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16 Oct 2012 15:35:57
Just heard on the radio that Gary Mcinnon will not
be extradited to the U.S . Funny enough i'd just
started reading "BLANK SPOTS ON THE MAP"
by Trevor Paglen , a book about America's secret
bases and prisons . I've only just started it but it does
seem like a book that may interest regular posters to this site.


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I will keep an eye out for that. Cheers JR


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16 Oct 2012 14:22:41
Hey Ed or anyone else..

Is stonehenge the 2 massive stones on the Isle of man ?.. If so i think i can find a video to explain the ''mystery''

Irish Red Jr {Ed001's Note - no, Stonehenge is in Wiltshire, and is a world famous stone circle.}

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Ok thanks ed. Whats the name of the 1 in Isle of Man ?.. David Icke has a video on youtube explaining what happens/goes on there. It seems very weird what did/does go on up there.

Irish Red Jr {Ed001's Note - there are a few stone groupings, do you mean Mull Hill?}

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To be honest edd i dont know but ill will try and find the vid soon. When i try and post it do i remove the http part ?

Irish Red Jr {Ed001's Note - yes mate.}

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16 Oct 2012 14:11:32
Today when I woke up I happened to look at my shelves. I noticed that I had left my banana plastic protector on a shelve. As I consemplated about a banana as part of my packed lunch it just randomly fell of the shelf. It had been on there for at least 12 hours how weird.

Also has anyone ever been rained on when there is no surrounding rain this happened twice when I was younger but never since any ideas?

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Did any of your mates own a water pistol by any chance ?


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I remember one of the weirdest things I witnessed at school was coming out of lesson to rain and walking ten meters forward to blazing sun, there was no rain anywhere else, so weird

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No offence LP but why is walking out from underneath a rain-cloud so weird ?


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It was a sunny day and rain clouds are usually wider/longer than 10 meters

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Above post was LP

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Longer then ten metres or not, you walked past the side of the cloud, there could have been a huge black cloud above if you had turned around

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Except there was actually no rain anywhere else in the school, just the small patch

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16 Oct 2012 13:06:56
Hi, Ed and fellow posters

Was having a discussion with a friend last night regarding Clones. Do you think that onece cloning is perfected they could clone People wiht no emotional attatchement etc i.e. does not feel pain no fear etc etc, and use theese "clones" as a future army and then "dispose" or Detain any who Are not needed/ survive?

just looking for peoples thoughts regarding this as the debate last night is currently unsettled.


YNWA...Rabbit93 {Ed001's Note - it would be extremely dangerous if they did, having no emotional attachment to your leader would make you prone to ignore them. It is unlikely they would go down that route, they like to control things.}

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Think about how the technology will develop in the future, be it near or far. Now picture the scene as mechanics become more biological, be they synthetic or organic; and then know this:
That day is today.
This has already happened.

Just as a general observation ~
Welcome to Earth (don't drink the kool aid).

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Agree with Ed, i think they'd breed into them or whatever some sort of fanatical devotion to the leader caste.

Think like the Jem'Hadar on deep Space 9, genetically engineered super soldiers who worshipped the leaders as Gods.

Thats what i more expect to happen, they do like total control.


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Cheers for the feedback guys, Was my first post on the site but always reading away at the posts,

did anyone catch the Conspiracy program on monday night ? the subject was UFO's and their was a man who worked in Area 51 who was discussing what happend inside the site.



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