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16 May 2013 23:41:34
watching question makes my blood boil, a question about syria and the crap about chemical weapons again, no doubt these questions are planted to get the airtime but the hycropropsy about a sudden uprising by the oppressed , one feller got it spot on, he said why would hamas suddenly kill its people now?we all know why its happening it is to take the natural resources of the middle east.

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16 May 2013 18:28:04
Can you please explain to me who and what the illuminati are? Like where will I find evidence of them existing or some of the stuff their behind? Is it a case of who really runs America? I'm just curious

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Everyone has there own take who and what the illuminati are, my opinion is certain royalty bloodlines and the vatican not the pope but the black pope plus wealthy bankers, as for who runs america I will use lyrics of a song to explain.
" How can a corporation be regulated by a government that is funded and controlled by corporation?"
thats who runs most nations around the world not just america.

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The Federal Reserve Run america

Federal is a misnomer in the name of this organization as they are not state owned

Provately owned banks run america and own the federal reserve.

Many of them are Zionist bankers.

The illuminati are well known but I would hardly be allowed to post their names in a forum like this!

The queen is not an illuminati member, the catholic church is well connected to the illuminati, as are many in the american administration.

A large group of people left Russia some time ago many of them are illuminati members.

Read the book the Grand Chessboard although not brilliant it gives some insight into the illuminati not their names but some of their objectives!

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" I would hardly be allowed to post their names in a forum like this!"
what's that supposed to mean? lol

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18 May 2013 11:22:32
Personally I think the idea that power lies with America and the West stuff is a ruse, that it's quite possible these characters in the West have had there "power" granted, allowed, delegated, by the far older Establishment in the East, who have been in the game far longer than the West (in the current global structure). If everyone is looking in the same direction, look the other way. Ayatollah so! pea

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The meaning of illuminati is illumintaed ones ie people with knowledge, it was a society set up by a bavarian dude (cnt remember his name) its a very similar principle to the masons and has been taken completly out of context by many american religious persons who associate it with the devil, basically theyv existed a lot longer than american capitalism but in most of the worlds eyes is people like rockefellers and bill gates chanting incantations and sacrificing virgins :D

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All at bohemian grove.

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Bill Gates has nothing to do with the Illuminati, the illuminati are not devil worshippers all that is rubbish to cast them in mystery. The NWO let's call them that are Bankers primarily they also own pharma companies. oil companies and Insurance companies.

Software companies don't interest them they sit at a higher level.

The illuminato don't sacrifice virgins or goats all that is Rubbish also.

They are business people who think of us humans as there stock to do with as they will for their profit.

The illuminati are not aliens merely evil greedy mortal men.

The EU and America are primarily the homestead of the NWO.

The American administration is full of lower level NWO soldiers.

THE EU is full of Lower Level NWO soldiers in ECB suits!

Control america and control Europe and prety much you have the world except for Russia and the now starting to Emerge China!

Look at how Russia and China are being boxed in get a map of the world and draw a line round the countries where american wars are now look at how close these countries are to Russia.

There are 10 wars all american lead that are pusing ever cloer to Russia in regimes that in the past were not friendly to America.

Its not that difficult to work out, no need to look for aliens, devils or other creatures man is more deadlier then them.

Remember he who controls your currency controls your country, he who controls windows on your PC does not control your country only your mouse!

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16 May 2013 18:15:56
Well now we know where Iraq's chemical weapons ended up.

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