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16 Jun 2013 20:57:54
Pablo, I think what people are on about when talking about the Boston Bombings is that the US were knew and probably set the bombs off themselves.

The guy in the wheel chair is debatable.

It's there on camera that the same actors/actresses are being used in SH and the Boston Bombings. and I think the cinema shooting.

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I'm more than happy to entertain other considerations regarding Boston, such as the FBI knowing about it in advance. The killing of the friend of the bombers in Florida is also a huge controversy and a blatant cover-up. he was assassinated ffs. what did he know?

However, the post on this board which I replied to related to a web page that debated one thing - a series of photos relating to the site where bomb 1 exploded. The majority of the photos were taken from one angle and within a short time frame.

Some of the points made were interesting but were anything but conclusive as other available photography was not considered. For the author to suggest that some of those maimed were already amputees and so were wearing prosthetics is cruel and insensitive. Other photos show death and body parts. Negating this with the words 'actors, agents and liars' is not on.

Also, if the FBI staged the whole thing, why? Why go to all that trouble to fake death and injury when killing a few civilians is far less of a chore. They helped kill around 3000 on 9/11, so why feel the need to go all Hollywood about it now? In Oaklahoma and on 9/11 all the Feds cared about was leaving paperwork they wanted to lose inside the buildings while making sure all staff were out of the area.


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One of the more curious aspects of the boston bombings was how people reacted in the immediate aftermath of the two explosions. Now I don't know about any of you, but I would be terrified that there might be more explosions about to go off at any moment. I didn't see any evidence in people's body language that they might fear a third explosion and that jarred with me right from the start.

Also in the link Ed gave, there is a video where there are three guys taking photos of the scene. The two visible are dressed the same. One is at ground level. The second is about maybe 10 foot above ground, and the third it seems a similar height above, though you only see through his perspective. The second guy seems very aware of no. 3, and is careful not to block his view. It just seems to me like three guys doing exactly what they expected to be doing, recording the aftermath of the explosions very calmly. All in a day's work. I wouldn't have been able to hold a camera steady in that situation because I would have been terrified another explosion might go off at any moment. But not out three cameramen. Steady as a rock in the face of danger.

Or did they simply know they were in no danger?

Americans are always banging on about living in the land of the free. They are the least free people in the so called developed world. I feel sorry for them to be honest. I'm so glad I live in Europe.


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I think the bombing was done to help ensure the gun law was not passed through a month later, definitely something dodgy about it all

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16 Jun 2013 17:22:21
guys I am a Pakistani. Generally speaking do you think Muslims create these terrorist attacks or THE USA pay some group to attack these vulnerable countries? ie, Pakistan Afghanistan etc. Thoughts?

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I would say that blaming the states is just as bad as people blaming the entire muslim culture.

personally I think the attacks are carried out by 'terrorists' with the knowledge of that specific countries federal forces.

hence the 'training' exercises at the time of 9/11 and 7/7.

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How is Pakistan under attack?


{Ed033's Note - Lots of attacks by U.S. flying death drones allegedly.

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Simply put to me was 'the muslim terrorists now are what the IRA was 20 years before that and whoever was before that, a convienient name behind something more sinister
huddz red

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I think it's both, I think the US have tried to encourage terrorism.

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Thanks for that Ed033 I'll have a look. Ryan.

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One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter

What about the Black and Tan terrorists Britain sent to Ireland

Should ireland have accepted it?

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16 Jun 2013 16:39:12
Things are about to get worse. Iran have sent troops to Syria in support of the Syrian government. the Yanks won't be happy.

I'm guessing a false flag attack is on the cards.

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Iran & syria have a pact to defend each other in times of war so that should be no surprise.

America has created a mess in Syria
Here's why
There are 4 different strands of religion in syria. All may want to be dominant in Syria and that is difficult enough? However many of the rebels are not from exactly the same religious background further complicating the problem. Many unfortunate poeple will die as a result of the mess america made.

Of course its all Putins fault, isn't it? he should have just let america steam roll another country giving the lunatic in-breds in the NWO their way!

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