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16 Nov 2011 23:31:31
MJ any links to your coal post? Mort

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16 nov 2011 20:40:35
you are all being watched and the world will end soon. the governments have been instructed to watch us and the aliens are coming back to kill us all in 2012. mark my words!

{Ed033's Note - Oh Damn. I was looking forward to the 2014 FIFA World Cup.}

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I had a feeling that would be our year as well...damn.


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Damn. I hope so, I'm getting married July 2013 :-) .... HERBIE

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How unfair is that , just when the mighty pool are going to win the prem , next season,...........lfc

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Ha that will be the day the world ends lol

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Thats not very nice what have we done to the aliens
and aliens have been here before?

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16 Nov 2011 18:43:19
It's strange to think that we have found drill bits, military style boot soles and screw marks that have been set in coal which takes 100's if not 1000's of years to set, Iron age tools in the stone age era and footprints next to dinosaurs and the government still tries to control every bit of information that we are allowed to read, It's quite pathetic that the government dont just tell us the truth about everything


{Ed033's Note - It's annoying that we can't get at the truth about anything but instead are treated like the average parent treats their child, such as Father Christmas is going to give you presents if you're good, the tooth fairy might give you some money if you put your tooth under your pillow etc.}

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If the truth gets revelaed the government lose complete control of the world. Our mind would be completely open to anything. I feel the entire human population would benefit from this.

{Ed033's Note - Allegedly there is a 14 mile long library underneath the Vatican full of ancient knowledge in books / scrolls / parchments etc. I bet there is a bit of truth somewhere in that library.}

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Probably in the adult section. lol
huddz red {Ed033's Note - Lol}

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There is upright tree trunks found in coal as well at different levels , which tells you one thing - coal forms in the right conditions in a shorter time than you are told , same with things found in these layers of rocks , running through many layers , and they tell you each layer took 1000s of years to form , instead of telling you different layers can be layed down in a day or two , have a look at mount st helens............lfc

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Guys, when you say the government should just tell us the truth about everything, what do you mean? There is so much conspiracy ideas out there it's hard to distinguish one from another. I have just found this site and it's blowing my mind some of the thoughts that are out there.

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To the New Guy Welcome to this site it is the best site and you get some healthy banter to, When we say everything we mean why the government has not told us how to get free energy,if Aliens visit this planet, why the moon is hollow, and many many more things that we have probably never heard of

{Ed033's Note - I will put a search box on here soon.

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16 Nov 2011 18:44:55
Ed if everyone in England make their own Tesla coil and powered their house how much money would the government lose each year...I only ask as im thinking about making one


{Ed033's Note - The Government wouldn't lose out on money as it would be made up from taxing the tesla coils. The tax would be higher than peoples current energy statements

But I would say that this practise would be banned as there is a rumour that the reason why we aren't allowed these type of technologies is because the ruling class believe they would lose control if we had super cheap energy at our disposal.}

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But do they really have the right to ban us from having free energy Ed, If hey are relatively ok with people being self sufficient i.e growing your own veg killing your own livestock etc is free energy built by your own hands being self sufficient...Thanks for your quick reply Ed


{Ed033's Note - Of course they don't have the right to ban us from having free energy but if you build a device and then you start advertising it, someone will come knocking on your door and remove it i.e. The Searl Effect Generator -

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16 Nov 2011 15:49:12
let me get this straight, aliens exist but our governments keep them secrets in underground facilities and if they tried to surface or show themselves then our governments would destroy them??


we are holding etremely technologically advanced beings as prisoners and there race aint even come to get them??

if there were et's then they would have no problems showing themselves fact

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Jumping the gun there aren't you? Saying that if aliens/other beings existed then they would show themselves FACT!
would you be so kind as to enlighten us to how this is fact?

I understand what you're getting at, but to ridicule the idea because no e.t has just landed on earth and said, "here we are", is quite ridiculous.

We will know sooner or later, because as it's been mentioned before, you'd have to have a very small, uneducated mind to think that in the whole universe, it's only us.
This doesn't mean little green men, or horrible looking alien beings, for all we know there is another race very much like ours out there.

Anyway, I hope you take time to ponder about how small and insignificant our world and being is in the vastness of the cosmos!



{Ed033's Note - The funny thing is that we humans maybe extra terrestrials ourselves or at least some of our dna is extraterrestrial in origin.}

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Totally right Ed each race of man could be a similar yet different race of alien because we dont all look the same

{Ed033's Note - It's a little unfair that we don't even know who we are or where we came from. We are constantly being lied to and stuff is being hidden from us. I'm convinced most of us can handle the truth now.}

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Where does it say we are the only ones??

what im saying is that there are so many conspiracy theories that we are hiding them etc. if they were prisoners could we keep them as prisoners without them escaping or being rescued. they are more intelligent than us as they have mastered space travel and we are pretty inferior to them.

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Original poster, dont dismiss all alien theories and conspiracys just because theres a few ropey ones mate, thats exactly what joe public sheeple is supposed to do


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16 Nov 2011 11:03:06
HI guys , what do ye all think about this alleged alien found in a womans fridge in russia? If it is an alien then surely the russians will hush hush the whole thing up and say its a hoax ?

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Do you have a link for this?


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Its on the s*n website, im a bit sceptical to be fair.


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Just another vodka swigger laying its head down

{Ed033's Note - Links!

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It looks like a bloody gherkin that's been carved into a vague shape, and had a twig stuck into its side.

Seriously, would love it to be true but at least the Russian students made their bread & chicken skin alien look vaguely humanoid!


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15 Nov 2011 23:35:16
Is this what you mean by Blue Beam ?

p.s some excellent videos from this guy for anyone that is interested?

{Ed033's Note - I don't know what Blue Beam holograms exactly look like.}

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