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16 Oct 2011 10:34:08
what do people think of the whole Bin laden thing? . . was he really captured? is he still alive? did he ever even exist? why can we not be given any real evidence of his capture? . . . and what of the special forces soldiers who carried out the operation that were all killed? after their helicopter was apparently shot down by Afghan rebels? this happened shortly after the original capture! coincidence? it just means that now the only people in the world who could possibly know what happened during the raid other than the USA government are now dead. or if that raid even took place! I mean that whole story right there could be a lie!


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4 theories then.

1. What happened was true and he was tracked to Pakistan and killed.

2. He was tracked to pakistan, captured, with a fake kill notice, and since been interrogated and disposed of.

3. He was a cia operative who needed to be retrieved and debriefed so they could get his intell.

4. He actually died years ago and this was covered up. {Ed033's Note - I say Number 4 but I think he was a CIA asset called Tim Osman as well. Lower down at 11 Oct 2011 11:40:41 on this page currently is more on this subject.}

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Hi Ed033, i copied and posted from lower down, didn't want to type the whole thing out again.

I think there are good cases that can be made for all of them.

If your Tim Osman theory is correct then that opens up whole new possibilities as well, it could be a combo of 3 and 4.

As in he was a double agent but has been dead for years.

In which case was it natural causes?

An accident?

Or was he uncovered and bumped off by AQ and thats why they never admitted he was dead? Imagine their shock? {Ed033's Note - How about this. Osama Bin Laden was in a Dubai hospital with kidney trouble in July of 2001 and according to the media such as the Guardian, A CIA officer allegedly met with Bin Laden but did not arrest him even though at the time, Bin Laden was wanted for the bombing of an American base in the middle east. I suggest that they couldn't arrest Osama Bin Laden in July of 2001 because they wanted to blame 9/11 on him later on in September - link to Guardian story -

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Ok quick search for Tim Osman

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Maybe Ed, or maybe they offered him sort of deal, they'd let him off on his previous crimes, if they did something for him? Maybe they were running him all along? Maybe this had been planned for years, they just needed time to build up a suitable villain? So they recruit OBL, train him, let him o his thing in Afghan with the Russkies, and then they have him for future use. Let him go and do some small stuff and build up the threat gradually so that thne bang they can use him as the prime suspect for an extravaganza? {Ed033's Note - According to Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, Osama Bin Laden died In 2001 from Marfan Syndrome.}

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Maybe so but thats only really provable with the body.

Do you think then that the yanks planned this years back?

That they set up OBL to be some sort of fall guy?

Let him carry out numerous attacks to build him up as a threat and then as they knew he was dying and couldn't really repsond pinned everything on him?

Even if he did protest no-one would believe him, of course he'd deny it.

And the fanatics around him weren't that bothered, it looked like a victory for them, they could use it to recruit more to their cause. And when it kicked off in Afghan and Iraq well it just suited them anyway.

Damn thats some sick s**t Ed! {Ed033's Note - very good documentary series to watch on this topic is The Power of Nightmares -

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My take on the Bin Laden setup.

Volunteers for the Mujahideen as a combatant in the war against the Soviet Union. The U.S. is pouring hundreds of millions of dollars in supporting the Mujahideen through the CIA in which Bin Laden is invoked/enroled as an asset. CIA assets and their operational details were held on computer, in particular the file named Al Qaeda, translated as "The Base" or "The Database."

OBL becomes the founder or at least the public face of the new worldwide Islamic terrorist organisation that go under the banner..urm...Al Qaeda?, the name some American intelligence nerd just happened to save the MS Access file as!

Now the Russians are out the picture, the CIA can put their assets to work and provide safe haven for them in the now liberated region (bought and paid for by U.S. Dollars) where they can co-ordinate terrorism, namely attacks on U.s. interests.

Bombings/attacks occur, OBL is pushed out as the man behind it all as the anti American and radical Muslim organisation is woven into the fabric of American policy.

Then comes the big one, a plan allegedly hatched out in a cave in mountainous Afghanistan. A plot so far fetched it would struggle for credibility as some sort of Manga animation.

OBLs health aint great, he required correct medical care. Great timing! U.S. can use his face in their propoganda and keep the war on terror moving. OBL is rested at secure location whilst B-52s bomb mountains in their persuit of the enemy.

OBL dies somwhere between very end of 2001 and 2005 becasue of his illness. The U.S. is not finished with him, theatrically they keep him alive whilst new problems are created and harvested until such time that he can be publically be released from his role.


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15 Oct 2011 23:59:55
ok ed thats fair enough. As i said on my original post in conversation with paragon i wasn't sure on it if i'd heard right. Which is why i posted it. To ask other peoples opinion. I just don't get the point of coming on a conspiracy website if your just going to dismiss everything and call everyone nutters. After all there's just too much unexplained odd stuff never mind conspiracies. {Ed001's Note - he comes on to give his viewpoint, though he reminds me of my mother, she once dismissed all conspiracies as the preserve of nutters. The same woman believes the death of Marilyn Monroe is a murder that was covered up, which would be a conspiracy I think! I am sure there are some conspiracies he does believe in, even if he wouldn't think of them as conspiracies.}

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The problem is when the word 'conspiracy' has the meaning of 'unbelievable' attached to it. My mum is sadly the same btw Ed, to the point where I'm almost disgusted. I asked her what she thought about Bin Laden the other day, the thing that worried me the most was her blatant lack of care. She didn't want to know, didn't want tot talk about it, doesn't want me thinking about it, all that sh*t, it's very worrying. My mum's mental, she's not like most mum's she's deffo one or two sandwiches short of a picnic, and I was really taken aback by her kind of annoyance that I would consider conspiracies.
She is the same person who attaches great meaning to the death celebrities and goes on and on about them though... weird. E.g. MJ's death.
Raz {Ed033's Note - We all think differently.}

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