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16 Nov 2012 22:01:57
ed, can someone just get rid of their identity? like destroy all their documents, if so what would happen.

like if the person without an identity did something wrong how would the law deal with him/her if they have no identity?

{Ed033's Note - As a flesh and blood man or woman operating under your inherent birth right, if you break natural law (cause harm, loss or injury to someone else, use fraud in your contracts with other people or breach the peace) then it doesn't matter whether you have identity documents or not. If found guilty, you will be punished.

As a flesh and blood man or woman operating under your inherent birth right, unless you consent, you are not subject to any statute law ("laws" created by a legislature (part of government)). Only persons/corporations/companies and employees (someone paid to perform functions of government) are subject to statute law. Therefore government issues identity documents (birth certificate, passport, national insurance number/social security number, driving license etc.) so they can presume everyone is an employee and subject to statute laws.

Giving up these identity documents i.e. sending them back to government, would make it more difficult to get a job, open a bank account, move about in a car, go abroad etc.

If you did give up the identity documents, they would still presume you were a person/corporation/company, employee or consent to being subject to statutes and they would ask for your name and address to identify yourself. Saying you don't have any identity documents wouldn't be enough. You would have to rebut their presumptions using affidavits.

It's still possible though to keep the identity documents and rebut their presumptions that you are not subject to statutes using affidavits but this is not an easy route to take.

I would suggest you watch the below Dean Clifford presentation and then type Dean Clifford into youtube and watch all the rest of his presentations

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Hey ed033, thanks for the link, extremely interesting. Quick question as I'm sure you have a better grasp than myself. If I am working for a sole trader, and am registered with that sole trader under my title, with proof of my title being my Live Birth Certificate, am I exempt from income tax? As I am the beneficiary surely I don't owe myself income tax. I know it's a longshot haha. Cheers in advance

Melbourne CFC

{Ed033's Note - My answer, for entertainment purposes only, to start off, when the people who give you cash in exchange for your time and energy registered you, they presumably used a government document. This registered you as an employee (even if you showed the certificate of live birth) thus you would be subject to tax. You would have to void that document to the correct "authority" because you are now saying you're not an employee and you would then change your relationship with the people paying you so they would see you as a contractor and you would be operating in commerce under your inherent birth right.

Obviously then the tax "authorities" would continually "test" you so you would have to know enough to pass their "tests" until they give up and leave you alone. Dean Clifford is operating in commerce under his inherent birth right and doesn't pay tax so it is possible if you know enough

This would mean you wouldn't be entitled to (in u.k.) employee benefits such as paid breaks, paid holiday/vacation, sick pay and other government benefits you may be entitled to as an employee.

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What about the possibility of taking away your nationality?

{Ed033's Note - Exactly, diplomatic immunity. If you're considered outside of the jurisdiction then you're not subject to the jurisdiction's statutes but you're still subject to natural law.

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16 Nov 2012 22:05:59
{Ed033's Note - The International Banking Cartel explained by PressTV

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16 Nov 2012 18:16:34
not sure why people are crying about these elections politicising the police. The coppers have been politicised since the 80's. Cheers Maggie.

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Maggie's to blame again eh?

She has become a scapegoat for nearly everything, open your mind, we have had 22 Maggie free years, surely someone else should take her crown by now.

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Thatcher did more damage to this country than hitler did, she took the working mans voice by destroying the trade unions. She sold our most profitable state owned businesses to whoever would run them into the ground. She sold arms to the worlds despots who are now using them to kill british troops. She started the trend of mps being paid to ask questions in parliament. Plus worst of all she pandered to her american paymasters, the devastation she has caused (especially in the north) will take decades to reverse. So i think its a bit rich people suggesting shes being demonised, shes a demon!
We will never forget.

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Lino can not agree more plus blair has to be up there in some ways new labour policies were more Conservative than the conservatives and the war crimes he and bush should be up for.

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Frankly frankie i see blair as a continuation of what that woman started, northeners like us will never forget what her and her pals did. There will be street parties up here when she curls her toes up! Lol

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Yeah mate to true once it privatized everything we were always going to get screwed .

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Privatise Industry, sell at knock-down rate to mates, then retire from politics and take a seat on the board of newly formed company.
Classic, timeless and simple, a three-step get rich(er) quick(er) scheme.
the pea

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To the un-named dude, so sending in (by coach) squads of coppers to beat up working men excercising their democratic right to strike was not politicising the ploice then?

Sure she's been out the job over 20 years but the rot set in with her, yes Blair carried it on and destroyed the labour party at the same time, proper agent provocateur.

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Worst thing is when she does leave this mortal coil her pets in the tory party are wanting a state funeral. Are they taking the p*ss out of us or what?

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15 Nov 2012 23:47:06
my gut feeling about something dodgy happening in 2012 might come true if Israel and Palestine don't sort something out,its building and if it kicks off,well its not going to be pretty for anyone.

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I think this is an attempt to try and draw Iran out into some sort of open support for Hamas, so then Israel can retaliate with less comebacks. First target the nuke weapons development places. Second target Ahemedinejad.

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Ahemedinejad is no threat he's merely a puppet front man. All the real power in Iran is held by the clerics, he has to carry out their orders.

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