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16 Mar 2012 22:28:36
any one got any interesting conspiracy films i could buy or download? In to any kind
Thanks Jagjacob {Ed001's Note - do you mean ones such as films like Mel Gibson's Edge of Darkness, or Rachel Weisz in The Whistleblower. Or are you asking for ones that interpret and explain the theory?}

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I mean any at all im very interested in widening my knowledge {Ed001's Note - well those 2 I have mentioned are worth a watch. The Whistleblower is a true story about the UN cover up of human trafficking in Bosnia by it's employees. Employees that are now working in Iraq and Afghanistan, and were and still are covered by diplomatic immunity. Very disturbing if you have a daughter like I have to think that something like that can happen to young girls.}

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9/11 In Plane Site -


7/7 Ripple Effect -

Are also good films

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The man from earth

not conspiracy..but a good intelligent movie!

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16 Mar 2012 22:22:13
thumbs up george clooney.

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Mmm its questionable

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Does he need the publicity? i doubt it he is still a a lister star,is he doing it for usa bandwagon to roll in again?not going to deny it has oil but i genreally think clooney is doing this for the right reasons,just my opinon anyway.

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16 Mar 2012 13:37:51
Ive read hundreds of things over the years about illuminati symbolism and referances in songs and some seem to have a valid theory but Ive not really taken an interest. However, the new Jay - Z video is ridculous, its the most illuminati video ive ever seen, especially at the end have a look, massive freemason sign made from lazers, its not even hiding the fact, he either is in with them, or playing on the fact that people think he is, whats your thoughts ?

Here is a link to the video, you wont beleive it especially the last 20 seconds its called ni****s is Paris


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I've got a sneaking suspicion that jay Z is not a member of the
Illuminati and he just wants you to think he is associated with them. Adds to the mystique!

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There is a youtube vid of him boasting about getting introduced to the illuminati.
The guys a knob, doesn't realise he is being used by them...

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You don't really undertand the illuminati

Jay-Z is not an illuminati member

Iluminati are powerful business men, to them Jay Z is an ant, illuminati control governments and the world they really are not that interested in recruiting pop stars, although the thought is extremely funny!

OF course illuminati meber can make or break pop stars/rap stars and this is their association with the illuminati

These pop stars/rap stars are only toys of the illuminati, much like their yachts or palaces.

Blink 182 (whose music pre 2003 was brilliant) are a prime example of a group who sold out to the illuminati, so is another of my favorite groups Green Day.


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Oh I understand the illuminati quite well, for instance its no coincidence that David Cameron is from a powerfull Jewish Banking Family and I think he is in the same bloodline as the queen, and Ed Milliband is the son of a Marxist (father) and a Polish Holocaust survivor (mother). And before anyone says Im 'Antisemetic', most normal jewish people are against zionists, there is a big difference. I call the elite 'plastic jews'. Most people are not aware that in March, 1933, long before Hitler became the undisputed leader of Germany and began restricting the rights of German Jews, the American Jewish Congress announced a massive protest at Madison Square Garden and called for an American boycott of German goods. The Daily Express published an article on March 24, 1933 announcing that the Jews had already launched their boycott against Germany and described a forthcoming "holy war". The Express urged Jews everywhere to boycott German goods and demonstrate against German economic interests. I watch the flag waving Americans lapping up Obama and they obviousley see him as the most powerfull man on earth, Zionist bankers have runthe world for hundreds of years now and they know they cant sway the opinions of the millions of sheep so myself Im sure they use poulat figures such as Jay z and lady gaga to promote certain ways of thinking etc........


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Zionist bankers have run the world for hundreds of years now

I agree

And they know they cant sway the opinions of the millions of sheep so myself Im sure they use poulat figures such as Jay z and lady gaga to promote certain ways of thinking etc........

The illuminati don't need pop stars to sway opinion, think about it mate seeing some symbols of the illuminati in Videos is not going to change your mind about anything, would you not agree?

They have governments & schools to do that for them

Schools, NGO's, UN, Vatican. etc. are much more powerful at spreading the message of the illuminati than pop stars

Toodles {Ed001's Note - kids take a lot more notice of pop singers than they do of their teachers.}

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You misunderstand the point

What can be communicated in a 3 minute pop video thru a few symbols?

What can be communicated through a lifestream of communication from schools, NGO's , Colleges, Churches, etc.?

Most would agree a lot more than a pop video

And a much higher percentage of kids pay attention to their teachers than pop videos if you do not understand this, think about it for a while

then you may reach the answer that if you say is correct the world would be in Anarchy, no?

I listened to the sex pistols when I was a kid, the clash etc. seen it for what it was it did not make me an anarchist. The same holds true for million of others, no?

However I have been heavily influenced by education, I have a degree, I have been told things must a certain way, no?

Toodles {Ed001's Note - you think every kid has a degree then? Most kids never even enter higher education, let alone get a degree. Just because you are one of a privileged few, don't believe that you are normal in any way shape or form. You may have been heavily influenced by your education, but most people get their education from life, not teachers.}

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The vast majority of kids like school and their teachers, if this was not the case there would be anarchy.

Of course kids don't have degrees but a higher number than ever before are now attaining them as they get older, that means they must be listening to someone in school?

Many more kids obtain O levels and A levels, so that are still learning, many others have GCSE qualifications and so on.

Okay in some areas, kids get a raw deal but these kids still get some form of education. Disadvantaged kids may still be members of the church, they may receive help from NGO's and have to listen to their doctrine, etc. as part of getting help.

Degrees are common now and I was not making any reference to any privilege I may have had the point being that education of any sort even at primary level for most in the west would supercede what they learn from pop videos.

The Church, governments, NGO's, shools, those who provide social services, training, etc. have less of an effect on kids than pop videos, really?

Education is brainwashing and the education of the west is severely flawed howecver its prevalent no matter the standard of education attained.

Most people get their education from life and what does life tell them? To become mebers of the illuminati club like Jay Z?

What message is spread from illuminati symbols in Jazy Z or other such videos?

MAny kids that have attained the highest standards of education have no knowledge of the illuminati and yet those on the lower end of the education spectrum do?

You can't survive in the west without the brainwashing of the illuminati and while pop videos may contain some symbols they are much bigger things that do way more for thwe illuminati than videos ever could.

Toodles {Ed001's Note - you are proving your own point, education is brainwashing because you have not been able to read and understand a single thing I have said. Your points are complete nonsense, it makes little difference how many more get degrees, the vast majority still don't get the chance to, the vast majority have no interest in the church, the vast majority take no notice of their teachers. Most of us never have the opportunity to go on and do higher education, we leave school as soon as we can, having barely bothered to attend anyway, and make our own way in the world. Most kids will listen to music that suits their thinking and their upbringing and believe it is telling them something, because it is what they want to hear. They don't listen to teachers etc because they don't feel teachers understand them, while they idealise musicians and the nonsense they spout. You talk about how it would be anarchy if kids didn't listen, have you ever been to an inner city school? It IS anarchy!}

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You need help, big time help.

Its not I that does not understand anything.

You have not answered a single questioned posed to you in this thread

Its like talking to the wall?

You latch on to a single point and stay stuck there.

Look to keep it simple for you

You say kids learn thru life experiences?

Who creates the life they live with, Hmmm?

Who controls what housing they will get, what education they get, what job they get, how much they pay for a loaf of bread, etc.

How many kids know the people responsible for negatively influencing their life?

You get ingrained in one train of thought and you can't escape from it.

You need something to cure you of the sheer knowledge that you have within that convinces you that you are right about everything.

You know what the chinese master says "the cup that is over running will soon be full" your cup has been over running for too long now, you don't know everything as shocking as that may sound to you.

You can have the last word mate, I am sure you'll convince yourself even more of how right you are.

Ah well!

Such is life.

Thank god I can switch you off those around you must enjure headaches or be subservient.

Toodles {Ed001's Note - what questions you have posed me? I have not disputed that they are being held down by the world around them, perhaps that has escaped your notice. You really need to pull your head out of your backside and realise that I wasn't disputing those things, I was merely making the point that kids listen to musicians more than teachers. Stop trying to seem like you know more and actually read other people's posts and you might actually learn something. Why are you going on like you know something that others don't when you just make points that have been made a thousand times before? I don't need help, I need to stop wasting my time with people that can't even be bothered to read what other people say.}

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Where Religion fails; Art prevails.


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Bang on 001, i'm gonna have a wee typio here about posting on the 'net and why often i don't bother for not wishing a debate with people who's attitude appears to be 'I am the smartest person on the net' and the arrogance and conflict that comes with it, people wanting to explain to you how to get out of bed in the morning, how to tie your shoelaces, how to make noises with your vocal chords and form words... exagerating a bit but you get the point.
It's a very complex matter regarding our situation here on Earth. It's all about reading between the lines and figuring stuff out for yourself, then getting used to the idea that nobody else gives two hoots what truth you have discovered.
Soon you learn to get over wanting to tell everybody what you know and force your opinion down their throats, letting ego run into overdrive and running around correcting others on the exact length of a proverbial piece of string (illuminati is this/that/the other).
The 'truth' was, is and always will be there for those who seek it. And this quest is like reaching the crest of a hill only to find another hill waiting for you, or like an onion with endless layers.

Regarding education, "higher" education, i'm of the opinion that the more educated one becomes the stupider one becomes. I'm not talking about intelligence; but smarts. There are millons upon millions of intelligent people in the world, and frankly they are all a bunch of dummies. Some may be nice, some not - that's fine; for some being nice is the least they can do, for others it is the MOST they can do.

Trying not to lose the point here, just dipping my toes in the water and posting a wee bit spiel. Think my point is about how tiring it can be 'interfacing' with the (people on the) net and getting caught up in debates and 'last-word-one-up-manship' thoughts that plague your head all day and drain energy (enter the net and get stuck on the web) that you could use to do something productive, like talking face-to-face with real people (without sounding crazy) - it can be hard but it's possible. It helps to listen to people and what they have to say about the state of things - afterall EVERYBODY KNOWS SOMETHING is up...
What tires me of the web aswell is that the written word (most especially in English - the Universal Language of Ambiguity) is so open to interpretation making it's alll to easy to both pick up and be picked up by people the wrong way.

I mostly enjoy looking at this sight, there is always something interesting going on or something hitherto unheard of being spake by one of the many posters, i enjopy reading them and i take heart these things.
Over and out.

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Kids dont style their hair to copy their teachers,kids dont wear clothes in the style and fashion of their teachers,and most kids dont talk like their teachers,i know nothing of your world my friend,i couldnt even tell you what you have to do to get a degrree let alone tell you what one is,i went to school and learnt the basic's,i learnt through my life experiences,are higher educated people more intelligent or the best following sheep in the herd ive always wondered,joeyored

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You misunderstand my point, a few symbols wont sway anyones opinion, its the message, money is power, you need more money to be cool = get more debt buy more clothes get more debt borrow more money be more cool = get more debt you need a cooler car borrow more money be more cool. Its just a thought that this is all poular music seems to be about these days.


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In the 1980's high value Music videos were "invented"

Popular bands of that era like spandau ballet and duran were more about the haircuts, cars, clothes and boats than the music

Nobody was messed up by this symbolism in the videos.

The music industry was/is always about money.

Every generation throws a hero up the charts.

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