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16 Jul 2013 22:28:12
a good documentary on 7/7 terror attacks, out of interest edd what's your view on tony farrell?

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{Ed033's Note - I think tony farrell is a top guy. He stuck to his principles rather than going along to get along

That's the impression I got about him but you hear so many rumors about dis info about certain people it spins your head.

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16 Jul 2013 12:41:08
Is anyone really surprised that Prince Charles pays less tax than his servants? The fact that this parasitic waste of space has servants is bad enough. With news that the Queen is to receive a substantial increase in her govt granted money will people finally wake up? This family are at the very pinnacle of the illuminati pyramid. They care nothing for the people of this country. We are worker ants to them.

Now they have the posh boys on board in parliament things have gotten easier for them. This country is heading down the neo con route that the USA are pursuing. God help us all when this new baby is born. Once again we will see thousands of sheeple waving flags and gushing about how wonderful the royals are. It's 2013 but the mindset of the majority is from the 16th century.

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A new law has been written that there will be no public records what the monarchy are getting off the tax players, to be honest it would take a lot to get rid of them, they would have to do something shocking or past history of them doing something shocking was made available plus there are millions of sheep who love them, would love to see there reaction when they find out that there beloved monarchy had more in common with Nazi ideologies.

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Why are the Queen mothers records to be hidden from the public for 100 years? Might it be true the rumour that she struck a deal with the Nazi party to remain in place when Germany won the war? To ensure a smooth transition.

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You will find a lot of skeletons (pardon the pun) in the monarchy closet, from Nazism, pedophilia, child murders to princess diana murder, until there is a revolution or someone dishes the dirt and they advocate then it will be hidden in that same cupboard.

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{Ed033's Note - This isn't the first time someone has put 'advocate' (publicly recommend or support) when they mean 'abdicate'.

Spelling not my strong point edd, if I never had spellchecker it would need tom hanks off the da vinci code to crack what I was saying.

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