the coneheads but are the same as annunaki or different?
{Ed033's Note - These are all excellent questions. I'll attempt to answer your questions in a separate reply underneath. I think you might want to spend time listening to possibly the best info the general population has on most of what you asked here or on youtube below - Anthony Sanchez interview -

or buy his book, UFO Highway

Anthony Sanchez on Veritas Radio - 1/5 - Dulce, Human Origins, Blue Beam & Project Leonid

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{Ed033's Note - I don't know know how many ET groups we have had any form of contact with but it's allegedly more than one. There appears to be at least two different types of greys. The greys have allegedly given us or helped us with the development with the high end black technology and appear to be into the abductions both animal and human abductions. The annunaki are allegedly reptile in nature but there maybe multiple "lizard" groups. The coneheads could be entities that are genetically combined annunaki and human dna or another group. The Archons according to the nag hammadi texts were known malevolent beings and were allegedly en-prisoned by other ETs inside a moon around saturn but they escaped several thousand years ago and then came here and started corrupting us humans.}

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Hi Ed, noted you said you would attempt to answer poster's question in a separate reply, but I'm extremely interested in what you had to say also.
Watched the Anthony Sanchez interview and unfortunately it appeared to be getting really interesting as it finished.

{Ed033's Note - Anthony Sanchez went on veritas radio, red ice radio, project camelot, Coast 2 Coast am and paranormal palace radio. Type anthony sanchez into youtube. It might be best to get his book, UFO Highway as there seems to be more info in there than what he says on radio.

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Thanks Ed. How are we so interesting to all these ET's?

{Ed033's Note - Why are we humans so interested in other Earth like planets that could support life?

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16 Jan 2012 04:21:58
{Ed033's Note - Extremely interesting presentation by Carl Munck on the mathematical code built into ancient monuments

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Ed i have been watching this, just very slowly.

{Ed033's Note - There is a part 2 to this on youtube as well.}

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16 Jan 2012 01:43:31
what u think of the whole faul mccartney debate ed?

{Ed033's Note - I haven't seen enough info yet to believe Paul McCartney did die in 1966 and was replaced by Faul. I'm open to persuasion though. This is the newest info, I have seen -

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Saw a few things on this and not sure I believe it. I'm from Liverpool and let me tell you if he'd died in 66 then that would be an urban legend that'd be still going strong to this day! The fact that it is only gathering much more credence makes me think that this is one of those stories invented to debunk all conspiracy theories. 'don't you lot think there are aliens are here, oh and Paul McCartney died in 66'?
It just gives em bullets for the gun.
That's my opinion anyways.

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Always liked this conspiracy as its more 'light hearted' than the stuff i normally look into, but i have to say im not a believer of the Paul is dead thing, really is joining a lot of dots up, Enjoyed researching the Elvis one too, i found that more convincing with the mispelt tombstone etc,

p.s, Anyone seen the Home Alone clip with 'Elvis', worth a watch for comedy value only


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This article is bitter and twisted towards jews and therefore doesn't get my vote. Who would benefit from a replacement anyway?

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