Conspiracy Talk Archive January 16 2013


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16 Jan 2013 23:08:20
Keenoggs i have listened read and watched stories about skinwalker ranch and bob biglow, pretty weird stuff has happened there bob biglow a billionaire bought the ranch because the previous owners had paranormal and strange light experiences and wanted to sell, biglow bought it and had armed security people all over the ranch, supposedly portals were opening there and crafts were coming out to paranormal things were happening, btw biglow is a private investor but if anyone who reports seeing a UFO in the USA the us government pass on any sightings to biglows company which i find strange, if you look on youtube and type Jesse ventura skinwalker ranch there is a decent documentary that answers a few questions but still weird s h t happening there.


It's very strange, I was looking at what has been witnessed and the vehicles described, smell of the American government, the mutilated cattle is very strange and the wolves and big foot like creatures sound made up to me

I do think something happened there that spooked the original owners hence biglow buying the place plus also native Indians believe around that area is mystical, i do not what to make of it myself because i have not heard of this place before, i will prob read up watch and listen more about this place before i make my mind up,


17 Jan 2013 12:02:37
Try searching for Skinwalker Ranch and The Paracast, they have had a few guests talk about that place (including a security whistleblower who tells of NSA involvement) aswell as Chris O'Brian (the co-host), who i believe was part of this particular Jesse Ventura show. He (Chris) says he recorded about 2 hours of footage but spoke twelve words in the final edit.
He also claims Bigelow had the last say over what made the final cut.

The producer is supposed to have said this resulted in the show going from 'brilliant - best ever' to just 'good'.

When you do franky let us all know because your opinions along with other posters are always benifitial to newbies to the genre like me and also give us starting points to search

Cheers pea will have a look tonight.