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16 May 2012 22:26:34
Whats the diffrence "if any" between a extra terrestrial and a alien?

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An alian can be someone from another country who is here out of their comfort zone but an et is from another planet
ps i might be wrong

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16 May 2012 04:12:52
Just wondering, how many people on this site are athiests or don't have a religion?


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I'm atheist, but I believe there is some sort of "higher power" at work which is not human and some sort of energy or knowledge, I don't believe in chaos.


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Id suspect the majority, I find religion very interesting but for me the only one that makes any sense is Buddhism and thats not even really a religion


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I'd suggest that Supasub is agnostic


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There are a couple of meanings in the dictionary for the word PIOUS.
1. Marked by sham or hypocracy.
2. Devoutly religious.
Kind of the same thing really, am I to beleive I will spend the rest of eternity burning in hell just because I didnt quite get it ? The crime hardly fits the punishment, its all quite sad really that people in this day and age still believe in fairy storys from thousands of years ago.


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I do not believe in religion it causes all sorts of problems.But im open minded and believe that we are definetly not here by ourselves..

red blancmonge

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Care to explain Red blancmonge?

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I can't explain if i could i would be the rewriting the good book innit

red blancmonge

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I'm not a freakin genius i'm somebody who has hopefully opened they're eyes to what i enjoy and listen to from many of the post's on this fab site..

red blancmonge

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For once i actually agree with Puzzeld , Supasub i
think that makes you agnostic.


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